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  1. I'm glad you like my game. Include Roller Controller compatibility was a good idea to improve gameplay. This game is set for NTSC timing.
  2. Hello everyone ! Like announced, my new free game Recon Rescue, a game inspired by Lunar rescue, is available : recon_rescue.rar Have fun !
  3. Hmm... Actually I almost completed to program a Lunar Rescue game and I planned to release it as a free game in the next few days. So I take advantage of the opportunity to show a screenshoot : However, nice work!
  4. Little but fun game. Good work !
  5. Nice game, however it's normal when a bat dive over you, you're get stucked into underground ? I wonder if I found a glitch...
  6. Hi, Burning Disc is not dead. Final name about my Winjammers project for Colecovision is Wind Edge. Link to Wind Edge Completed : - Entirely playable - Six functinals courts - Efficient AI about moves - Specials attacks working - Include sounds - Operational two player mode To do list : - Fix a lot of glitches (especially in one player mode) - Add more gfx - Improve AI about attacks and opponent behavior (too efficient about the latter) - Add more music and sfx - Optimize code
  7. Glitch is fixed : main reason is background was entirely edited many time in one cycle. I used a method I discovered formerly about a scrolling program which involve to treat only a quarter of the background by screen . I aslo fixed minors bugs. You can download the new version below : SpinBall.rar
  8. I suspected this corruption because I detected it in a previous version when code inclued an complicated method which manipulate VRAM. I'd better to check it.
  9. This game works for Colecovision game system. I don't know anything about Adam programming.
  10. Development started five years ago and recently I decided to resume the programming of this Jezzball clone. Honestly, in advanced levels, this game drive Colecovision into a corner however, it still playable. Have fun. Another news : Burning Disc is not dead: since these years I continued to programming this Windjammers clones and recently I added majors features. Burning Disc was a codename and the final name of this game is: Wind Edge. I plan to post in the near future a gameplay video which include sounds.SpinBall.rar SpinBall.rar
  11. Beaumont, France (near Clermont-Ferrand).
  12. You're welcome. Glad you like this game. De rien. Content que vous appréciez ce jeu.
  13. A little skiing game I created during my spare time. Enjoy. powdersnow.rar
  14. Excellent interview. It's nicie to discover the story of Nice Ideas.
  15. I understand your critic. To confess, for this game and for my two first games, I haven't proceed not enough beta testing. I made the same error as the videogame "The Smurfs" for 16 bits consoles : this a really difficult game because devellopers haven't made beta testing from young players. Since, I decided to point out beta testing for my two next games, "Quatre" and "Burning Disc". Okay I admit I made this decision because these games feature a two player mode. Then, I'm sorry, I've shoud take on board this part.
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