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  1. Mario Lopez is Harlan Sanders in the original Lifetime advert-movie, 'A Recipe For Seduction'.

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    2. AtariNerd


      It's only about 15 minutes long or so, about the same length as the old Hallmark Greeting card ads they used to run in the 80s, that successfully turned my heart to goo and made me want to run out and get a card. That's where they got their start as an entertainment company.  Of course, chicken inspires very different emotions.

    3. carlsson


      Well for being a 15 minute long sponcon, they have attracted a lot of attention ahead of broadcasting it. Perhaps they will turn it into recurring advertisements, like how George Clooney went from actor to Nescafé spokesperson?

    4. AtariNerd


      Anything is possible, but much has been done recently with the character,with mixed reception, from an animated spokesperson, to parodies, to more recently an attempt at earnestness again. That's for the US market. There's was this Japanese comic series, starring a young Sanders as a kind of "Chicken Savior", with love interests. Wonder if the ad, err, mini feature, gets some of its inspiration from that, but in a heavily-toned-down form.

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