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  1. Sorry for the late replies. I was at a family function yesterday. @Bodyshots: I don't know what's going on but I only have one message from you.
  2. Yoshi's Wooly World. Great game but I refuse to play two-player with my 3-year-old. Also, Uno.
  3. Bump. Prices dropped on a bunch of stuff.
  4. Never used it. Can't vouch for it. I vouch for CRC QD Electronics Cleaner.
  5. Day of the Tentacle, for sure. That game is perfect in every way.
  6. Ballblaɀer bought some 2600 games from me. Was a pleasure to communicate with and paid fast!
  7. Tomcat - Meh An old friend and I still have a memory about Tomcat that we repeat to this day. It was the late 80s and we must've seen an ad or something for it because when we got to the toy store in the mall (Kay-Bee or Circus World, don't remember which), we saw Tomcat sitting on the shelf behind the counter. We looked at each other and simultaneously said "F-14 Tomcat!" then, after a short pause we said, again simultaneously, "What? What'd you say?". Then we proceeded to laugh about it. Anyway, long story short, I ended up getting the game and we got a little bit of enjoyment out of it. It's ambitious enough. Like Space Shuttle for the 2600 it uses the console controls, which I think is cool for these simulator games. Overall I would say it's a "meh" game. I tried playing it recently and it always feels like I can never catch up to the bogey. No matter how hard I turn nor for how long, the enemy plane is always at the corner of the screen. It's a bit disappointing. I don't remember that happening in the late 80s so maybe I'm forgetting something about the controls. I've played better airplane simulators on the computer in later years so this one is hard to go back to.
  8. Bumpity. Now that the holiday craziness is well past over I'm ready to focus of selling more stuff. Thanks to all who have bought stuff and helped me to declutter!
  9. Finally got a Wii U recently for Mario Maker and Yoshi's Wooly World. Before that it was Wii. I kind of wanted an Xbox 360 and PS3 just to stay on top of new games but couldn't muster the shits to give for them. Same with the Xbox One and PS4. If the developers would spend that glorious ROM size and cycle counts on creating a galaxy where I can fly from planet to planet ala Starflight then I would get interested. I detest the cinematic trend and it has really put me off modern consoles. I guess people dig that shit otherwise the publishers wouldn't do it. If I want acting I'll watch a movie. In a video game it just looks cringey watching photorealistically-rendered puppets flail around as their jaws flap. Give me a story but don't make me suffer through poorly animated characters. I don't care about the developer's aspirations to be a director and I don't care to see it. It was novel when Metal Gear Solid came out but now it's just obnoxious. And if the commercial for the game pretends to be a movie trailer then I instantly lose all interest. I love movies but there's something about cinematics in video games, particularly those games that attempt photorealism, that makes me grimace in horror. Give me abstract artwork and imagination. For now I'll stick to games that are games. Splatoon is some damn good fun.
  10. As an original owner of a Boulder Dash cart, let me just say that I would be all for more carts getting made. "Annoying a few collectors" should not be a factor for more games getting made or not. I really don't understand why First Star Software would even take that stance. I didn't buy the cart to enshrine it and hope that it would some day pay off my son's college tuition. I bought it for several reasons: I followed its development; I contributed a couple label designs (that didn't make it); it is a fantastic technical achievement; and I bought it to play (and I kind of suck at it ). Nowhere on my list was "Wow! This is going to be worth something some day!". Collectors know what they're in for when they take on the hobby of collecting. Carts gain and lose value all the time. In 50 years somebody will ask, "Why didn't they make more of these?" and someone will answer "Oh, because they didn't want to annoy a collector.". Right now it may sound like a good idea, but in 50 years when someone is trying to make a preservation effort for this particular port, it's going to sound ridiculous. Let the market, and not a few collectors, decide if more copies should be made. It's a game, not an investment.
  11. Sonic should sound like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1XEd5Q7E7Y and not this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gYLL9GlsSI (When I was queuing these videos up, my wife was like "Wow, that sounds bad" without knowing anything about what's going on here. ) If they do fix this flaw I may pick one of these up.
  12. A few observations... 1. Lots of empty space in that box. What were they thinking? What decade do they think this is? 2. Those controllers look like they feel cheap. Any thoughts on how they feel compared with original controllers? 3. If those videos are anything to go by, they absolutely butchered the audio hardware. I think if they had spent a little more time cooking that in R&D they'd have a product people would want to buy. Audio is half of the feedback experience. This product shouldn't have left the factory in this state. It misrepresents what the Sega Genesis was capable of and makes their product appear as a knock-off and not officially-licensed hardware. Those grating off-key sounds would likely be noticeable to people who have never played the system before. Sonic the Hedgehog has great music. Sonic the Hedgehog shouldn't sound bad. It'd be a shame if I am playing that particular game and I have to turn it down or mute it because it sounds atrocious and is offensive to the ears, which it does with the AtGames hardware. I would not recommend the product based on that alone.
