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  1. I wanna play me some Totes the Goat, but me no wanna buy a game system, just for. Any other Switch games to help sucker me up for the plat-form, that we oldies might appreciate?
  2. That's a certain kind of mind-blindness at play, that I've forgotten the expression for, where something that seems self-evident to the individual, must be known or decipherable to others and need only be described in a type of word-salad, that fits the frame of thought. It's a mirror to believing that what one perceives to be true, must be the true thoughts or intentions of others (though, of course, they can't possibly have the same aptitude to decipher the same of oneself), even if it might be a projection of ones own thinking and bias- the asymmetrical insight fallacy.
  3. ^If you're happy playing Megadrive/Genny games or the CD games (through the Mega SD or stock drives) on an LCD, there is no real need. However, classic Light Gun games don't work on the new screens (they track based on the position of the scanning beam relative to refresh) or if you want to play 32X games, which will need to feed through and mix the video, somehow, you'll need one to output in analogue. (If someone is more knowledgeable, please correct any errors I've made.)
  4. ...but,guis... "But don’t worry: we have some good news for you. The Atari VCS was not a monumental waste of everyone’s time and trouble because we have it on good authority from several sources that the retro original Atari controller is actually good. When we spoke to Atari’s chief operating officer over a year ago, he proudly showed off the controller, and we liked it. But he couldn’t confirm whether it would work with any other games console. Or at all, in fact. But we understand that Atari accidentally did something right and has designed the controller with the twirly stick to work universally. What’s more, if our sources are to be believed (and they may be biased) the controller – again, made by another third party, in this case PowerA – is responsive and fun to play with, even on other modern games consoles." Still want a stick. Maybe, if I see one in a thrift...
  5. If you have $300 burning a hole in your pocket to spend on a gaming experience, this might be more of an interest. I've had an eyes-on experience with this, back when it was known as CAST-AR and it's pretty solid. It's headed by Jeri Ellsworth , who people in Commodore-land may recognize. It's an Augmented-Reality headset, aimed at table-top gaming, for now, but may be expanded in the future. Tilt Five: Holographic Tabletop Gaming
  6. It appears Rob has delivered most of what was asked of him and has his mind on his next project. If he's designed this board from scratch, or at least reworked a base design, to reduce complexity, verified it and this is a working sample, that's a significant amount of work and he should be recognized. Maybe his contract with the company had an NDA or perhaps he's just a quiet guy. The competence of the company he works for, is another consideration. If, at this point, we're willing to give them any benefit-of-the-doubt, it looks like they've met their minimum requirements, at least technically, with a production-ready (?) board and have managed to snag at least one partner. Their media presence has been handled terribly, though. A lot of hype with very little to show and almost no insight into the process, which is kind of expected of the plat-form they chose to fund on. Maybe they thought that keeping things close to their chest was how the "big players" or how Atari of old, might have dealt with things. If so, at least key technical mile-stones might have been noted, something to show their investors that they are still living. As far as getting the boards to production for a March release, it's certainly possible, December, not so much. Maybe, with this hint of life, they'll manage to scrounge up a few more partners and keep enough cash-flow to keep the flat, the beer and tacos flowing for a little bit, until someone buys them up and puts them out of their misery, after-all.
  7. Anyone able to peep at the version of the Ryzen chip they're using on that board, just to see what kind of performance users might get out of it?
  8. " Time to check in again on the Atari retro console… dear God, it’s actually got worse Pro tip: When you’re removed as a Reddit moderator, you may want to review your life choices By Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco 25th September 2019 05:02 GMT https://www.theregister.co.uk/AMP/2019/09/25/atari_retro_console/?fbclid=IwAR18YAQFnSKUThz5mHz68AcjI3yOBavrDv4ubNRQRjjj6mn8wvuXc5x_j80
  9. Repaint it in a GBA scheme, say plum (top), white (bottom) and grey (for accentuation) and find some way to run an emulator (or mod real hard-ware, if possible), with physical cart support, USB controllers and bodge it in. Consolized hand-held.
  10. Pete was still posting of his intentions to continue with his development computer, as of May, on his FaceBook page, so who knows. Still seems like an exhaustive amount of work, with little to show, so far and not much outside interest.
  11. I remember seeing some similar at the Denios Auction grounds, several years ago and was thinking the same thing. Probably meant for CDs, but hey! Wish I had gotten some, then, but was moving away from physical media.
  12. Would you say 8MHZ would be a good stable speed for the 64's (forgive me, I don't know how to phrase this, as I barely have a grasp of understanding ) main stock system bus, unmodified, if theoretically one could drop in a 8MHZ version of the CPU? I think I remember reading that some early variants of the 6502, had that as a theorized upper-limit. Just curios as to what was technically possible on these machines, back in the day, in a what-if fashion, if price isn't taken into account. Ideally, one could take all the things we've learned over the years and create a hypothetical "best-case scenario", for what might have been possible, under a fictitious name - maybe Impossible Insight Computing.
  13. The Atari 2600 was released 42 years ago, today.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Anyone get one on launch day? :) 

    2. retrorussell


      I was 4 years late to the party (family got it in 1981) but I loved that there were well over 100 game variations of COMBAT.  Not a great game but not terrible but ASTEROIDS really caught my attention!

    3. jaybird3rd


      I'll be 43 in October, so I was just a little too young to appreciate the VCS (as it was called when it was new) at the time, but I got the 2600 very early on, circa 1980 or 1981.  Nearly 40 years of entertainment, and I still own a bunch of 2600s today.

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