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  1. So...judging from your 'Best Of Nintendo' lists, you like puzzles, racers, flying games, and classic games. So would you say that there aren't a lot of good games in those categories for PS? 852775[/snapback] Speaking of flying games... <steps onto soapbox> I, for one, would like to take this opportunity to complain that there aren't enough (any?) flight simulators for modern consoles. I had really hoped to start seeing some when the PlayStation came out but nooooo. Here we finally have hardware (and enough controller buttons) to do a realistic (or even semi-realistic) flight sim. I'm not talking Ace Combat or Star Wars Rogue Squadron action-style games. I'm thinking more in terms of the flight sims you'd find on the Mac/PC: Red Baron, A-10 Attack!/Cuba, F-18 Hornet, etc. We got realistic driving sims, why no flight? </soapbox crumbles underneath after eating too many bean burritos> Oh, and here are my favorite PS1 games... Atari Anniversary Edition Redux Castlevania - SoTN (chalk up another fan) Chrono Cross Gran Turismo Metal Gear Solid Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - Jason
  2. The best thing you can do for yourself is check out the games in emulation. Then factor in all hardware issues that concern you, determine if you can live with them, and let that be your guide. If you base your decision solely on what everybody is posting, you may very well be passing on a system (or two) that you may actually enjoy. - Jason
  3. Pure hate? I'll say 'Panic!' for SegaCD (see this topic). As for "can't stand but I keep coming back to it because of all the rave reviews thus I must be missing something": Super Mario 64. A minute of that and I'm ready to chuck it out the window. - Jason
  4. Neither Final Fantasy or Zelda are role-playing games. It's a mislabel. The whole phrase comes from paper'n'dice games that are played by 3 or more humans who take on the personality of their character(s) when they play. They're playing a role. Improvisational acting as it were. Which means when they get into a dialogue with another character, they decide exactly what to say. They don't choose from a list of predetermined phrases. That's not role-playing. I suppose games like Dragon Warrior and Ultima were dubbed "role-playing games" because that was essentially what the programmers were attempting to duplicate. Sure, they were able to automate such tasks as rolling stats and handling combat mechanics, but the core of the RPG was lost and what we are left with is an adventure game. - Jason
  5. Thumbs up! Love the new difficulty curve. I was trying to think of death animations. How about having the fish that eats you grow one size bigger, he says, "Gone Fish!" (with text and/or AtariVox), and zooms off the screen. Or have an all out feeding frenzy where an even bigger fish eats the fish that ate the player. Then an even bigger fish than that comes from the opposite direction to eat THAT fish, etcetera. Lastly, the biggest fish finishes the job. Each fish would come from the opposite direction as the fish before it and they would swim pretty fast to their target with a possible half second delay before the next fish comes. The sound of each successive bite could be one step lower than the previous. Maybe I've thought on this too much... The label contest entries got me thinking of that one. Anyway, here's my high score. - Jason
  6. No contest for me: Zelda. I've beaten almost all of 'em. Still working on Oracle of Ages and Majora's Mask. I've only beaten one FF and that was #7. I appreciate the series well enough (I own quite a few of them) but sudden encounters that pop out of nowhere with no warning really do nothing for me. - Jason
  7. I second that. Nothing says "thumb cramp" like Activision Boxing. - Jason
  8. Lynx II ...especially with Warbirds on the screen The GBA SP NES Edition comes in a close second. - Jason
  9. That wasn't flicker, that was um, temporary hyperspace, yeah that's what it was. 842477[/snapback] I actually once thought that was a feature. I once hooked up my rapid fire unit to see if I could blast my way through everything and not get hit. Didn't work so well. To get back on topic, I think Pac-Man, E.T., and Defender get undeserved grief. Wanna try 'James Bond 007'? It'll make you want to rip it out of the Atari and plug in Moon Patrol. How about the yawn-inducing 'Space Jockey'? Side scrolling shooting in all its below-average glory. Surely not the worst 2600 games, but far less playable than Pac-Man, Defender, or E.T. - Jason
  10. I started out in the newsgroups (r.g.v.c.) and visited the 2600 Nexus in 2001 for the rarity guide. When I went back to see if the guide had been updated I discovered the site name had changed to AtariAge. I've lurked the forums since 2002 and finally joined in 2003. - Jason
  11. My award for biggest waste of time and space goes to... (insert drum roll here) ...'Panic!' for SegaCD I'm not even sure it qualifies as a game but here's how it "plays": 1 - Press any button. 2 - Watch "wacky" animation. 3 - If you progressed to the next screen, goto 1, else goto 1. 4 - Goto 1 This game had the shortest time in my possession of all the games I have ever owned since the dawn of my video game hobby. Had I obtained it for free, I would have gleefully burned the instructions and gone clay pigeon shooting with the CD. "PULL!"...KA-BLAM! Then I would have reused the case for one of my case-less Sega CD games. - Jason
  12. I agree with Jess. They are 3 distinct libraries of games and, to me, that's what makes them separate systems. - Jason
  13. The instructions for the Power Base Converter only mention F-16 Fighting Falcon as a game that cannot be used with it. For Montezuma's Revenge, it just says you need to use the original SMS controller. Are there graphical or gameplay glitches with Montezuma's Revenge? - Jason
  14. I vote to keep the ones we have now. They're simpler, subdued and not as distracting (when used sparingly). The new ones are overbaked, if you know what I mean. The artwork is too goofy/cute (i.e. annoying). I dislike them immensely. - Jason
