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  1. That scrolling looks amazing. Nice work! I really like your solution to the sparkling diamonds. It'd be cool to see this engine used for a game with similar "digging with falling items physics" mechanics. Crystal Mines would probably be too ambitious and this engine would be overkill for a Dig Dug-style game. It seems like there is a new game waiting to be designed that this engine would be ripe for. Even if it's like a simple Minecraft-inspired mechanic where you harvest blocks but have to place them elsewhere so you don't max out your inventory. Maybe you can turn the blocks into different types of other blocks based on what you "harvest" so you can modify the environment to thwart enemies or get to a treasure. I don't know. I'm just throwing ideas at the wall. 🙂
  2. I've been enjoying Parish's videos and was pleasantly surprised when he started covering Lynx games. All in all I feel like he gave them a fair shake and he seemed to appreciate them overall. He shared my sentiment with Ms. Pac-Man on why the heck didn't they make that port in portrait-mode. As a long-time Lynx fan I found his perspectives refreshing. His videos are always informative and laid back and I enjoy discovering games I'd not heard of before. I look forward to more Lynx coverage, although I do with he'd just title them "Lynx Works" or something.
  3. This is terribly sad news. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. Thank you, Curt, for your contributions to this community.
  4. Emehr

    What if...

    Original owner here. I have zero issues with a re-release. I hope it happens, actually! And if you decide to use a new label to differentiate it from the original run I would gladly offer my two entries that didn't make the cut during the label contest. Or we could have another label contest!
  5. There's an arcade in Illinois called Arcadia in the small town of McLean off I-55 that's fantastic. https://www.vintagevideogames.com/arcadia
  6. Yeah, sorry, I should've specified what a total station was. The Nexus was the Asus model and, thankfully, it wasn't too costly of an experiment. We have since purchased a newer total station with a sweet, sweet USB port where I can download to a thumb drive and all is well. The Nexus was probably fine for other purposes but for breathing new life into aging tech it was a disappointment. I do concede that maybe we were asking too much of it, though. Theodolite looks like fun! And it's on sale! Thanks for pointing me to that.
  7. Disappointment #1: Back in 2000 I bought a Castlewood Orb 2.2GB removable media drive to supercede my SyQuest EZ135. It was the UltraSCSI version. I was excited about it because each cartridge would've been larger than my meager 800MB hard disk. I could not get my Performa 6116 to see it and ended up returning it after a fruitless back and forth with Castlewood's tech support. Disappointment #2 (not really retro but maybe in a few years when someone reads this thread it will be): A few years ago I recommended that we get a Nexus 7 tablet for work. It seemed like a good option to interface with our aging early-90s total station, which has serial comms. I found serial adapters to connect to the Nexus. Great! I found an app that could talk to the total station. Excellent! Unfortunately, the app was buggy, had a terrible UI, and didn't like to retain the connection to the total station. Grr! After time went on, the Nexus became more and more unresponsive and the battery life turned to shit. Eventually, Google's own apps, namely Google Maps, wouldn't even run without hanging the system. Junk!
  8. I totally bought SF2:The World Warrior from the hype alone. EGM talked about how it was the biggest game since Pac-Man so I knew I should probably pick it up. The only fighting game I'd played at that point that came anywhere close to SF2 game mechanics was Karate Champ for the NES. I remember paying $70 for it at the mall, taking it home, and enjoying the hell out of it with my brother. I still prefer the original SF2 to Turbo. I do like the mid-air moves in Turbo as well as some of the reworked character portraits but that's about it. The visuals look flat to me, especially in the background activity and people. Playing as the bosses isn't all that fun and the turbo speed does nothing for me personally. It makes a good counterpart but the original is best.
  9. Yep! I ordered a refurb from Nintendo last year after my house was robbed and my Wii U was stolen. One phone call to Nintendo and they transferred all of my digital content (it was the Super Smash Bros/Splatoon edition). The refurb even came with a physical copy of NintendoLand, which my old one didn't have. Only difference was it came in a white box and I don't think it came with the rubber feet to stand it on end.
  10. I've had the 2016 Atari Flashback Portable for about a year now and it's a neat little unit. Only about a dozen of the 60 built-in games are of any interest to me and I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have the SD card slot. The emulation is really convincing but it does have its issues with certain games. I'm sure it's been optimized for the built-in games so I can't complain too much when it doesn't work with games I'm playing from the SD card. The tiny screen is okay but I get this weird effect and I think it's a viewing angle issue. When looking at the bottom status bar in Solaris, for example, my left eye sees the tan color but my right eye sees dark brown so when I have both eyes open I get this weird Magic Eye effect that bugs me out. I'm glad it has A/V out. The D-pad is okay but pretty terrible for Pac-Man games. The buttons have a strange layout but AtGames just reused the case molds from the portable Genesis so that explains that...although it's still a strange button layout for the Genesis even. Overall I'm happy with the purchase. It won't replace any of my 2600s but it's nice to be able to play a quick game of Cave1k or something on the go.
  11. Just bought all three. Looking forward to reading them!
  12. If people wanted to see pyramids they could just go to these tombs:
  13. The Switch is everything I thought the Wii U should have been. I love it. That said, I also love my Wii U. It has some stellar games.
  14. Perfectly stated. This is the gist for me as well. It's out of my system. I started selling off a good chunk of my collection a couple years ago and am transitioning to flash carts. I still have a lot more to sell off but needed a break after my previous purge. Good luck with your auctions!
  15. So...is there anybody here with an actual Super NES Classic who played it? Opinions? Or is there another thread for that?
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