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  1. Gotta go with Genesis. I was so excited when it came out because it had two of the Sega games I enjoyed most at the arcade: Altered Beast and Golden Axe! Oh, yeah! And not trying to start a debate or anything, but I would classify the SegaCD and 32X as being their own systems. After all, they have their own library of games. The fact that they depend on a host system really shouldn't matter. If it does, how would one classify the JVC X'Eye or the Wondermega? There's actually a thread with this related discussion that's probably not even a year old. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I would follow the Genesis vote with the SegaCD in second place, followed by the Dreamcast, SMS, then the 32X. And I'm basing this solely on the number of games I own for each system. - Jason
  2. LOL, as kids my brothers and I would try to get dibs on being the triple planes. Kinda like calling shotgun. "You have to be the bomber!" Ahh, the memories. - Jason
  3. Is Game Dude still in business? They're in North Hollywood on Sherman Way(?) if I remember correctly. I think my 32X AC adaptor still has their foil sticker on it with their address if you need more detail than that. I used to live, like 2 miles from them in 2000. All Atari 2600 and 7800 games were $3. The punks there got a good chuckle out of the name "Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes" when I went to purchase it. - Jason
  4. To me it's not so much a matter of inferior versions, rather it's on a system that has the minimum capabilities for pulling off a game to its full gameplay potential. Take Tetris as an example. The 2600 is barely capable of pulling it off without losing something in the translation. Not a game I'd necessarily want to own on that system (as much as I love my 4-switch woody). On the other end of the spectrum, an SNES or PS1 are overkill. The NES, however, has the ability to fully represent this game without holding back its full power. Even though I own 'Battletoads' and 'Battletoads & Double Dragon' for Genesis, I would rather have the NES versions. I'm not actively seeking to replace them, but I'd rather own games that were "made for" a particular generation. On a brief but related tangent, I guess that's why emulation will never "do it" for me. - Jason
  5. Frankly I'd rather see the return of Full Throttle or some other LucasArts point'n'click adventure. While the humor in Sam&Max was great, I hated the puzzles, which consisted of such obscurity as "use chewed bubble gum on scissors with yarn to open door" (well, not exactly that, but you get the drift). After playing through Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle I thought the design in Sam&Max was a step back. I feel the same way about the Monkey Island game for PS2. Great humor, but obscure-as-heck puzzles. But hey, if this new Sam&Max has more logical puzzles then I'm all for it. - Jason
  6. There's three separate versions of the MC trackball hack; the CX-80 version didn't work for me (despite having a CX-80); another one did, though I don't remember which. 931416[/snapback] Didn't even think to try the other hacks. For the record, it's the CX-22 hack that does the trick. Tested it last night. Worked like a charm! - Jason
  7. I would think a commercial title would be one where the programmer is actually getting paid to write code. Nonetheless, I don't see the need for distinction here given the relatively small library of titles released after the demise of the Lynx. How about just renaming the thread "Best Post-Mortem Lynx Title"? - Jason
  8. For Classic MacOS users (anyone? LOL) I have PF Painter (formerly Stella Playfield Editor). It doesn't have any shape drawing capabilities and is still a work in progress but it gets the job done. Also, I fixed the click 'n' drag so it doesn't skip pixels no matter how fast you move the mouse. - Jason PFPainter.zip
  9. I tried that hack through my Supercharger with my CX-80 trackball. No dice. The cursor just jiggles in place. I've tried it in JS and TB mode. Am I missing something? [insert Beavis & Butthead laugh here] - Jason
  10. Unfortunately I don't own any homebrews at the moment. BTW, you have Championship Rally listed twice! And how about Alpine Games? - Jason
  11. Gotta love the Metroid games. The only one I don't have (and therefore haven't beat) is Echoes. I needed a breather after finishing Prime. May have to get it soon. Can't...hold out...much longer... - Jason
