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  1. Wow... sorted by label color. Nice! 920465[/snapback] Maybe nice to look at, but when I want to play a particular game, the first thing I think of is its name. Do people really find sorting by maker (or rarity, or even label color) to be the most convenient way??? Sometimes I don't even remember who made a given title. 921785[/snapback] When it comes to Atari 2600 games I sort by color. At most I had about 140 games now I've trimmed back to around 90. At this quantity it's not too difficult to remember who made what or which game is a red label or text label, etc. Plus it just looks nicer on a shelf, especially when there are different cartridge shapes thrown into the mix. Not to mention Atari and Activision had standard fonts for their labels, making it more aesthetically pleasing to group them together. Same goes for INTV games. When it comes to everything else, though (NES, Genesis, PS1, etc.), the games go in alphabetical order. - Jason
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    I just checked on the real thing. No problems for me. Again, I cannot repeat this (Jacob, your SC is modded, right?). Anyone else having similar problems when testing on real hardware? 919591[/snapback] I do. Same setup: Supercharger w/4-switch woody. My SC is unmodded, however, and I have a joystick in the left port. Same symptom: during the death sequence in Splatform the screen rolls a bit. I actually noticed this back when Splatform was an individual 1k binary and just figured it was a feature . BTW, great to see "The 1k Three" in a single binary. Nice menu! - Jason
  3. 1. Never read the manual when I was 7 years old but still managed to figure the game out and beat it. There aren't *that* many game elements that it should take more than 5 minutes of experimentation to figure out. 2. When you realize where the holes are and that you can actually *steer around them* this doesn't become a problem. Also, there are two screens that you should never enter from a certain direction: don't go east of the woods or west of the buildings. If you do then you'll automatically fall into a hole (not sure why this was programmed in but there it is). - Jason
  4. LOL! I usually don my cricket codpiece, my bowler hat and a fake eyelash and commence to tolchock my videogames in the most ultra-violent way. But not before taunting them with accusations of not having any yarbles. Naw, the worst I've done was grasp both ends of my controller and act like I was going to snap it in half hoping to see defeated, broken wires shooting little arcs of last-gasp electricity. But before I can muster the low-level rage hormones necessary for such a task, I usually set it down, do something else, and completely forget about it. - Jason
  5. Video Pinball Pull the plunger, launch the ball, and go make a sandwich. Come back and you'll have 9000 points. - Jason
  6. Yes, The Tick sucks very badly. I bought the SNES version a year or so ago thinking I would get a fun game based on a funny comic. Stage 1: fight a billion ninjas. Stage 2: Fight a billion ninjas that are colored differently from the ninjas in Stage 1. Stage 3 (I keep playing at this point thinking something has to change): Nope! More ninjas! Fight a billion of them. Spoon! What mindless nonsense. You could play all of stage 1, reset the game, and play stage 1 all over again and not miss anything the rest of the game has to "offer". - Jason
  7. Based only on the titles I actually own. Please excuse my non-traditional categories, it's more of a "What am I in the mood for?" system than anything else. Drive 'n' Blast 1. S.T.U.N. Runner, 2. Road Blasters, 3. Hydra Fly 'n' Blast (1st or 3rd person) 1. Warbirds, 2. Steel Talons, 3. Blue Lightning Job Simulators 1. Paperboy, 2. A.P.B., 3. [vacant] Recreation Simulators 1. California Games, 2. Lynx Casino, 3. [vacant] Side-Scrolling Beat 'm Up 1. Ninja Gaiden, 2. Rygar, 3. Batman Returns Sci-Fi Action 1. Slime World, 2. Xybots, 3. Xenophobe Play It For Points! 1. Klax, 2. Pinball Jam, 3. Blockout Tile-Based Puzzlers 1. Chip's Challenge, 2. Crystal Mines II, 3. Super Skweek Bird's Eye View Adventure 1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, 2. Gauntlet III, 3. [vacant] Racing 1. Checkered Flag, 2. Hard Drivin', 3. [vacant] Some Thinking Required Action 1. Lemmings, 2. Rampart, 3. Shadow of the Beast No Thinking Required 1. Rampage, 2. [vacant], 3. [vacant] Oops, ran out of games. - Jason