  15. I bought this game back in the day primarily because of an EA Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal, played it, and returned it. This was before I ever used a Mac, BTW: circa 1991 or so. I hated the control and the way the guy spun around for what seemed like 15 minutes when he was dizzy. In recent years, however, I discovered that in the Mac version you aim with the mouse. I'm sure that makes a big difference in the game play experience. As for games that shame my collection...hmm. I only collect to play so I try to avoid crap games but sometimes you see a deal and it's something you've never played and are curious about... 2600 - James Bond 007 (this is Bond? WTF?) 7800 - Dark Chambers (painfully unfun; yes I own Karateka) SNES - The Tick (repetitive, repetitive, repetitive) SegaCD - Panic! (not a game; random button pushing; sold it) - Jason
  16. Deathskull Labs link There was actually a recent discussion in Classic Gaming General about Colecovision... http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65599 In a nutshell... - Jason
  17. Thanks for the pointers! I'll see what I come up with... - Jason
  18. I replaced the power supply once I found one on eBay. The original was someone's dog's snack. The cord was chewed at the brick but I managed to solder it together to test it. Unfortunately that didn't work. The replacement power supply (looks brand new) didn't change anything, either. I was really hoping that was the problem. As for a generic power supply, isn't the plug at the back of the CV proprietary? Also, why are there four pins? Oh yeah, I also cleaned the dried grease from the switch. This tells me something in the CV itself (voltage regulator or something?) is at fault. Hmmm...ideas? I sure would hate to cannibalize an ADAM for this. Then I would have an ADAM and would be compelled to fix it . - Jason
  19. Not to bring down the morale of any sellers that try to reel in buyers with unfounded adjectives but... Is the word "rare" even a big selling point for people? How many of us actually type "rare" in the search box when looking for something? If you're looking for a game and you see it on eBay, wouldn't you bid on it anyway? Do people actually bid on an item just because it says "rare"? If you want the game, you'll bid on it regardless. If you're a collector and you just want to put it under glass then you probably already know how common it is. - Jason
  20. Yeah, my Colecovision has the "bad video RAM chip(s)" problem. I've owned it for about 6 months now...keep collecting games for it....would love to play 'em. Anyone know where I can find replacement chips? I've scoured the net and eBay and found a couple auctions for tubes of the things but they ended around $50(!). Thanks for any tips. - Jason
  21. Very nice work! I was going to suggest having the other fish change directions but I see you already thought of it. I would also see about having them change speed. Having a fish speed up as you're chasing it will certainly raise the excitement. Conversely, having a bigger fish speed up while chasing you will also heat things up. I think this would help justify the aformentioned speed boost. My name ideas... Fishtastic (a conglomeration of 'fish sticks', 'taste', and 'fantastic' ) Fishtactic (Fish + tactic, of course) - Jason
  22. I was replaying this game recently and yes, Nightmare is about as frustrating as they come. After many irritating attempts I finally beat him only to have the X Core waste me. Graah! Hulk smash! Not to be done in by a program, I tried again and just quickly and repeatedly hosed him with missiles: first in the glowing thing then in the face while on the ladder. The key is to shoot off missiles as fast as your finger (or thumb) can hit the B button. The rest of the game felt like a cake walk compared to that. - Jason
  23. Oh, wow. Maybe I have these stores mixed up. The pastry one was in a small plaza and it was a small store (I do remember a glass case with classic consoles) and the modded X-Box store was larger and on a street corner (I can't remember the street name). Now that I think of it I do remember a pawn shop. Upon seeing bars in the window we just kept on driving by... Memory...hazy...need...coffee... ...with a pastry... - Jason
  24. I'm going to do my best Donald Sutherland impression at the end of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers": tilts head back slightly, eyes bug out, lifts arm, points finger at SwedenLynxer, opens mouth real wide and... *screeeeech!* Warbirds was the sole reason I wanted a Lynx. When I first saw the Lynx insert in EGM #28 I had to have it. I like biplane games and was impressed by the polygon graphics. When I finally got the Lynx II w/Warbirds (a month later for X-mas) I wasn't disappointed. The feeling of nose-diving while hearing your motor spin up to max RPMs was unmatched by any other console game I had at the time. And refueling your plane on the ground while getting shot at and wondering if you were going to make it off the ground alive was truly exciting. Using the clouds for cover then popping out and having a bogey in your sights was a pleasure to behold. The game was like the biplane variation of Combat taken to 11. I love it! I'm tellin' ya, that EGM insert absolutely sold me on the Lynx. I still enjoy it to this day. As for my own list of overrated games...Off the top of my head I would say... Mario Party (I'd rather watch traffic than press 'A' every few minutes to watch a random outcome unfold before my eyes) Resident Evil (so much build up only to have your character walk into a room and have a zombie lunge at you, grab you, and bite you to death; if only my knife was 18 feet longer...) Can't think of any more at the moment. - Jason
  25. Ah, yes, the man with the custom M-16. I remember getting a headache from the grey 3-D rat mazes. Great game otherwise. Good music and nice variety of game play. In no particular order... Bionic Commando Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Contra Gauntlet Metroid R.C. Pro-Am Wizards&Warriors - Jason
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