  13. Emehr

    Lynx Multi Cart

    That looks great! I'm still in for one.
  14. I recently got rid of my Atari 5200, Atari 400, Colecovision, Intellivision, and Odyssey 2 stuff. After 10+ years of owning them I never really got into them that much and I have minimal nostalgia for each of them. The Colecovision and Intellivision Flashbacks are suitable replacements for me. That's the extent of my classic console purge, I think. As for later consoles, I would probably sell my 32X, Dreamcast, and Xbox if I had to, but I'd rather not.
  15. Empire Strikes Back, hands down for me. It was one of the few games I owned as a kid so it got a lot of play time. I was actually just playing it this past weekend and scored around 4000 or so points before my thumb cramped up and the Walkers over-ran me. The parallax scrolling is great, the control is perfect (that acceleration/deceleration is spot on), and the sound effects are fantastic, from the blaster shots to the smart bombs to the colliding against the ground, and those occasional metallic-sounding explosions. The theme music that plays signaling your temporary invincibility always brings relief after you've exhausted your available repairs and your ship is weakened and yellow. For such simple game play it's really rich in presentation. I usually like playing with a rapid-fire adapter. Your thumb doesn't suffer and you can continue to rack up points on a walker as it is blowing up, sometimes triggering a second explosion that (I think) gets you even more points. Star Wars The Arcade Game is a really good port and it comes in a very close second but I don't find myself playing that one as much. Death Star Battle has some cool sound effects but that's about all I can compliment that game on. It's just a bit too abstract for me. Chipping away at the Death Star like a game of Breakout to get to its center just seemed a little weak to me. As for the other SW games, I haven't played them enough to form an opinion.
  16. Plug 'n' Plays are now Buy 1 Get 1 of Equal or Lesser Value Free.
  17. This is probably terrible timing with Black Friday/Cyber Monday going on but I just added 3rd party Atari 2600 games. Loose games make great stocking stuffers!
  18. Al-just-added-some-new-games-to-the-store-and-I'd-like-to-get-in-on-that-action bump.
  19. I am not in favor of any type of DRM for homebrew games. It will ultimately get defeated. If Adobe and Microsoft can't protect their work what chance does the homebrew community have? If anything, continue to make the ROM publicly available and have a "Donate" button for those of us who just want the ROM but wish to contribute to the author. Most games in the AtariAge store already have the binaries publicly available anyway and Albert seems to be busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest so is piracy really an issue?
  20. I like the idea of having the downloadable ROM as a purchase option (or as a "Donate to Developer and AA" if the ROM is already publicly available). On another note, I also like owning physical carts of awesome homebrews but I couldn't care less about boxes. I'd rather have the option of getting the game's artwork on glossy cardstock with a condensed version of the game's instructions on the back. It'd be an homage to what Atari did with the Lynx where some games came with posters with the game's instructions on the back. They were completely impractical because if you hung them on a wall you wouldn't be able to read the manual but I think glossy cardstock would be a great alternative. And how cool would it be to thumb through a pile of them to find the instructions to the homebrew you're about to play?
  21. That Star Castle artwork needs to be on a poster. It's just beautiful. The composition is fantastic and the fact that the ship is AtariAge-orange is just perfect.
  22. I really wish I knew! Garbled graphics were never an issue with my 7800 until I bought Pac-Man Collection. I figured it may have been the cart so I posted about the issue and another user said to try the game after the system had warmed up. It worked so I just left it at that. I've never encountered solid-state electronics that worked better after "warming up". That just seems weird to me.
  23. I've had my 7800 since around 1987 (bought second-hand) and I've only had two issues with it (so far): 1. The power button was always a little flaky. You had to kinda squish it around to get it to work. I finally replaced the switch earlier this year. Works great now. 2. Pacmanplus' wonderful Pac-Man Collection displays garbled graphics if the system isn't sufficiently warmed up. I feel like I should probably knock on wood, though.
  24. End of the weekend bump. I added a few more plug and plays and cut some prices.
  25. I love my Atari and all the games that came during that era, but I gotta go with the era of platforming goodness starting with the NES and ending when the 16-bit wars fizzled out. It was at that time when I started fully enjoying my Atari anyway. 2600 games were being cleared out at stores in the mall and I was buying up a shitload. I only had nine games growing up so it was blissful. The NES brought in an exciting time for gaming that just got better when the Genesis and SuperNES came out. It was an excellent time to be a gamer.
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