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  1. I noticed this too, in the press photos. Serious question folks: Do you guys think this make a viable Linux PC box, of am I better off searching elsewhere? Buy a used laptop or something? I have zero interest in this as a game system. And I know I have dumped on this in the past, but they jacked up the price of the controller for launch. I spent $30 on my classic joystick "preorder" 🕹
  2. Are these actual ports or GameCube/Wii emulations? Pretty sure the switch is capable of emulating GC/Wii era stuff. I know Dolphin isn't perfect and requires a few tweaks depending on the game, but an in-house emulator would squash all that. And yeah, Odyssey IS the spiritual sequel to M64 fans waited for over two decades to get. 3D World was fun, but like 3D Land it plays like a glorified obstacle course. The NSMB style "grid" system feels cheap in a 3D game. I am down for an "All Stars 3D" with M64 (Odyssey engine), Sunshine, and Galaxy 1+2. I would probably retire my Wii/U entirely if they reissue the Galaxy games. Well, I might revisit Super Paper Mario, Kirby Return to Dreamland, and Yoshi Epic Yarn. Those were pretty fun. I got the Galaxy waggle controls mentally worked out with the Pro controller, without the need for a sensor bar. The gyro in the pro controller could easily control the starbit cursor in Galaxy, with an occasional tweaks. L trigger crouch / ground pound, R trigger shoot star bits, Y/B/A Attack/Jump/Spin. Tapping X centers the starbit cursor. Holding X swaps the camera to gyro control and the cursor to R-stick. It also enables the usage of starbit cursor on controllers that lack the gyro sensor entirely. Waggle for spin can be enabled/disable via context menu, and dual joycon can simulate the classic Wii style control scheme.
  3. Amazing! And yes, I been out of the loop for a bit. I guess my pokey Pacman collection will be obsolete. Lol...
  4. So, what is actually on the cart? Is this game a unique port, a hack, or just a copy of existing game? I know of exactly 4 ports of Tetris for NES. A 5th version would be interesting. Nintendo Tetris (gray cart) Tengen Tetris (black cart) BPS Tetris (Famicom) Tetris 2 / Bombliss + variants (Famicom) Tetris 2 Famicom actually plays like real Tetris and completely unrelated to the shameless DR Mario clone by the same name that we got in the US. Edit: manual says "a tengen release." So physical variant of black cart tetris. Carry on.
  5. NES and SNES use the same communication protocol, except SNES controllers send 16 bits instead of 8. Try using SNES controllers with a handmade splice cable.
  6. I have no loyalist nor am any member of a "good old boys/girls" club. When the AVS debuted, I had been following the creator of that project (Brian Parker of RetroUSB aka "BunnyBoy") on now defunct NintendoAge since He posted his "I have a dream" post on Jan 1st 2013. And yeah been following this development nearly as long since it's inception. The AVS is an amazing product in terms of quality and price. It makes a wonderful spiritual predecessor to the Super NT and Mega SG in terms of feature set and price point and I am happy with mine. Paired with a Powerpak or Everdrive, AVS is capable to play ROMs. When Analogue announced the NT Mini debut at $450+, I immediately put in my preorder for the AVS. I have what I consider to be the trifecta of HDMI consoles, NES/SNES/Genesis. With the N64 UltraHDMI internal modded N64 and my adapters for Game Cube and Turbografx, I now have an HDMI for every console I collect for except the Ataris.
  7. Since the Tiny Arcade ones are built on arm from the ground up, I suspect there will be a selection screen much like the NES Turtles II arcade port, so you could select any character without a fourscore. And somehow I doubt they'll add multiplayer to it.
  8. Wait, were the ships green on the originals w/ overlay?
  9. Million dollar question: Plastic, or aluminum?😝
  10. That health bar is epic! The world needs more rainbows! 🌈🦄 Part of the issue here is the 320 pixel wide Sega Genesis is cycle locked to half the width of the ntsc colorburst. So naturally alpha blending of pinstripe stages such as the waterfalls in sonic 3 is not visible in composite as it is in rgb on real hardware. It appears the Mega SG output is not cycle locked to the NTSC color burst as in real Sega hardware which is why you get the rainbow banding. The slightly wider 256 pixel width NES/SNES creates moire patterns not present on Sega hardware. My NES creates a checkerboard moire pattern on crt screens but it is very clean. White/black edges on the nes show yellow/cyan/magenta tinted edges on my crt. As far as the analogue adapter goes, none of my TVs, tube or otherwise, support standards other than composite/rf/hdmi, and I have original hardware to use with tube tvs so the adapter is redundant for my purposes. I still think the rainbow effect of the genesis is a fun effect, if technically wrong. Perhaps the adapter firmware can be updated to create a cycle lock with the pixel output and ntsc colorburst as with real hardware...
