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  1. Kevin Savetz has has uploaded a copy to the Internet Archive, which you can find here. Thank you, Kevin!
  2. Please do! Once the manual is posted there, I'll update the link here.
  3. Here's the full manual: MidiTrack III Manual.pdf I hope you and others find it useful!
  4. Got to it, sixteen years later! Here are the most important reference pages to get you all started. I'll scan and upload the entire manual soon.
  5. My Paper Clip .ATR reports "COMPU-RICK Cracked For The Lima, Oh. Gang". Paper Clip 130XE .ATR boots up with its original title screen. The 130XE version was very easy to crack. I dimly remember doing it by disassembling the sectors until I found references to the second joystick port address, replaced them with NOPs, and tacking "Cracked by The Code Crusher" or some such nonsense onto the title screen. That particular floppy has been lost to time, apparently.
  6. Hi! I'm the author of the incomplete BASIC version. I began writing it as a tribute when I was just starting college. No source code or disassembly was available to me at the time, of course; I just created it from observation of the original game, much as authors of arcade ports did in those days. I also made a room layout and linking editor to aid in creating the original levels which I planned to release along with the game so that others could make their own Adventures from the original building blocks. I always intended to eventually convert some or all of it to assembly language, but college studies and other projects soon took priority. Looks like Phaeron has made short work of it now. Well done!
  7. Two more for your consideration from the Spring of 1982: "Yars' Revenge:" "Only Atari Makes the World's Most Popular Home Video Games:" I scanned them from VHS tape myself and posted them to YouTube.
  8. The Quintopus comes to mind...it was an SIO expander box that connected to one or two computers and provided an array of SIO ports for connecting multiple devices simultaneously, including "dead-end" devices such as modems and cassette recorders. Switches enabled one or the other computer to access the chain. Both could be enabled, but this only worked as long as the computers didn't try to access the same device at the same time. Antic review here: http://www.atarimagazines.com/v8n1/8bitpowertools.html Quite a rare beast today, I imagine.
  9. Reducing Atari800MacX's screen resolution to 1x didn't stop QuickTime's screen recorder from stuttering. Recording with iShowU HD did the trick, though. Here's the result: Thanks for the advice, everyone!
  10. Trying to record "video" and audio from Atari800MacX on a Mac, but the emulator stutters any time the screen capture software (QuickTime Pro) is running. I'm so close to success. If only this emulator had a "hog CPU" option! Maybe the Unix "nice" command would help? If you've successfully recorded Atari 8-bit emulation on a Mac, please share your setup!
  11. I will pay you for one immediately if any buyer falls through.
  12. I packed up the carts, about 600 in all, on Saturday and took them to UPS. All are black-label carts, and most labels are still intact (unfortunately.) They're in four boxes weighing a total of 82 lbs. I've PMed you the tracking numbers. You should receive them by the end of the week. Shipping total: $118.07 (!)
  13. I'm liquidating Ground Kontrol's Atari 2600 stock, which includes about 2500 cartridges. Of those, I'd say about two-thirds are Atari black or silver label. Can you use that many? And what's the difference between "gray" and "metallic" silver labels?
  14. Original material? None. Uncompressed DV files are just too large. DVD-suitable MPEG2 files, on the other hand...
  15. Sunnyvale heavy sixer here, S/N 28385K, has channel switch cutout
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