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  1. updated pics from last year. now with MUCH more alphabetical.
  2. cool pics, I am inspired to take more spread out pics of my random drawers... maybe someday, I will do that too.
  3. I use https://backloggery.com/ it's really easy to use and works well on both the PC and phone. and it doubles as a form of social media... sort of... I used to use an excel sheet but I've lost them to corruption, hard drive failure and lost flash drive respectively. having it on the internet is much more convenient. plus, it has all the search features and sorting features.
  4. I used to be a HARDCORE collect everything guy but the death of my wife made me re-focus to just games I plan on playing to beat... anyway, here's pics. sorry for the quality of the pictures, I'll try to work on getting a better camera for next time... and maybe more close ups. also, not pictured is a huge amount of console and large accessory boxes which are almost all emptied of their precious stuff.
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