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  1. Also, where upstate (zip). I'm up there every other month.
  2. Thanks Vic. Vanini, Is your copy of Pro-24 CIB? Also would love to see a few more pics and any other software or books you might have...
  3. I'm in need of an Atari SF314 Disk Drive I'm also looking for ST music software like C-Lab Notator, or Creator. Hybrid Arts Miditrack, EZ-track, etc. Dr. T's KCS or Tiger Cub.. Any associated dongles or accessories are of interest as well. I'm Also looking for a Dot Matrix to use with my ST. I have an extra working 1040STF I would be willing to trade.
  4. I've tried to sign up 2 times in the past and nothing ever happened. Good luck. If this is where we sign up please put my name on the list.
  5. Open to Sale or Trade. I'm entertaining offers. I'm only really looking for 5200, Colecovision, & TurboGrafx related stuff Tested, Works Sealed Sealed Sealed Sealed Complete Complete Complete No Overlays Broken Pins / Untested Untested Untested some stains untested I may start putting pricis on this stuff as I get to it or as I get reasonable offers. For right now I'm just listing here before most of it ends up on eBay. I'm shipping USPS from 11220 USA. CHEERS, David
  6. I still use Radio Shack Silver bearing solder for regular work. I use Cardas Quad Eutectic for hi-end audio work.
  7. Axial is easily found via most distributors. not as common as Radial… but most values are still available… just not as many flavors and brands.
  8. If you still have a Radio Shack in your hood they might still have this exact value. I use 4700uf @ 35v It helps with noise filtering.
  9. Oh boy... Asian Massage Parlor/Arcade... only half-legal. But yeah, that would be awesome. Here's a few on my other hobbies that might marry well: Arcade / Oyster Bar /Single-malt Scotch bar Arcade / Nudie Bar Arcade / Retro Bicycle shop. Arcade / Raw food/juice restaurant... Arcade / VIntage-RPG-shop I think food will have to factor in somehow... I'm a hell of a cook... smoked meats and fish, awesome chili and cole slaw... It'll happen.
  10. I've mentioned Barcade... I was there last night. Did you read my post above yours? I say the same thing. Thanks for your thoughts... I'm on that very page.
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