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  1. Needs a midway arcade style voice sample at title screen " Niiiitrouss "
  2. Started making a box for this awesome hack.
  3. These are really beautiful. The Adventure Territory artwork is straight out of an early 80's D&D book. I saw these many years ago whern you did them but i've recently been revisiting some of your hacks and wandered over here. Great job.
  4. For some unknown reason i awoke this morning thinking ..wondering about the XM. I was going to make a post asking if there was any update? ....and here we are. Pretty darn awesome. if there is anything else anyone wants me to think about to manifest let me know.
  5. This looks really impressive. This is the first time i've bene on the Aa site for a while and once again i'm blown away by tyhe new slew of awesome indie game sin development. keep up the great work. If you go the cart route please do a pal 60 version, Europe needs some love too.
  6. Yep, i'm a big colelctor of import N64 games. A lot of them are beautiful.
  7. I hear ya and i think this would actually be pretty cool to see on modern systems. I think Berzerk would be cool reimagined within the DOOM engine. That aside i still love the basic styles of Atari games and will always love the box art.
  8. WOW!!! once again the 2600 scene blowing my mind. Great project i hope you get to finish it.
  9. This looks really cool, great job
  10. WOWZERS!. This looks to me like you are currently making the best game for the system. I have been following this from the beginning and it looks amazing. So many arcade racers don't nail the speed factor which of course is also obviously the fun. It looks like you've smacked it directly on the head. I cannot wait to see this finished. Not that it's essential but will there be an engine note? keep up this incredible work.
  11. I'm not so much surprised by 'it' rather what the incredible skills of modern programmers can do. The quality and innovation is just continually pushed and just when you think that plateau has been reached...BOOM there is something even more spectacular. As i am sure is the same for most people here i love, play and collect for many systems and they all vie for my time, but the Atari just cannot be beaten for quick, fluid, fun. The 2600 is like a warm fuzzy pixel hug.
  13. This game is absolutely fantastic and it surprises me that it isn't actually based off of an original arc ade machine as it certainly feels like that. The frantic blasting puts me in the mind of Robotron. It's fluid cool graphics and sounds just draw me in. I am tempted to actually build a cabinet for this game as though it were an 81' arcade game. Love love love it.
  14. This looks fantastic, i love the pace and how smooth it is.
  15. Absolutely incredible job. I love every aspect of it. I expecially love the box. I like the use of the GX-4000 too. Its reminiscent of all the different iterations there were of the Engine.
  16. Astrostorm got my attrention but i couldnt find any footrage anywhere.
  17. If you are able, a port of Batman the movie would be fantastic, thats my childhood right there.
  18. I was just looking at buying this cart and thought how awful the box was considering how cool the game looks. You've done a great job here.
  20. Zaxxon and Q-Bert. They were the only games i played in the 80's..ever.
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