  8. I generally dislike any controller that has action buttons on the side. I'm lookin' directly at INTV, Colecovision, 5200 and 7800 controllers when I say this. Extra points off if the side button is made of squishy rubber. I like the PS1/PS2 controller EXCEPT for that D-pad with the pointless divisions between up, down, left, and right. Pulling off combo moves in a game like Symphony of the Night is next to impossible with those. Put a SNES or Gen 6 button D-pad on that controller and it'd be just right. The Z button on the Gamecube controller is awkwardly positioned and the D-pad is way too small. Playing emulated NES games with that controller is annoying: HUGE action button, tiny D-Pad. Too unbalanced. Beyond that I can use just about any other controller out there. No complaints. I really like the stock Gen 6 button and SNES pads. Very nice! And for 2600/7800 gaming it doesn't get much better than any flavor of Sega stock controllers: 3 button, 6 button, or the Sega Arcade Stick. - Jason
  9. *insert Dr. Evil's amount here* Aww, I can't sell Lil Pac. He's been around since I was, like, in 3rd grade. I still wind him up every now and then. - Jason
  10. After seeing the Lynx insert in EGM's Nov. '91 issue I knew I had to have a Lynx. The GameBoy library left something to be desired for me at the time. Never owned a GB system until 2002 when I got a GBA. Anyway, no other system had my favorite Atari arcade games like Hard Drivin', STUN Runner, and Xybots. That fantastic page full of Warbirds screenshots had me sold. I got the Lynx (2nd model, no pack-in game) that Christmas along with a copy of Warbirds. I was one happy camper. - Jason
  11. I picked up an O2 about 2 years ago at a yard sale and have since amassed 15 games for it. Unfortunately it's more of a conversation piece than anything else. The problem with having over 500 video games is deciding which ones you want to devote playing time to. After all, that's precious time you're taking away from the other games (not to mention normal "life" activities like "working" and "taking a shower"). Unfortunately what this all boils down to is...the keyboard is *not* the key. Compelling game play? *That* would have been the key. - Jason
  12. I used my Max back in the day for certain games. It was horrible for Zelda (kinda like using the GameCube's analog stick when playing Zelda Collection) but I liked to use it for Contra and Metroid. The turbo came in handy for those games. The only thing I didn't like were the two little nubbins behind the controller that left dents in my fingers. I think that was their sole purpose. - Jason
  13. My vote also goes to Junior. This was a late 80's liquidation purchase for me and I remember being highly impressed with it. Still am. - Jason
  14. I don't remember anything about a crash. Didn't even know there *was* a crash until much much later (circa 1999 or so via the online community). I was 8 in 1983 so I wasn't too concerned with much. I was happy with the 9 games we had at the time! I do remember cleaning out either KayBee or Circus World in 1988-89 when Atari games were $2.50 a pop. Must've scored almost 20 games back then. Ahh, Solaris... -Jason
  15. How could I forget Warcraft II? Fantastic voicework. The narrator before each scenario was a bit over the top but the units' voices were so good and memorable. Those developers (Blizzard) used sound effects and voice to great effect...really added to the atmosphere. "They're destroying our city!!" - Jason
  16. Here's one for the great game/horrible acting archives: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night. "Die monster! You do not belong in this world!" says Richter in a tin can. and "What is a man?" Dracula says as he dramatically tosses his glass to the ground. These performances actually turned me completely off to the game initially. I didn't rediscover its true greatness until about 2 years after. - Jason
  17. I mostly find it annoying ("It's a-me...Mario!!"). The Prince in Sands of Time was good. The voices in TIE Fighter (Mac/PC) were also good. On that note, I can't think of any games where voice acting is completely necessary. Nope, won't miss 'em. They'll just have to go back to using the programmers as voice actors. It's not like there'll be a dramatic change in quality . - Jason
