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  1. I finished my screen mod last night. There are simply not enough letters in "Wow!". My Lynx now feels like a new system. The colors are rich, the ghosting is gone, and the viewing angle is superb. And the one thing I can really rejoice in, as a longtime Lynx owner: the backlight is evenly distributed! I played Steel Talons last night and for the first time my eyes didn't strain at the low contrast colors. It was blissful. If you are on the fence about getting this, let this be an endorsement to get it. This is the screen the Lynx deserves. A big "Thank you!" to McWill for producing this mod and getting it distributed. It's a professional piece of kit that I think every in-service Lynx should have.
  2. Saying "Jeff Minter is Tempest 2000" is completely beside the point. He was paid by Atari to program Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar. That doesn't give him permission to make Tempest on his own. He doesn't own the brand.
  3. So you're saying Jeff Minter owns the Tempest brand and is allowed to make Tempest games. Ugh, didn't even notice.
  4. If anything in TxK screams "That's Tempest!!!", it's the claw ship. If I make a Super Mario clone and the protagonist looks exactly like Mario, I would expect a call from Nintendo's lawyers. Also, there's an article on Ars Technica and one of the screen shots comparing TxK to Tempest 2000 shows similar in-game text ("Jump Enabled"), among other things. I'm not taking sides here but when Zynga was ripping off the games of indie developers the community was in an uproar. How is this any different? From what I've seen and read, TxK appears to be a straight up Tempest game. Not just a clone or "inspired by". It's a modern, evolved version of Tempest in the same vein as Space Invaders Extreme or Pac-Man Championship Edition. That said, TxK looks cool as hell and I'd love to play it. Too bad Atari and Minter couldn't work something out instead of involving lawyers.
  5. Yep. I've started on the ribbon cable connector and smaller components but I'll wait for my soldering station for that transformer. Thanks for the nudge. For anybody still waiting on their kit, don't trust that tracking number. My domestic tracking number still says mine is in New York...a week ago.
  6. Received my kit today! So excited! Not sure if I should wait for my variable-temp soldering station to arrive or just go for it with my soldering pen...
  7. Right now it's mostly just sketches and rough prototyping. I'm exploring the feasibility and if I can even pull it off. I'm confident that I can develop the joystick controls and tie them into the Lynx board. It'd be arcade controls with four action buttons (B, A, Option 1, and Option 2). A pause button will be present somewhere on the front. A dedicated "restart" button would be handy, I think (no pun intended). There will also be a switch that "rotates" the controls for vertical-oriented games. You physically rotate the screen and just flip the switch to toggle the joystick control orientation. The coin-slot area would probably have the "on" and "off" buttons. I still need to lock down a source for the rotating screen hardware and figure out a reasonable case design. I'll start a thread if things get real serious.
  8. Exactly. I'm imagining a bare Lynx II board inside a mini-arcade cabinet with arcade controls. I've already breadboarded a multiplexer that lets you switch the joystick between horizontal and vertical games. I've mapped the input controls on the Lynx board (On, off, pause, B, A, Option 1, Option 2, etc.). With a rotating monitor, small speakers, arcade controls, and some tactile buttons for On/off/pause, a fun little Lynx "luggable" can be had. I'm still waiting on my LCD kit so I'm taking this time to poke around the Lynx a little bit (and probably getting ahead of myself!). By the way, many of us heard about the high voltage pin that powers the Lynx backlight. For those that don't know which pin it is, I've attached a pic. It will literally burn your skin. Do not touch it while your Lynx is powered up.
  9. @McWill: Any chance of selling the kit without the LCD screen? After poking around my Lynx a little bit I'm seriously considering getting another kit and dedicating it to a mini-arcade cabinet.
  10. Mine was in New York on Wednesday. I hope to have it early next week if it doesn't get here by tomorrow. Can't wait!
  11. I didn't notice. Was too young to care. My attention turned to GI Joes and Transformers. When the late-80s came around and my interest in the Atari was renewed, I bought a bunch of games at K-Bee for around $2 a pop. Didn't hear about a crash until the turn of the century. Was like, "Huh, really?".
  12. @Trebor: Thanks for the link! My Mouser-fu must be weak because I could swear I looked on their site for that style of button. @Keatah: Hmm, I didn't think about melting down the plastic. I did consider the Dremel tool but thought I'd try drilling the hole first.
  13. Joystick. Pac-Man games are just not right unless you have a joystick. I'd be happy to substitute any pad game with a stick but don't make me play a stick game with a pad.
  14. I finally got around to ordering some new tactile switches for my 7800. The power button has been flaky for many years and it got worse just recently so I figured it was time. The old switch came off alright. Some desoldering wick, patience, and a little prying and it popped right out. The replacement switches have a tall profile and you can either cut the stem off the 7800's power button (which I didn't want to do) or shave the switch down somehow. I opted to hand-drill a hole into the new switch to recess the surface a bit. That way the 7800's switch stem sits right in it. It powers on and off like a champ now!