  12. Maze Craze - super easy maze, essentially a grid. Push right to win!
  13. Never understood the Resident Evil appeal myself. It was the first game I bought for my GameCube and it's the least played. One can only get lunged at by a zombie while trying to defend with a little knife so many times before it gets old. Give me Alone in the Dark 3 any day. As for Final Fantasy, eh, it's OK. I've only tried FF1 for NES, FF2 (FF4j) and FF3 (FF6j?) for SNES, and FFVII. I beat VII and haven't played it since. Got into Chrono Cross for a little while. That held my attention a lot longer than the Final Fantasy games I didn't beat. Plus, it didn't have annoying random "bite me in the ass" encounters. I dunno, there are so many games. And life is too short to spend too much time on just one. - Jason
  14. Mine has an expansion port. If that makes it a 1984-1986 model then yes, yes I do. Bought it from someone I knew in the late 80's, don't remember the exact year. - Jason
  15. I agree 100%. During the time of Gunfight's label design contest I was duly inspired and began designing a western game where you play a bandit (after some attempts to actually design a label for your game ). The goal was to acquire as much cash as you could before you got caught (or killed). The more towns you rob, the more notorious you become and the harder it gets not to get busted. Features include: -> Get challenged by others wanting to reap the rewards of bringing you to justice! Take ten paces back and draw! -> You're just another Sunday churchgoer...until the donation basket comes your way! -> Getting pursued? Destroy bridges that link towns. That'll slow 'em down! -> Beware of the scorching sun. Be sure you have enough water when travelling between towns. Anyway, I always thought a western adventure for the 2600 would be loads of fun. Low tech, seat of your pants action! - Jason
  16. If I were to buy a PSP it wouldn't be to watch movies. Plus, I already bought Spider-Man 2 thank-you-very-much. - Jason
  17. Whoops! I'll fix it when I get off work later. Thanks for catching that. - Jason EDIT: Fixed!
  18. First I gotta say that I really appreciate the Mini-Dig. It's an invaluable resource. I've been a [stella] lurker for a while now and I've even coded some demo stuff just to get my feet wet. I just have a few Mini-Dig suggestions... I second this. Maybe submissions to the mini-dig can be sent to the original authors (or volunteers) for some heavy commenting. Even a brief comment before each code block like "Do this during variable inits" or "This goes in the kernel" or "Do this during overscan" etc. would help a great deal for beginners. Brief comments describing variables to the point where there's no second-guessing would also be great. Lastly, a brief summary of how and why something works would be fantastic. For example, the line in SkipDraw: bcx .skipDraw When/why does the math clear the carry flag? I'm the type of person that likes to figure stuff out for himself but some things just elude me entirely. Also, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it now but I searched all over the [stella] archives and 6502.org looking for the 'bcx' opcode, not figuring out until a little trial and error that it can mean either 'bcc' or 'bcs'. D'oh! One more thing: is there room in the Mini-Dig for an explanation of how to use pointers? I did a write-up in HTML on my site but I can convert it to plain text if it's submissible. Here's the link for review... http://home.earthlink.net/~jjrein/stella/a...s/pointers.html I also did a quick write-up of how to use pointer tables... http://home.earthlink.net/~jjrein/stella/a...ntertables.html Just my 2 bytes... - Jason
  19. Gotta toss in another vote for the 7800 version. Even better with a Sega Arcade Stick! - Jason
  20. 20eyes Albert ATARIeric bones CosmicJoke CPUWIZ DreamTR gamesnat hindsr1976 HolmesA8 Jibbajaba Jofu legeek mcgrail0007 RickHarrisMaine Starscream superomni [edit: another belated update; now in alphabetical order!] [edit: yet another great trade (thanks Rick!)] - Jason
  21. Show me the games. Show me something I can't live without. Sell me the system based on the games, not who makes the system or what the system is capable of. Show me smarter AI. Show me a frickin' flight simulator for crying out loud. For years the 8-bit/16-bit consoles overworked their little processors to give us but sub-par flight simulators. Now that the machines have the ability, where are all the flight simulators? How about a driving simulator with cars from previous decades? Show me a game with smarts, not just a pretty face. /rant mode off - Jason
  22. Damn. Well there goes my paper'n'dice RPG using sanity points that's at least, um, 12 years old. I snoozed. I losed. Didn't think that was something I had to patent for crying out loud . Maybe I'll switch it to 'bladder control' points. When your BCP's hit zero...sploosh! Now don't nobody go patent that ya hear! - Jason
  23. I remember the "screenshots" in the Atari catalogs and how a lot of the sprite graphics were *huge*! I'm thinking of Space War and Sky Diver in particular. Gotta love the cover art though! - Jason
  24. I know it's not the true arcade DK, but GameBoy DK is one fine version not to be left out, although it would've been really cool if there was an option to have the levels repeat after #4 for that true arcade DK experience. - Jason
  25. Haven't played Contra Force or any PlayStation (1 or 2) flavor but I gotta go with the original Contra on NES. It's one of those games that never gets old even after destroying the vile Red Falcon for the umpteenth time. Love that electrocution sound effect in the base levels. - Jason
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