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  1. Hey Guys, New to the Forum here and need a bit of help. Just purchased an old Atari VCS/2600 for £55 (With LOTS of games included and 2 original Joysticks) and trying to find out how old it is, I know it is a HONG KONG produced model but from research I have done it seems to have the original "Heavy Sixer" Motherboard. These are the details contained on the sticker on the base of the system: Manufactured by Atari-Wong LTD. In Hong Kong Model No. CX-2600 U Covered by U.S. Patents 3,793,483; 3,900,886; 3,723,652; 3,728,480; RE 28507; RE 28598; D 254,544 & Patents Pending S.N. 548338413 Description of System itself: 6 switch version with Orange piping around switches Woodgrain style finish on front A/B Channel Select Opening but NO Switch Numbers 331 physically branded/stamped into base If anyone can help me age this system it would be of great help. Many Thanks in advance
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