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  1. Beaumont, France (near Clermont-Ferrand).
  2. You're welcome. Glad you like this game. De rien. Content que vous appréciez ce jeu.
  3. A little skiing game I created during my spare time. Enjoy. powdersnow.rar
  4. Excellent interview. It's nicie to discover the story of Nice Ideas.
  5. I understand your critic. To confess, for this game and for my two first games, I haven't proceed not enough beta testing. I made the same error as the videogame "The Smurfs" for 16 bits consoles : this a really difficult game because devellopers haven't made beta testing from young players. Since, I decided to point out beta testing for my two next games, "Quatre" and "Burning Disc". Okay I admit I made this decision because these games feature a two player mode. Then, I'm sorry, I've shoud take on board this part.
  6. The last weekend, during the Retro Gaming Connexion. I made a presentation of this game. You can watch it (in French) below : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhKVPjWBZGg For those which can't understand, here come a short summary : - 6 characters which have their own special attack. - 1 & 2 players modes. - IA can intercept and launch the disk. - Actually one arena only (6 planned). - More 100 drawings for sprites. - Game is really gliched. And finally, I announced I search an editor for the European release for my others and future games.
  7. Thanks for this excellent review. I understand your criticisms, especially about lack of lives. I've only respected the spirit of "Le baroudeur", the game which has been the inspiration.
  8. The game is finished and will be available by Collectorvision.
  9. At the origin, this game was a project created during a speed coding context. Finally, after put it aside during, I decided to finish it. This a short game which contains only 6 trials. However, it a difficult game and you have only a chance to succeed. You can try the contest version however, there's only three trials (the third don't include ending), no sounds, and some bugs.
  10. It's easy : with the keypad you can programming a second player on the controller. In a 3 ou 4 player mode, you just have to reverse stick controls in order to share the controller with te second player. Codemasters have used this method with Micro Machines series. Of course, I know this idea isn't really confortable (espacially for the keypad user), but in sideline of my own bomberman project, I had the idea to create a multiplayer accessory which transfert controller buttons to two externals commons controllers (Master System, Genesis/Megadrive, or 7800 controllers, by example). Furthermore, for more compatitbility with other games, a keypad is inclued in the accessory.
  11. This game lookings good. Even if it's wasn't in my priorities, I planned also to make a bomberman clone with a 4 player mode. Have you planned this multiplayer option into your project ?
  12. Interesting... however, about gameplay I prefer preserve original gameplay.
  13. Don't worry, I haven't yet programmed IA. Actualy, I code the disc physics.
  14. Hello everybody ! Actually I work about my third Colecovsion projet, a sport game inspired from Windjammers for NeoGeo. Link to the gameplay. This only an early prototype. Graphics are poors, there's no sound, it's really glitched, 2 gamers gameplay is only available. However, specials moves (lob, curved throws,...) are present.
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