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  1. Oh, Klaus, our old friend. (Contains comedic gore, but your sense might vary. It's to promote safety, though! If this violates, mods feel free to delete.) 


    1. retrorussell


      Yeah, that one's great.  Funny thing is I discovered this video first about 16 years ago or so as I was acquiring my own forklift license.

    2. x=usr(1536)


      This was one of a bunch of test files we used to QA MPEG playback with back when I was working in OS development 20 or so years ago.  The idea was that we were all familiar with how it should look and play, so could put it on and know exactly what to look for if it wasn't working correctly.

    3. ClassicGMR


      I am forklift trained and licensed as a trainer for others. This video is SO cringeworthy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Mario Lopez is Harlan Sanders in the original Lifetime advert-movie, 'A Recipe For Seduction'.

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    2. AtariNerd


      It's only about 15 minutes long or so, about the same length as the old Hallmark Greeting card ads they used to run in the 80s, that successfully turned my heart to goo and made me want to run out and get a card. That's where they got their start as an entertainment company.  Of course, chicken inspires very different emotions.

    3. carlsson


      Well for being a 15 minute long sponcon, they have attracted a lot of attention ahead of broadcasting it. Perhaps they will turn it into recurring advertisements, like how George Clooney went from actor to Nescafé spokesperson?

    4. AtariNerd


      Anything is possible, but much has been done recently with the character,with mixed reception, from an animated spokesperson, to parodies, to more recently an attempt at earnestness again. That's for the US market. There's was this Japanese comic series, starring a young Sanders as a kind of "Chicken Savior", with love interests. Wonder if the ad, err, mini feature, gets some of its inspiration from that, but in a heavily-toned-down form.

  3. Been waiting for this one, but a little uncertain if it wasn't created by Kev, whether it will get the support. Hmmm, that looks more like a PC-E port and not a TG-16 port. Maybe a typo.
  4. You've probably heard this song several times, especially if you like 80s video-game related movies. but did you know it had lyrics? (try humming it and you might figure out what movie it's attached to.)


    Standing together, at the Edge of the World
    Nowhere to go from where we are.
    Sharing a secret, at the Edge of the World.
    This time we may have come too far.

    From the Life we've known, from simple things and peaceful days.
    We've come too far, too far from our familiar ways.

    Standing together, at the Edge of the World
    No turning back from where we are.

    Searching for answers, at the Edge of the World
    And though we're standing on it, we never know how close we are.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Are we talking War Games?   I have not seen that in a long time.   It was in the 80's that I saw it.  I guess it was 1983.

    3. AtariNerd


      It is War Games. Much of the sound-track consists of screen-specific incidental music, but there is this theme that plays over the closing-credits (I guess one might refer to it as the love theme. ;) )and has a few reprises in the sound-track.  Anyways, it's not one I'd typically seek out, but I had a version of it playing in the back-ground and it had a couple variants of the theme, with a sparser, more electronic synth sound, with overlayed voices, playing at the end. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

    4. GoldLeader


      I think I only saw that one in the theater, Yet I remember it surprisingly well.  Maybe not so much the music, but the plot etc.,  It certainly seems like a quite rentable on VHS title though, huh?  Part of me thinks I may have rented it, but then I remember talking about it with a friend and I'm sure we saw it in the theater.  Pretty sure I've only ever seen it once,  though it may have been on as I flipped through movie channels at some point.  Like, I may have caught a quick scene before moving on...

  5. I'm still holding out hope that the Indrema will still somehow get released.

  6. Paint me like one of your WarHammer miniatures.

  7. Original creator, Jordan Mechner, was on REDDIT, earlier today, doing an AMA and promoting a print edition of his 80s game development journals. I'm Jordan Mechner. Thirty years ago, I made a game called Prince of Persia. Now I'm releasing my 1980s game-dev journals as a book. AMA! "Thirty years ago, I made a game called Prince of Persia. Later, I worked with Ubisoft (as game designer) and Walt Disney Pictures (as screenwriter) to relaunch the franchise with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time––the game in 2003, the movie in 2010. Now we're celebrating the original game's 30th anniversary with a new illustrated and annotated hardcover book of my 1980s game-dev journals: The Making of Prince of Persia, just published by Stripe Press. Ask me anything! Well, ALMOST anything. I can’t answer questions about unannounced projects, even (especially) Prince of Persia. Alas. Info about the new Prince of Persia book at https://press.stripe.com/ and https://jordanmechner.com/journals. Info about all my projects (PoP games, movies, graphic novels, and others) at https://jordanmechner.com. I'm also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, usually in that order. My social media links are in the footer at jordanmechner.com. And for a 20-minute look behind the scenes of making Prince of Persia, check out this ArsTechnica War Stories episode: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/04/war-stories-how-prince-of-persia-slew-the-apple-iis-memory-limitations/"
  8. I would suggest green as it is complimentary to the blue in the rest of the sprite, as well as providing consistent contrast to the background in all levels, but I suspect it's red because it does dual-duty for the blood. The red does have the nice effect of contrasting with the leggings, making them seem more differentiated from the back-ground, because of the lighter blue shade used, so it provides a nice effect and is a great choice given all of the other constraints.
  9. It's going all Cats - The Movie in here. #releasethebuttholeedition
  10. Atari - Hours of entertainment (through repackaged IP) , not Months, through NEW content.
  11. There is an Arkanoid controller for the NES, but in terms of game-play, I'm not sure it can match the ergonomics and feel of the beefy knobs of the native VCS controllers. Anyone ever mod or adapt one?
  12. ^Might be that the NT Mini tweaks act as a preliminary for the A-8 and maybe the eventual Zimba 3K re/design, as the Pocket also employs things (multiple memory channels, dual FPGAs, etc) he might need to develop for that goal. Or he wasn't satisfied with the design and this gave an excuse to revisit it, before moving forward. whynotboth.gif
  13. Someone captured the preview page and shared it on Twitter (Free publicity, but if Kevtris or Analogue management need me to remove...pm me):
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