  11. The touch cube was a novelty. Get the real thing. Or you can pick up Rubik's World for Wii and DS. I solved the profesor cube one day with the wiimotes. It was a chore but I did it. See video game reference. This post is not entirely off topic... 🤣🤣🤣 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubik's_Puzzle_World Modern Rubik's brand cubes rotate slightly better than the old ones and have interlocking rings making popping pieces much more difficult. So lifting up the edge to pop them doesn't work anymore. No cheating!!! Though dis-assembling a scrambled cube to piece back together makes an exciting dexterity puzzle in and of itself. Especially the larger 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 varieties. Ever try assembling a rubik's cube inside of a jar? Basically the core fits through the round opening but not the whole cube. Not for the feint of heart. Jarred 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 Rubik's brand cubes from my personal collection: In 2007, Verdes came out with the V-Cubes which were 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 varieties. Now some truly massive cubes exist. These things IMO cease to be fun to solve and become an exercise in tedium. Then twistypuzzles are not limited to cubic shapes. Meffert produced the Pyraminx, a tetrahedral puzzle, and the megaminx, a dodecahedral puzzle. Learning the Megaminx was a great stepping stone to understanding the dynamics of interlocking layers and piece commutations. The principals learned can be used to solve a huge variety of puzzles including the original cube, without the need to memorize countless algorithms. I got hooked on the puzzle craze in 2007, but after a few years I just became disillusioned by the hobby. Increasingly exotic geometries, some of which were barely usable. Bandaged cubes, internal gear locks blocking specific moves, and other such antics to make the solving process excruciating. Also many concepts got the "let's make 8 different versions of the same puzzle" treatment so we can peddle to desparate collectors...🤦🏻‍♀️
  12. Can we like treat the labels with linseed oil or something? Just dropper it on, set it out overnight, before patting it dry. Then gently heat it on warm for 20 minutes to bake in the stains. This way we can achieve that characteristic mottled texture without the need to age them for three decades. Because it is just not an authentic label without the Acti-Plaque! 🤣🤣🤣
  13. I find it borderline impossible to select reactions other than hearth in tablet mode. The forum is expecting mouseover link for desktop OS to pull up other reaction options. Detatching the keyboard and using the touch screen instead of the touchpad, I cannot tap and hold, nor can I tap once and select another reaction option. It goes to heart by default.
  14. The rubick's touch cube was garbage Imo. It retailed for $150 When it came out. Then went on clearance for $50 within a couple months. The custom square touch screens were not very responsive. It only responded to touches on the top layer, straight swiping for slices or FBRL moves, and circles for U moves. There was absolutely no means to rotate the D face without rotating the cube. I finally lost the stupid charging dock for that thing, but it was a chore to use.
  15. Honestly at this point, I am more interested in the Analogue pocket. Hopefully we don't have to wait a year for the adapters... 🤦‍♀️
  16. you will need a switch array to swap between the input modes.
  17. Damn. I think I kicked Galaga's ass... 398,960 pts, stage 49! Say whaaa!? 🤯
  18. Damnit! Glad I dodged that one. Czroe, if you figure out how to modify a v1.0 adapter to fix the short issue, let me know. I'd love to get one of these...
  19. Powerbase mini should still work. I'm not sure if the Mega SG will emulate FM audio or not without the official adapter from Analogue. As of yet there is still no solution to play SMS game which utilise the accessory card port because neither adapter exists with both ports baked in. Not from Analogue and not the Powerbase mini or Fm repros. And it's a shame. The 3d shutter glasses could work in theory over hdmi if the delay can be adjusted to compensate for display lag.
  20. Well small flat rate box went up to $8.30. Easily cram 3 adapters in there. Still cheaper than anything Analogue offers... Wishful thinking, but JB firmware for the pocket. Gaming on the go, and 8-bit portability. Make the NT mini redundant with hdmi. The cart adapters will be worth it for me for the pocket. Game Gear, Lynx, and PCe would be boss. And I hope they do nintendo gray instead of apple white. 😎
  21. $10, available separately, shortly after release was what they promised. I personally have no use for the Mark III / Card adapters, but the GG one for $10 seemed more than reasonable. And you cannot use SMS accessories which plug into the card slot. For that, you still need a modified Power Base Converter. $50 bundle, excessive shipping (please Analogue, just throw it in a priority / readypost box for domestic shipping) and extremely limited release is what we got. I still have a sack of Game Gear games I picked up for cheap after I preordered the Mega SG, with nothing to play them on. Analogue, will you drop the ball again with the Pocket? I consider Lynx and Game Gear adapters a quintessential companion to this device.
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