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  1. Are you there???

  2. This looks truely awsome. Great work so far.
  3. I remember the Baby Pacman Pinball machine. It came out in 1982 and was awsome that it was both a video game and pinball at same time. Perhaps you can add the Pinball Machine gameplay part to this game. Make it kind of like an upgraded version of Midnight magic, and it could go back an forth from pinball to the actual baby pacman video game part. LoL. I know this is a massive request. But to me, Baby Pac Man isnt Baby Pacman without the pinball part of game. But either way, your program looks awsome and even without the pinball part, I'd still buy a cart from you. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated. 😎
  4. Count me in for a cart when this is completed. New Lynx games are always welcome. 😁
  5. The Lynx is better than Gamegear. Only thing that the Gamegear beats the lynx at is the massive amount of games. However, I'll take Quality or Quantity any day. Enjoy your gamegear, but you'll see that the Lynx is better. 😎
  6. I second the notion. This thread should be thrown in a bomb fire. Then we can all roast HOT DOGS over it. 😒
  7. I'd like to see a rereleased production run, even though I finally bought one from someone else months ago. Beta Phase took way too long, lol....
  8. Hello, I have a second generation Zizzle Marvel Heroes pinball machine. Everything works great on it, except there seems to be a problem with the two slingshots above the flippers. They work, however they seem to continuously go off on there own without stopping. Is there a way to fix it or get it to stop repeatingly going off. Somtimes they also seem to go move whenever pressing flipper button also. Is a wire hitting somthing wrong? I am aware that the Zizzles were cheaply made and not truly real pinball machines. Although when working right. They can be a little fun. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
  9. 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 MY Zaku came on the mail today also. I knew Super Fighter Team would come through on there word. I never doubted them. Thank You Super Fighter Team. I may have gained a few more gray hairs since my payment, but I'm happy with the product none the less. 🧓
  10. Yes. I used to have a Saitek a long time ago, but sold it like 10 years ago. I had the F1 Super Challenge variant. Saitek had 2 other variants. A Monster Truck and A Rt.66 one you referred to. I liked it. They don't have as good mechanics as the Astro Shooter. No pop bumpers or kick out holes. But the Saitek was still fun. It had two spinner bumpers which kind of emulated pop bumpers. I liked the long ramp on the Saitek. I'd buy another Saitek if I ever run across one again. There was a seller on eBay in the UK a few months ago that was selling a Saitek still in the box. He claimed it was still sealed. He was only asking 80 euros for it. It was the Rt.66 variant too. I had messaged him and asked if he would ship it to America. He said he'd look into it to see what the cost would be and said he would reply back to me. I wanted to buy it, but he never replied back again and it sold to someone else. 😳
  11. Thank you for the reply and information. I hope to find a Fireball home pin. I love the art work on the playfield , scoreboard and cab. For the cheaper price of a home model, the Bally ones look like decent quality in comparison to the other branded ones of the era. I wish the affordable smaller 3/4th size ones like the late 1970s home pins were still made. Unfortunately the only home model ones made today are the ones made by Stern which cost thousands of dollars and are pretty much full size minus coin slot. Thanks for wishing me luck. Peace. ✌
  12. Wanted to buy: im interested in buyinb Any of the 1977 or 1978 Bally home edition pinball machines. Fireball, Evel Kenevel, Brown Dirt Cowboy or Galaxy Ranger. Prefer one in great condition mechanically and cosmetically. If anyone has or knows where one is available , please contact me. Will pay cash. Thanks.
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