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  1. 1. The dozens (hundreds?) of hours spent on modeling and rendering that console are thrown away by the illiteracy of that copy. 2. AtariAge and Legacy Engineering have done more for the Atari brand and are more "Atari" than Atari, Inc. will ever hope to be. That said, petitioning Atari, Inc. will be about as useful as shouting at the clouds. 3. Those controllers offer nothing new except a questionable button arrangement. I see the intent (Fuji-like pattern) but usability should never be sacrificed for a design gimmick. The first point may sound mean and I'm sorry to have to put it that way but if you want to be taken seriously then you need to be able to communicate at or above grade school level.
  2. I love the classic Mac OS. I cut my teeth on a Performa 6116CD running System 7.5. I have a Quicksilver G4 sitting next to the iMac I'm typing this on. I taught myself C programming on the Mac and continue to dabble in it. I wrote a little scripting language for an action RPG I've been tinkering with since forever. I'll post a screenshot next time I fire it up and can grab one. The black and white Macs running System 6 were a little before my time but I do have a couple. One I acquired from an uncle. It's a 512k Mac with the Mac Plus upgrade. It's pretty neat and it came with a bunch of stuff (including magazines) but I don't have the nostalgia for it. I let my son play Alphabet Train on it and he loved that. There's also a game where you have to drop a guy from a helicopter into a haystack on a wagon. That was fun too. I think the biggest let-down with Mac OS X was the way it gimped the Finder. In classic Mac OS, each Finder window represented a folder. Every time I double click a folder in classic Mac OS, the window will open up in the exact same position, size, and view setting (icon, list, etc.) that it was in when I last closed it. With Mac OS X, each Finder window is just a dumb browser. That hard connection between folder and window was lost. You can even have two windows that show the exact same folder contents, something that just wasn't possible with the classic Mac OS. With Spaces I'm okay with it but there's that familiarity and consistency that I still miss. Another problem I have with Mac OS X (and I seem to be alone in this) is the Dock. I hate it. With a few tweaks it can be a useful tool. As it is, it's a poor UI component. On classic Mac OS there is this program called The Tilery. I love it. It's everything I wish the Dock would be. It still has a web page: http://www.semicolon.com/old/Tilery.html Don't even get me started on the Column Browser. Grr. Great idea (quick drilling through folders), poor implementation. As anal-retentive Apple used to be about Human Interface Guidelines, they've really let themselves go since Mac OS X came around. They'll happily add more emojis or Facebook integration into OS X but will they fix the Finder? the Dock? the Column Browser? Queue crickets chirping.
  3. Hard Drivin' was ambitious but it's not bad. If it controlled as well as Steel Talons it would be just as good and I love Steel Talons. The arcade game is awesome and it's difficult to replicate that in any home variant. When I think of bad Lynx games I immediately think of Dirty Larry (nice artwork but boring), Kung Food (good concept and artwork but also boring), and Gordo 106 (terrible artwork and bad gameplay). Viking Child feels uninspired to me but I don't think it's a bad game from what I've played.
  4. For NES, I enjoy Legend of Kage and Renegade. In Legend of Kage you run around in a forest, can jump really high, throw throwing stars, and swing a sword to deflect other throwing stars being tossed your way. The next few levels take place in different areas and offer new challenges. There are about four stages so it's kind of short but offers some challenge until you get the hang of the game play and enemies. It's not a great game by any means and it may be my nostalgia glasses since it was a game I occasionally rented back in the day but I still find it fun to toss in every once in a while. Renegade is actually more enjoyable to me than Double Dragon. It is faster-paced, there's no leveling up, and the fighting feels a lot more gratifying. Double Dragon feels slow and plodding in comparison. Plus the music in Renegade fits the action perfectly. There's a maze-like sequence on the last level but it doesn't take much to map the proper sequence of doors to go through. Renegade is a short game but the fun factor is way up there.
  5. Just a few games off the top of my head that I wouldn't want to be without: Boom Blox (I was pleasantly surprised with this one; good use of motion controller) Donkey Kong Country Returns ( A+ in presentation, level design, control, music, and animation) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Metroid Prime Trilogy Super Mario Galaxy (my favorite of the 3D Mario games) Wii Sports Resort (worth it for Flying and Bowling)
  6. I downloaded a couple PDFs before they got pulled and I gotta say those were anything but high quality. I don't understand why someone would go through the trouble of scanning all of those pages only to save it in a low-res format with text that is barely legible and images that look like runny watercolors.
