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  1. Hello please put me on the preorder list. If it is not already done. Thank you
  2. OK I just ordered a standard version. Thanks I just ordered a standard version. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your answer but by going to the order site, it seems that it is already too late. Possibility to order anyway? Thank you
  4. Hello I would like to have your opinion on the compatibility of the machine with the French standards of television and with the voltage 220 volt in France? Thank you very much for the answer
  5. Aubervilliers FRANCE, very near Paris (first belt)
  6. No news, ... where are the SGM I ordered there since september 2012 ? I know I'am on the top list but I should have received it now
  7. Hello Opcode It would be really useful to provide a complete listing of the purchasers having ordered a FRENCH SCART SGM. Indeed, certain as me ordered since the end of 2012. Thank you for your action.
  8. Sorry, I paid in septembrer 2012 (On French version). Three years ago ....
  9. Me too. I paid one "First Run SGM" in may 2012.
  10. Edouardo Please, don't forget to send SGM French scart version ordered back in 2012 (first run). Thanks
  11. Me too. Demon Attack was one of my favorite game ! Vanguard will be nice too
  12. Hello Luc Any update for October's exact release date ? Thanks
  13. LAST TRY : SORCERY Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax
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