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  1. You ate free pastries from a pawn shop? You're braver than I thought... LOL...Free food is good food! Well, stale food in this case. They were day-olds donated from a neighboring store. Had they been sitting on a paper plate on the counter with crumbs broken off, dirty napkins nearby, flies buzzing around and the proprieter not far breathing heavily upon them I would have politely declined. - Jason
  2. This is sad news indeed. When we lived in Washington my fiancée and I went to Boise for a conference and, naurally, had to check out all of the video game shops. We happened upon the VG Trading Post. The guy there was really friendly and he had a nice shop. My fiancée played Bubble Bobble on their modded X-Box. I think we ended up buying a Kirby game for SNES. We also checked out the A-1 place. Didn't get a warm, fuzzy feeling there but we did get free pastries. - Jason
  3. I use a BBEdit-created plain text file. At the top I list all systems I own by company in no particular order. For each system I tab over and enter the number of games I own for that system. Below the systems list I calculate the grand total number of games. Then I have a mini-legend explaining what "i", "o", and "b" stand for (instructions, overlay, and box, incidentally). Then there's the meat of the list: the games! all listed by system with a couple carriage returns between each system group. Preceding each game I enter "i", "o", and "b" as appropriate and tab over once for the game name. I keep separate lists for "wants", "peripherals , accessories & controllers", and "for sale/trade". I attempted using a spreadsheet but it became tedious to maintain two lists and since I prefer the simplicity and portability of plain text... - Jason
  4. It's tough picking just 10. Now I have to play my remaining 118 games just so they won't feel left out . 1. Midnight Magic 2. River Raid 3. Berzerk 4. Space Invaders 5. Asteroids 6. Solaris 7. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 8. Kaboom! 9. Super Breakout 10. Dragster - Jason
  5. *raises hand* I think I may be the only one here using DASM on a pre-OS X Mac. Anyway, to clarify its usage (just for completion's sake), you need Apple's MPW (Macintosh Programmer's Workshop) to run DASM for Classic Mac OS. MPW is a command-line program and is just the thing for using DASM, DiStella, MakeWav and whatever other tools are in it's "Tools" folder. I put together a web site a while back that is a work in progress but should be enough to get anybody started with Stella development on a pre-OS X Mac. On my site I've included the link to Apple's FTP site for downloading MPW (~1.6 MB IIRC). http://home.earthlink.net/~jjrein/stella/ I don't recommend double-clicking the DASM icon to run DASM. That'll just open MPW (if you have it) and set the working directory to the "Tools" folder (which is where DASM should be placed, incidentally). You'd then have to change the working directory to your Stella folder (which is an avoidable step). Creating a blank MPW file (I call mine "Start MPW") and placing it in your Stella folder is what I recommend. Simply double-click that file and MPW will fire up and set the working directory to your Stella folder. You can type commands in that window or return to MPW's "Worksheet" window and do it there. Hope that helps! - Jason
  6. My quick 'n' dirty rating system (IMHO, of course)... Heart of the Alien (two great games in one!) Spider-Man (a bit better than the Genesis version) Batman Returns (ditto) Heimdall (quirky isometric puzzle adventure) Sonic CD The Terminator (Contra-style action, good music) Dragon's Lair Ecco the Dolphin Silpheed Adventures of Willy Beamish (long load times, glitchy graphics) Dracula (great graphics, cool music, so-so control, devolved game play) Sewer Shark (annoying FMV, OK gameplay, music by Mark Mothersbaugh ) Rage in the Cage (Gen/SNES game + voices and pointless FMV clips) Mortal Kombat (load times kill this one) Rebel Assault (horrible control, grainy graphics, disappointing) Revengers of Vengeance (picked it up out of curiosity, don't waste your money) Hope that helps. - Jason
  7. Currently... 25 GameCube 21 PS2 0 Xbox I've pretty much stuck to my personal law of "Don't pay more than ~$20 for any game." hence the lower count. Of course, that law was once broken with the Zelda:Windwaker pre-order deal. And Four Swords doesn't seem to be dropping in price fast enough... - Jason
  8. Been there, done that. Sold it. The game's BORING. I felt the same way about Harmony of Dissonance. The core gameplay is essentially: 1) enter a big room 2) kill a bunch of monsters that you've seen before if you've ever played a Castlevania game 3) pick up an item here and there 4) kill an extremely easy boss 5) rinse and repeat. - Jason
  9. I never discovered the Shield Rod trick on my own, it took a FAQ for that little combo I probably never would have tried on my own. I guess it's good for those who want to complete all 216% of the map (or whatever % it is) and don't want to bother too much with the monsters. Great game. My first impression wasn't so hot with that horrible, horrible, over-the-top voice acting. The cheesy guitar riff music in one of the stages is pretty lame too. The clumsy inventory and no way to drop items kinda sucks too. Beyond that this game is a work of art and has some nice usage of certain graphical programming techniques (rotating graphics for use in monster sprites, a dash of 3-D for background scenery, transluceny, etc.). - Jason
  10. Just picked up Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. Highly recommended! I have the old EGM where they gave it "Game of the Month" and I can see why. It's arcade DK plus a continuation with more levels, enemies, and moves and junk and stuff. After every 4th level you battle DK only to have him run off with Pauline(?) yet again. Good stuff, looks great on Super Game Boy and it tastes great on a cracker! To get back on topic... The games on Midway Arcade Treasures 2 that I'd want to play I already own on the Lynx. If I were to purchase this comp I think my Lynx would get jealous. - Jason
