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  1. I'm still holding out hope that the Indrema will still somehow get released.

  2. Paint me like one of your WarHammer miniatures.

  3. Original creator, Jordan Mechner, was on REDDIT, earlier today, doing an AMA and promoting a print edition of his 80s game development journals. I'm Jordan Mechner. Thirty years ago, I made a game called Prince of Persia. Now I'm releasing my 1980s game-dev journals as a book. AMA! "Thirty years ago, I made a game called Prince of Persia. Later, I worked with Ubisoft (as game designer) and Walt Disney Pictures (as screenwriter) to relaunch the franchise with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time––the game in 2003, the movie in 2010. Now we're celebrating the original game's 30th anniversary with a new illustrated and annotated hardcover book of my 1980s game-dev journals: The Making of Prince of Persia, just published by Stripe Press. Ask me anything! Well, ALMOST anything. I can’t answer questions about unannounced projects, even (especially) Prince of Persia. Alas. Info about the new Prince of Persia book at https://press.stripe.com/ and https://jordanmechner.com/journals. Info about all my projects (PoP games, movies, graphic novels, and others) at https://jordanmechner.com. I'm also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, usually in that order. My social media links are in the footer at jordanmechner.com. And for a 20-minute look behind the scenes of making Prince of Persia, check out this ArsTechnica War Stories episode: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/04/war-stories-how-prince-of-persia-slew-the-apple-iis-memory-limitations/"
  4. I would suggest green as it is complimentary to the blue in the rest of the sprite, as well as providing consistent contrast to the background in all levels, but I suspect it's red because it does dual-duty for the blood. The red does have the nice effect of contrasting with the leggings, making them seem more differentiated from the back-ground, because of the lighter blue shade used, so it provides a nice effect and is a great choice given all of the other constraints.
  5. Ballon. Ballon. Ici, ballon! :(
  6. It's going all Cats - The Movie in here. #releasethebuttholeedition
  7. There is an Arkanoid controller for the NES, but in terms of game-play, I'm not sure it can match the ergonomics and feel of the beefy knobs of the native VCS controllers. Anyone ever mod or adapt one?
  8. ^Might be that the NT Mini tweaks act as a preliminary for the A-8 and maybe the eventual Zimba 3K re/design, as the Pocket also employs things (multiple memory channels, dual FPGAs, etc) he might need to develop for that goal. Or he wasn't satisfied with the design and this gave an excuse to revisit it, before moving forward. whynotboth.gif
  9. Someone captured the preview page and shared it on Twitter (Free publicity, but if Kevtris or Analogue management need me to remove...pm me):
  10. Not too surprised - had surmised from the fw updates that the Game Gear adapter might have the tuner function implemented, somehow, whether or not that is currently practical.
  11. Well, maybe, if they are guaranteed a certain sell-through, they might be able to alternatively switch to a plastic injection mold option and with that relative savings, upgrade the FPGA... anyways, would any of the newer cores, like the Lynx, fit on the smaller FPGA, already present?
  12. ^Petition is starting to get some serious traction, now. Wouldn't mind having another one, actualy, maybe in a different funky colr. ^=^
  13. ^They probably have access to some helpful system-level documentation, from...oh, who knows who.
  14. Had seen this at the top of my FaceBook feed, just prior to going through posts I so-far hadn't read in this thread. People are quick to presume and accuse others of grafting on to their personal passion-projects and work, for personal gain. It's an understandable and defensible position , because doing so, not recognizing the work of others, especially if given freely, would be unjust. Wielding it as a weapon towards the reputation of others, without due evidence, based on a philosophical stance, is not a valid course of argumentation, however.
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