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  1. You've probably heard this song several times, especially if you like 80s video-game related movies. but did you know it had lyrics? (try humming it and you might figure out what movie it's attached to.)


    Standing together, at the Edge of the World
    Nowhere to go from where we are.
    Sharing a secret, at the Edge of the World.
    This time we may have come too far.

    From the Life we've known, from simple things and peaceful days.
    We've come too far, too far from our familiar ways.

    Standing together, at the Edge of the World
    No turning back from where we are.

    Searching for answers, at the Edge of the World
    And though we're standing on it, we never know how close we are.

    1. AtariNerd


      OK, a hint. One of the main cast-members of this film, is best-known for playing hooky in another film. ;) 

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