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  1. Powerbase mini should still work. I'm not sure if the Mega SG will emulate FM audio or not without the official adapter from Analogue. As of yet there is still no solution to play SMS game which utilise the accessory card port because neither adapter exists with both ports baked in. Not from Analogue and not the Powerbase mini or Fm repros. And it's a shame. The 3d shutter glasses could work in theory over hdmi if the delay can be adjusted to compensate for display lag.
  2. Well small flat rate box went up to $8.30. Easily cram 3 adapters in there. Still cheaper than anything Analogue offers... Wishful thinking, but JB firmware for the pocket. Gaming on the go, and 8-bit portability. Make the NT mini redundant with hdmi. The cart adapters will be worth it for me for the pocket. Game Gear, Lynx, and PCe would be boss. And I hope they do nintendo gray instead of apple white. 😎
  3. $10, available separately, shortly after release was what they promised. I personally have no use for the Mark III / Card adapters, but the GG one for $10 seemed more than reasonable. And you cannot use SMS accessories which plug into the card slot. For that, you still need a modified Power Base Converter. $50 bundle, excessive shipping (please Analogue, just throw it in a priority / readypost box for domestic shipping) and extremely limited release is what we got. I still have a sack of Game Gear games I picked up for cheap after I preordered the Mega SG, with nothing to play them on. Analogue, will you drop the ball again with the Pocket? I consider Lynx and Game Gear adapters a quintessential companion to this device.
  4. Skyrim Nintendo Switch -> HDMI converter -> composite RF modulator -> Rabbit ears -> GG tuner antenna -> adapter -> GB pocket. Yay for 90s technology: 144p portable gaming!
  5. Kosmic Stardust is now Andromeda Stardust!🌠

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  6. $17.48 to northwest louisiana, same as the shipping cost of the dac. Any Micro card / sg-1000/3000 collectors want to split an adapter set with me? I am only interested in the Game Gear adapter.
  7. How? 😱 Did he stuff a composite adc somewhere?
  8. You know what would be fun? If quarter arcade or new wave toys started making faux mini tube tvs (3x4 lcd screens like the ones on the arcades with a curved acrylic lens over it and a wooden retro console tv housing, mini hdmi port and 1/8" trrs composite jack in the back. Throw in a rechargeable battery for good measure.😆
  9. A USPS small priority box could hold at lease three cart adapters, possibly more. If they charge more than the adapter is worth for shipping, i am calling shenanigans. I bought some Game Gear games in 2018 with the explicit purpose of playing on the Mega SG, since I don't have a Game Gear. Likewise I would be interested in a Lynx Adapter for the pocket. Those zener diode voltage regulators are ticking time bombs since they fail high instead of low taking out the entire unit. Edit: shopping to northwest louisiana for the analogue adapter (which I have zero use for since I have working original hardware and all my crts are composite / rf only) is $17.48.
  10. Build your own cable. Buy a vga Dsub connector and a hood. You will have to strip the end of a 32x cable (preferably aftermarket and wire it into he dsub connector. Pinouts for both connector standards are online.
  11. I love how jr pacman scrolls vertocally on the atari. And is balls hard.
  12. Considering that Analogue is NOT the author of the petition, it holds no salt. A petition is exactly that. It could have gathered 100,000 signatures. Unlike the crowdfunding model, the target has no contractual obligation to produce anything, and the signee has no obligation to buy any product. For better or worse, Analogue is not going to pursue an NES solution at this time. Those desiring an HDMI NES with similar feature sets and price point to the official stock firmwares on Super NT and Mega SG, can buy the RetroUSB AVS. If ROM loading is desired, use a Powerpak or Everdrive for playing ROMs in lieu of jailbreak firmware.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I dig both designs. Hori is cute I'll admit. But the Retrofighters seems like it would be the superior form factor. I may get the yellow one. Then I'll have 2 hyperkin replicas of the original controller design, 2 brawlers, and the retrobit Hori clone. 5 controllers but no friends to play with... 🤷🏻‍♀️ All three options are far superior to the old Yobo and Madcatz clones (which predate the n64 design patent expiry) and stock controllers with eroded sticks.
  14. With Kylo Ren stalking the mailbox, not sure what the camera is supposed to achieve... 😆
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