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  1. I don't know what you are talking about. The guy who did that... ...no longer exists! 💁🏻‍♀️
  2. The stick, I didn't see a safe way to dismantle the handle without breakage so I left it alone. It is very clearly a grey code connector. And yeah, probably me and like 2 other people would buy the adapter of available. The leds are badass too. While the notched plugs seem like a cool innovation, it can be a pita to find a cable that fits. The mini usb is more robust than the micro, though the old fashioned usb-b plug that printers use is bulletproof. I generally think the miniaturization of connectors is part of planned obsolescence. By creating a weakened port, you create a failure point for tech devices. Cue how many times I've seen someone with an ipad or android with a busted power cable trying in vain to back up their device (which needs the charge port to do this) before the battery expired.
  3. My appologies for the necrobump. Yeah I was that one of those goofballs who only backed the stick for $30. I did a quick teardown and took pics of the internals. I was hoping to mod it to work with the old school atari, but no dice. There is nowhere to pull the connections from. The joystick itself is pretty basic, digital button membranes, and the shaft has an optical grey encoder embedded in it. Three ribbons connect the battery, rumble motor, and encoder to the pcb.
  4. Okay so I tried three different micro-SD cables and none of them fit. Apparently Atari created a notch-and-key system to make an otherwise generic cable proprietary. Why??? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. So I opened the ataribox joystick. I contributed $30 to the indiegogo campaign way back. Kinda glad I didn't pay full retail for it. The stick itself is fairly lightweight and very comfortable to use, but it is not an "analog" control as the advertisements suggest. It's a very basic design, joypad style. The leds light up when I actuate the directions. The rotary stick has a grey code ribbon cable connecting it to the main board, and there is a rumble motor and a battery. The pcb is multilayer. I was hoping for some way to tap into the joystick directions and somehow wire it to an authentic vintage atari system, but no dice. There is no wire harness connected to the joystick so tapping into it without damaging the pcb seems impossible. Aside from pc emulation, I don't see much of a use for it currently. If someone crafted a usb adapter for it that plugs into a 5v atari system, that would be amazing.
  6. I noticed this too, in the press photos. Serious question folks: Do you guys think this make a viable Linux PC box, of am I better off searching elsewhere? Buy a used laptop or something? I have zero interest in this as a game system. And I know I have dumped on this in the past, but they jacked up the price of the controller for launch. I spent $30 on my classic joystick "preorder" 🕹
  7. Are these actual ports or GameCube/Wii emulations? Pretty sure the switch is capable of emulating GC/Wii era stuff. I know Dolphin isn't perfect and requires a few tweaks depending on the game, but an in-house emulator would squash all that. And yeah, Odyssey IS the spiritual sequel to M64 fans waited for over two decades to get. 3D World was fun, but like 3D Land it plays like a glorified obstacle course. The NSMB style "grid" system feels cheap in a 3D game. I am down for an "All Stars 3D" with M64 (Odyssey engine), Sunshine, and Galaxy 1+2. I would probably retire my Wii/U entirely if they reissue the Galaxy games. Well, I might revisit Super Paper Mario, Kirby Return to Dreamland, and Yoshi Epic Yarn. Those were pretty fun. I got the Galaxy waggle controls mentally worked out with the Pro controller, without the need for a sensor bar. The gyro in the pro controller could easily control the starbit cursor in Galaxy, with an occasional tweaks. L trigger crouch / ground pound, R trigger shoot star bits, Y/B/A Attack/Jump/Spin. Tapping X centers the starbit cursor. Holding X swaps the camera to gyro control and the cursor to R-stick. It also enables the usage of starbit cursor on controllers that lack the gyro sensor entirely. Waggle for spin can be enabled/disable via context menu, and dual joycon can simulate the classic Wii style control scheme.
  8. Amazing! And yes, I been out of the loop for a bit. I guess my pokey Pacman collection will be obsolete. Lol...
  9. So, what is actually on the cart? Is this game a unique port, a hack, or just a copy of existing game? I know of exactly 4 ports of Tetris for NES. A 5th version would be interesting. Nintendo Tetris (gray cart) Tengen Tetris (black cart) BPS Tetris (Famicom) Tetris 2 / Bombliss + variants (Famicom) Tetris 2 Famicom actually plays like real Tetris and completely unrelated to the shameless DR Mario clone by the same name that we got in the US. Edit: manual says "a tengen release." So physical variant of black cart tetris. Carry on.
  10. NES and SNES use the same communication protocol, except SNES controllers send 16 bits instead of 8. Try using SNES controllers with a handmade splice cable.
  11. I have no loyalist nor am any member of a "good old boys/girls" club. When the AVS debuted, I had been following the creator of that project (Brian Parker of RetroUSB aka "BunnyBoy") on now defunct NintendoAge since He posted his "I have a dream" post on Jan 1st 2013. And yeah been following this development nearly as long since it's inception. The AVS is an amazing product in terms of quality and price. It makes a wonderful spiritual predecessor to the Super NT and Mega SG in terms of feature set and price point and I am happy with mine. Paired with a Powerpak or Everdrive, AVS is capable to play ROMs. When Analogue announced the NT Mini debut at $450+, I immediately put in my preorder for the AVS. I have what I consider to be the trifecta of HDMI consoles, NES/SNES/Genesis. With the N64 UltraHDMI internal modded N64 and my adapters for Game Cube and Turbografx, I now have an HDMI for every console I collect for except the Ataris.
  12. Since the Tiny Arcade ones are built on arm from the ground up, I suspect there will be a selection screen much like the NES Turtles II arcade port, so you could select any character without a fourscore. And somehow I doubt they'll add multiplayer to it.
  13. Wait, were the ships green on the originals w/ overlay?
  14. Million dollar question: Plastic, or aluminum?😝
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