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  1. I can't believe the amount of people that believe this is about bB-bashing. [edit: I'm an idiot. Just saw "King" at the end. My point still stands. ]
  2. I didn't want it to be true. I used to love following you guys' (and others) development threads to see how much more graphical detail or gameplay you could add to your games by shaving a few bits here and there or buying up some extra cycles of time. To me, it was that part of the process that helped persuade me to get a game into my collection: seeing that level of effort, passion, and excitement. We went from Combat to Pitfall to Solaris to Thrust to Boulder Dash and now it feels like we're back to Combat again.
  3. I think you misunderstood my post. bB is a great learning tool. The issue is that it makes it easier to churn out what the developers think is a finished, refined product that is cart-worthy. The market is thus getting flooded. bB, as great as it is, is simply enabling this behavior. Many crap games have been made in assembly too. Nobody is arguing that. But it takes a bigger effort to churn anything out in assembly so the homebrew market never got as flooded as it is now. As Thomas pointed out, there seems to be a market for anything that is put on cart. Look at any thread with a "limited release" and see how quickly the slots fill up. As expensive as these carts are and as cheap as us classic gamers usually claim to be, you'd think that the buyers would be more discerning.
  4. Thanks for saying out loud what many of us (probably) are thinking. I can't help but feel that the overwhelming use of bB is somehow discouraging or pushing away the developers who strictly use assembly. I'm not knocking all games made in bB and I'm certainly not knocking bB. I'm just saying it takes something that was once inaccessible to the masses, makes it accessible, and is easily abused.
  5. In the early 80s I remember being impressed by Pitfall at a friend's house. In the late 80s it was Solaris. I played it all the time even though I never got very far. The graphics were excellent and the sound effects were cool. I loved the animations of the ships that would launch the little mini-ships. And the sounds that accompanied it were really cool.
  6. To be honest, "Batman Refunds" doesn't sound like a very fun game anyway.
  7. Added 7800, Master System, boxed NES, Genesis, and N64 games. More to come.
  8. I guess the real question is, why do we move gaming systems into discrete categories when they reach a certain age? Threads like these (as well as topics which discuss delineating console generations) prove that it's a constantly moving target and is different based on the age and region of the person observing it.
  9. Classic. I don't think it means what you think it means.
  10. Thanks, KeeperofLindblum! It doesn't happen often and I usually underestimate shipping but if I happen to go over by about $2 or more you'll get it back. To all who have helped me make space in my house by buying stuff, thank you! I'm going to be listing a lot more games really soon, probably this week, so keep an eye out.
  11. A week ago I would've voted "4-switch woody" because it's what I grew up with and played the heck out of. However, I just acquired a Heavy Sixer and ohhhh myyyy is it nice. This isn't just a typical Atari with thick edges as I've been lead to believe all these years. The entire bottom case half is thick and curvy. In fact, the entire bottom case half is nothing like the bottom case halves of any of the following models. The plastic is not the hard brittle stuff but a kind of hard rubbery material. There's probably a name for it. Light Sixers and Four Switchers went with an angular style. You can really see it when looking at the console head-on. I had always heard that the Heavy Sixer's weight was attributed to RF shielding or whatever. That's wrong. It's from that super-thick case bottom. And that rubber grommet that the RF cord pokes though? Niiice! The whole thing oozes style and you can really see where Atari cut corners with later models. That said, I still love my 4-switch woody but my vote's gotta go with the Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer.
  12. End of weekend bump. Added NES Racermate Challenge 2, Atari Video Cube (complete in box), and Game Boy & Game Boy Advance games. Thanks again to all who have bought stuff!
  13. This is a tough choice because I love almost all of the 2D Castlevanias. I can rule out the GBA games because I never played Circle of the Moon and I didn't care for Harmony of Dissonance at all. I guess it helps that they're not in the poll. I only tried Dracula X on an emulator but never got into it too deep. When it comes to wanting a quick fix, my choices narrow down to the original, Dracula's Curse, or Bloodlines. Of those, I'd narrow it down further to Dracula's Curse. It's got the classic control mechanics and graphic style with the added depth of multiple paths and characters to play.
  14. Bumpity. Stuff added. Prices lowered.
  15. Not counting the type-in programs on the Commodore 64 back in 83, the first system I actually learned programming on was an Apple II with BASIC in high school. The SuperNES was the new hotness so I was inspired by making shapes scale and rotate on the Apple...very...slowly.
  16. I'm totally going to do just that. Why mess with what works, right? Is that how it came from the factory? Seems kinda sloppy.
  17. How would I go about returning it to stock condition? Can I clip that capacitor and call it good? It's working fine so I'm guessing those resistors are within spec.
  18. Lunar Lander is on the Flashback 2. On the back of the box, at least.
  19. I have had this Supercharger for at least ten years now. It's been taken apart as apparent by the exposed screw and the slice across the front label but I have never personally peeked inside or messed with it until now. Here's what's going on: There are two resistors wired in series and another part that is just hanging. My best guess is that this is an abandoned modification. This is based on this pic from another AA user's modification in this thread. Here's that pic: So I'm guessing that part hanging "out there" is supposed to be soldered to those two resistors. I would like to get this back to factory condition. Can I just desolder that component? What is it, by the way? It looks like it's attached to a factory solder point. Should something else be there? How about those two resistors? What part should be there (if any)? The Supercharger works just fine, by the way. Here are some pics of it in action: Thanks in advance!
  20. Yes, I know. My post started as tongue-in-cheek then evolved to "well, what if?". Well, there is the old adage, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission." Not sure if that applies to industries with slim margins. I can't even begin to imagine where to start, which is why I proposed having the rights-holders come to AtGames. It seems like there could be a mechanism in place to publicly post an intent to publish and give a timeline for those against to act. That would require making such a mechanism visible to the rights-holders who may not even be aware that they hold any rights to those games. There's got to be some way to draw rights-holders out of hiding without going to production. I haven't been following the Flashback much since version 2 but is there data available on sold units and which games were prominently advertised? I don't recall any one game being singled out on any of the boxes but I've also been out of the loop for a while.
  21. The easiest way to figure out who owns the licenses is to produce and sell a limited run of Flashbacks with the licenses in question. Then sit and wait with an agreement document they can't refuse and a check waiting for each one. If the license owners say "Go with it" then produce more Flashbacks. For absentee license owners, put the money in an account until they turn up. If name recognition is what it takes to sell these things then it may be worth the risk. Either that, or hire someone to seek out the rights holders.
  22. Added various plug 'n' play, tabletop, handheld, keychain, and LCD games. Thanks again to those who bought stuff!
  23. It works without an adapter with the PS2 Slim, which has an IR detector. I just tested it to make sure. I don't have an original PS2 to test with so I can't say if it'll work with that model. I just found this on wikipedia: "[the infra-red receiver] dongle was not needed on later PS2 models (beginning from SCPH-500xx) and slimline PS2 models (SCPH-700xx to SCPH-900xx) as they feature an integrated IR port." Hope that helps!
  24. Yep, Starflight 1 & 2 are (or were, haven't checked in a while) available from GOG. I bought them but haven't tried them out yet.
  25. I installed USB Overdrive on my Power Mac G4 running OS 9 so I can see if I can use a "newer" Logitech mouse with it. It worked! Mostly. The mouse wheel tilt left/right buttons weren't recognized but I'm okay with that. It's one of the older wireless mice that has the larger USB dongle, not like the newer, flakier "Unity" ones. Logitech makes some shitty mice nowadays and they have some shitty support. I really need to find another manufacturer. And I haven't liked Apple's stock mice since the ADB days so those options are out.
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