  7. Out of curiosity, who was promised what? It didn't involve a dark lord or anything, did it?
  8. I'm willing to guess that FSS would lose nothing if they allowed the binary to be released. They've apparently decided they don't want to make any more money off 2600 cartridges so why not? Or is there something I'm missing?
  9. I'm in for one or two since I don't have a means of playing NES games on my newer TV. I stopped doing Virtual Console games after my original Wii died and I couldn't transfer my games to another Wii. Anyway, the packaging looks great. Aside from the lack of Tetris, Castlevania III, and Contra the game selection is just about perfect. And if I do happen to go back to buying Virtual Console games, I'll have a pad with a normal-sized D-pad to play with because, frankly, Nintendo's D-pads have sucked since the Gamecube came out. People like to complain about Nintendo selling their old games but you know what? It's their product. Just like old books, movies, and music. And as long as that product sells, they will have it on the market. I think it's great. It also introduces younger people to the classics.
  10. Has anybody had any luck running Baseball Heroes? I've tried ROMs from three sources (old ROM I downloaded over a decade ago, coolrom, and doperoms) and none would get past the splash screen.
  11. Thanks a lot for your efforts in this, gadget! Would it be feasible to have preview images load when the player presses the "A" button instead of having them load automatically? Then press "A" again to load the game or "B" to go back to menu.
  12. I haven't been interested in Flashbacks since the FB2 (of which I bought 2 at retail and another at a yard sale) but now my interest is re-invigorated with this portable. That really is the logical path for this product and I'm surprised it took any amount of convincing. The SD slot was also a smart move. I can see the portable replacing the console unit if it's successful enough. In future revisions, allow the portable to utilize the wireless controllers, add a switch to turn off the LCD screen, and there's the console unit. Maybe add a DC plug if it doesn't have one already. Spend some money and have a designer come up with a more unique case for it that allows portable use and still retain that classic 2600 style. Anyway, looking forward to the portable!
  13. My Gauntlet IV cart is now dead as a doornail. I used to be able to get it to work occasionally but it would glitch during gameplay. Good to hear it's probably the PCB and not the ROM. What should I look for in donor PCBs?
  14. That is really awesome. It'd be a cool learning tool for kids or anyone that wants to learn how processors work. I'd love to have one myself.
  15. Bump! I still have plenty of items for sale. I'll be adding more stuff soon.
  16. On Christmas 1991 I got a Lynx 2 and Warbirds after seeing the Lynx insert in the November 1991 EGM. Whoever decided to advertise the Lynx was a genius. Cool Atari arcade games on a handheld? Sign me up! STUN Runner, Xybots, and Hard Drivin' oh my! I had an interest in WWI biplanes and 3D polygon graphics so Warbirds was right up my alley.
  17. I started envisioning a consolized Lynx using an LCD with a rotating display. I sketched out schematics so that you could electrically "rotate" the joystick by flipping a switch (better yet, use a switch that detects when the display is rotated). I couldn't decide if I wanted a fully-consolized Lynx or to have a docking station for my modified Lynx. Either way, it didn't get past the "envisioning" stage. Real life n'stuff...
  18. My son's 4th birthday is this weekend and he wanted a Purple Tentacle cake so as I was wrapping presents I thought, "Why not Day of the Tentacle tags too?" so I made some. I know there are a few DotT fans on AA so I thought I'd share. Day of the Tentacle is one of the many games my son and I enjoy playing together. He loves Hoagie and Purple Tentacle. I'll post the cake when I'm done with it (as long as I don't screw it up, that is )
  19. Here's my Genesis/SegaCD. Original owner. It's the Altered Beast version. The Power Base Converter was bought used and gets occasional use. Not shown is my 32X. I put it back in the box when I was thinking about selling it. Just never got it back out again.
  20. I preordered this and already installed it on all of my computers that can run it. I have Day of the Tentacle on pretty much every computer in my house in either the form of the original install, SCUMM, or this re-release. I love that game! Even my 3-year-old likes it. He wants a purple tentacle cake for his upcoming birthday.
  21. This is a tough one. The two consoles complement each other well. GameCube can play every Zelda game up to Twilight Princess, including all GameBoy incarnations with the GB Player. Wii has the better Mario games (sorry, Sunshine, but Galaxy is more fun). Both can play Metroid Prime with equal awesomeness but I give the nod to GameCube for the excellent title music, which Trilogy sadly lacks. I do have a larger Wii library than I do a GameCube library so I suppose that counts for something. On the other hand, I haven't had to replace a GameCube due to hardware failure. Yes, Nintendo, I'm still a little bitter about losing the Virtual Console games I bought.
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