  11. I finally beat MP a couple weeks or so ago. Yeah, don't bother with the fission metroids. Avoid them as best as you can and head directly to the door to MP. All they'll do is wear you down and you'll need all of your energy tanks for Prime. I can't wait for MP2 although I probably won't buy it right away (as tempted as I'll be). I'm still saving my rupees for Zelda Four Swords... - Jason
  12. Don't need it. If it had a cartridge slot and Atarfogrames rekindled development for the 2600 and 7800 and perhaps encouraged the homebrewers here monetarily to support the thing we could have new old-school. That would be good. I would buy one. We could have "official" Atari-branded versions of the homebrews we all know and love and the homebrewers might actually be making some money off it. - Jason
  13. Here's how I do it: GameCube + Game Boy Player + e-Reader + Donkey Kong e-Reader cards = DK on the big screen! - Jason
  14. I haven't heard too many good things about this comp. I bought the first one for my GC and it was okay although I hate the interface and the grating noise it makes after you select a game and it prompts "Press Start" after loading. With the second compilation, all the games I would want to play I already own for my Lynx. Time to vent: I'm getting burnt out on "classic games for console 'X'". Are they going to rehash these comps with every system that comes out? I see Atarfogrames has an 'Atari Anthology' ready for release with (you guessed it) classic arcade games (*cough* Atari Anniversary Edition Redux with a couple extra games *cough*) and a bunch of 2600 titles (some of which are on the Flashback). Yes folks, buy it again for the umpteenth time! Step right up! Color me unimpressed with playing emulated games on newer systems. - Jason
  15. Apple IIgs "Woz" Edition ($10 at a yard sale!) That's all I've got for old 'puters. I guess my Performa 6116CD (ca. 1996) could be considered a classic in "computer years" . - Jason
  16. Then: Empire Strikes Back (followed by Space Invaders, Combat, and E.T.) Now: Midnight Magic (followed by Pitfall II and Dragster) - Jason
  17. Kaboom: 2nd player controllable Mad Bomber Barnstorming: realistic plane physics which includes... - ability to shut off motor - variable motor speed - rotating sprite (for pitch adjust visual) - wind sock at the bottom of the screen - fuel gauge/ability to land and refuel (may be a stretch but it'd be cool ) Pressure Cooker: near perfect as it is but maybe... - a bonus stage where you have to assemble dessert (e.g. catch falling scoops of ice cream or something). Chopper Command: different difficulty advancement - give the enemy planes/'copters more height variation in lieu of just making them get faster and faster. Keystone Kapers: make the bad guy more evasive - instead of making him head straight to the roof, have him hide behind merchandise or take an elevator down every once in a while to throw you off the scent. His goal is still to make it to the roof, he'll just be more clever about it. - Jason
  18. I was kind of disappointed (and a little annoyed, I'll be honest) that a column in the price guide was devoted to action figures. Otherwise it was a pretty good issue. - Jason
  19. Earlier this year... * Zelda: Ocarina of Time In the past week... * Metroid Prime (at 75%) * Zelda: Windwaker (w/13 heart containers) - Jason
  20. Uhhhh... it'll say "4116" on it? (as opposed to 8116 or some other number) Oh, I thought you meant "plain" 4116 as opposed to some variant of the number (e.g. 4116-xx or whatever). Thanks a lot for your help! My quest continues... Jason
  21. So _that's_ what the "- 29" after the snippet was: a reference to the original author! Sorry 'bout that! *smacks self in forehead for hastily skipping through the FAQ looking for a quick answer* Thanks! I just emailed Clay at Multigame.com about his 4116 chips (not sure if they're plain or not, I gave him the info printed on the chip). Do you know of any other sources for this chip. I've been Googling but not having much luck. Also, how will I know a plain 4116 if I see one? Thanks, Jason
  22. Thanks for the tip. I just tried it. No luck, unfortunately. I desoldered the switch cover and cleaned the contacts. For grins I even jumped the connections and got the same scrambled result. The power supply was obtained from eBay as the one that came with the system was used as someone's dog's chew toy. The one from eBay looked like it had never been used so I don't suspect it. Jason
  23. I'm on a quest to get my broken systems fixed. This time it's my Colecovision giving me trouble: the graphics are scrambled, including text. I did a search (here and on Google) for Colecovision troubleshooting and repair and the closest solution I get is from the Colecovision FAQ. Just a note: there is no Section 10.3 in the FAQ(!) All 4 of my Colecovision games exhibit the same behavior so I'm certain it isn't a problem with the cartridges. My test subject is Q*Bert and it has screwy letters on the startup screen (i.e. "P*BDRT, RDLDBT [email protected]" instead of "Q*BERT, SELECT GAME") as well as disjointed graphics in-game. I'm guessing (from the FAQ) that the problem lies with one (or more?) of the 8 Mostek 4116 chips on the board, but the FAQ is cryptic. So... D0 (U17) D1 (U16) D2 (U15) D3 (U14) D4 (U13) D5 (U12) D6 (U11) D7 (U10) ...and each chip (U1x) is a 2K VRAM location? accessed by the appropriate data (Dx) pin from the video display processor? It does? How is this figured? Or are all problems with scrambled text associated with D2? If not, how do I go about determining which line is bad on my system? Should I just replace them all (considering availability of these chips)? Am I on the right track here? Thanks! - Jason
  24. I sent an email with my responses (and a case for E.T.). I hope this magazine doesn't join the oh-so-trendy "E.T. is crap" brigade. I enjoyed E.T. as a kid and enjoy it to this day. It was one of the 9 games our family had and got as much play time as Combat and Space Invaders. I own over 120 games for the 2600 and agree that it's one of the better games for the system. I wonder how many people who say they hate E.T. actually got to the point in the game where E.T. is lifted off in the spaceship. Jason
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