  18. Hi Andrew, Should I no longer link to http://www.taswegian.com/TwoHeaded/Atari2600/dasm on my webpage? - Jason
  19. I agree. Tetris Attack (Panel de Pon) ranks as my favorite puzle game on any console. If anyone's got an N64, check out Pokemon Puzzle League. It's from the same series as Tetris Attack but with the Pokeomon license thrown in. It's also only 2-players though. 862660[/snapback] I really enjoy Tetris Attack but there's one problem with the game play that bothers me. When things get really hectic and the tiles are piling to the top of the screen, all you really need to do is start randomly moving the D-pad and jamming the button. I've saved my own skin (and racked up a decent amount of points) many times doing this when things started heating up but it just feels so wrong. - Jason
  20. If you're running Mac OS Classic, MPW (Macintosh Programmer's Workshop) is the app you'd use to run DASM. The "Worksheet" is just the title of the main window where you type your commands (i.e. 'dasm source.asm -f...'). Check out my 2600 Programming with Mac OS Classic site for more info (just updated, actually ). - Jason
  21. Played it with two players and had a blast. It was short and sweet. It's not traditional Zelda but for multi-player action I'll take this over the Mario Party games *any* day (of course, I'll take *any* game over the Mario Parties so I guess that's not saying much ). Anyway, I suggest trying it with a buddy or three and giving it a second chance. - Jason
  22. <Beavis & Butthead laugh> GamePube </Beavis & Butthead laugh> 855691[/snapback] STUPID LAME CUBE LOL!! :!: 855858[/snapback] Here, wrap these around my last post... <Just being silly, I actually like my GameCube as much as all my other systems. Hey, they're video games. It's all good.> </Just being silly, I actually like my GameCube as much as all my other systems. Hey, they're video games. It's all good.> Ahh, much better.
  23. <Beavis & Butthead laugh> GamePube </Beavis & Butthead laugh>
  24. Here's some old code I polished up and made a bit more flexible. Note that it's completely unoptimized in the display kernal. I don't understand skip or switchdraw enough to implement it (someday I'll learn!). I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement! Basically, you use the joystick to move SpriteMan around the screen (no, he doesn't mess up when he gets to the edge of the screen, I'm anal about that stuff and put a stop to it ). Press the fire button to cycle through the animations. This code requires an "idle" face (can easily be modified if this isn't desirable). That is, what the sprite looks like when it's not moving. This face isn't included in the animation cycling when you press the fire button. Here are some important constants. Change as appropriate for the individual sprite... FACE_DURATION is the number of frames between each face update. Increase to slow down the face animation. Decrease to speed up. This could be made a variable and mapped to the second joystick. I'm just too lazy at the moment . SPRITE_HEIGHT is self-explanatory. It's currently set to 16. NUM_ANIMATION_FACES is the number of faces of animation (not counting the idle position). Press the fire button to cycle through these faces. I've tested this with StellaOSX v1.4.2. My Supercharger is packed up otherwise I'd test it on real hardware. Let me know if you encounter any problems/glitches. Hope this works for ya! I've been hoping SpriteMan would come in handy some day! - Jason SpriteMan.zip
  25. Popular consensus is that we console players are too stupid for such games. Or that they don't sell. I like the Starfighter games, Crimson Skies, and Secret Weapons over Normandy well enough (still need to play Yager ), but what I really want is X-Wing or Tie Fighter on these machines. Alas, it doesn't look like it's ever going to happen with the scripted stuff we get now. 852992[/snapback] If the Rogue Squadron/Leader games played more like X-Wing/TIE Fighter I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about them. The ability to target your opponent and match their speed in a dogfight is priceless. - Jason
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