  15. I don't normally pursue boxed copies but that artwork is fantastic and I'd love to have a version that's bigger than the cart label. And that logo is great! I'm glad I didn't throw my hat in the ring during the label contest. I would've been put to shame! Any chance for a poster of this?
  16. Calling out the whiny bitches for what they are and suggesting a means of dealing with them has less negative effect on this community than the whiny bitches who are potentially driving away the homebrewers and hardware developers so I don't see the problem.
  17. Quick guide: - peel off the rubber grips on the back - remove screws beneath them - open battery cover and remove screw inside battery compartment - case halves and battery tray will come apart at this point
  18. I've been using and enjoying my CC2 for about ten years now (has it been that long?) and I am looking forward the Harmony 2 (or whatever it ends up being called). Then feel free to start the "Entitled Members Who Are Disappointed that Hobbyist Projects Haven't Come to Fruition" club.
  19. I agree but I don't think it's the media that's the factor. I remember when magazine editors, and myself, had the same thoughts about the Neo-Geo (which is cart-based, of course). Give someone $20/week for allowance and they will watch every dime as they spend it. Give them $500/week and they'll be less frugal.
  20. Space Invaders isn't horribly inaccurate but it definitely feels like a different beast to me. I would rather play the Atari 2600 version than the arcade. Especially with the double-shots trick. The sound effects also get me right in the nostalgia. I'll also add my vote to Defender. It has its own personality and feels a lot more user-friendly. Plus, like Space Invaders, the sound effects are great. The sound that plays when a civilian is captured is burned into my memory.
  21. I was pretty young during my golden Atari years ( 5 - 8 ) so I had no expectations. Plus, we only ended up having 9 games anyway. I did realize Pac-Man was different than the arcade when I saw the coin-op at the barber shop but figured that's just how the Atari did it. I still played it and enjoyed it along E.T. and Defender and six other commons. Speaking of the Space Invaders "112 Games" claim, yeah, that was a huuuuge stretch. Especially when one variation is "Player 1 moves the ship left, player two moves the ship right". How fun! I only ever played Variation 1. Hold Reset while powering the console up = double shots. That's all I needed!
  22. Yeah, I was thinking of modding Flashback controllers for either NES or the 7800. I can't think of many NES games that would benefit from that design, though, except maybe Top Gun or other 1st/3rd person games. I wouldn't mind using the Flashback 1 case for a project too, since the actual ported games on it are junk.
  23. I don't own any of them but I'm leaning toward a WiiU. The new Zelda sounds like it'll be pretty great. The PS4 and Xbox One are about as appealing to me as an Odyssey2.
  24. It's exciting to think that we finally get to enjoy what us Lynx owners have been dreaming about since the 90s. I remember hearing about the Wizztronics hardware that was supposed to let you play Lynx games on a TV. That kinda faded away. I don't remember what the magazines back then used but I remember EGM complaining when Atari took their's away. Suddenly, just this past year or so, we have three individuals who have devised their own solutions. Not just being able to play on an external screen, but having an improved internal LCD as well! Plus, we've got SainT who is working on a multi-cart. My LCD/VGA kit is on its way and I can't wait to start my own project. Big thanks to all involved in the Lynx scene, hardware and software. It's a great time to be a Lynx fan!
  25. Systems I can't get excited about: Odyssey2 - This system is a tough sell these days. I bought mine second-hand over 12 years ago and I've only played it a handful of times. I don't even feel like I own it. I feel like I'm just storing it at my house. Atari 5200 - As a fan of the 2600 and 7800 I just can't get excited about the console in the middle. Most of its library can be played on either Atari console I just mentioned and with better controller options. Intellivision & Colecovision - I enjoy a few games for these systems but, honestly, they spend most of their time in boxes. Jaguar - I wish Atari would have scrapped any plans they had with Jaguar (like they did with Panther) and stuck with making the Lynx the best it could be. They were onto something great but they threw it away by not promoting it very well, not addressing the battery issue, and eventually ignoring it altogether for the Jaguar, which has little to no redeeming qualities in its hardware or game library, IMO. Had Atari stuck with portable gaming and concentrated on competing with one market instead of two, maybe they'd be in a less sucky position now. Dreamcast - I really want to like this system because I hear a lot of people say it's their favorite but I'm not feeling the love. The controller isn't that great, the CD drive is loud, and there are only a handful of games that are mildly interesting. Typing of the Dead is about the only stand-out game I had a lot of fun with. Crazy Taxi is awesome but I can play that on my Gamecube. Sonic Adventure sucks. Power Stone and Soul Caliber are good fighting games, but I'm just not that into fighting games.
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