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  1. Oh, Klaus, our old friend. (Contains comedic gore, but your sense might vary. It's to promote safety, though! If this violates, mods feel free to delete.) 


    1. retrorussell


      Yeah, that one's great.  Funny thing is I discovered this video first about 16 years ago or so as I was acquiring my own forklift license.

    2. x=usr(1536)


      This was one of a bunch of test files we used to QA MPEG playback with back when I was working in OS development 20 or so years ago.  The idea was that we were all familiar with how it should look and play, so could put it on and know exactly what to look for if it wasn't working correctly.

    3. ClassicGMR


      I am forklift trained and licensed as a trainer for others. This video is SO cringeworthy! Thanks for sharing! :)

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