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  1. I ordered a galagon type A and an aardvark. thanks albert! 😁
  2. I remember those. Most PC gamepads had resistors in the dpad to put out an analog signal for a digital pad. That's why they had to be calibrated. I have always wanted to build an analog joystick for N64 use. 3rd party builds (prior to the design patent expiration) used pots instead of optical encoders like the first party game pads. There exist devices like the 360 joystick by ultimark / Happ using magnetic feedback, but these come with USB controllers and are only good for PC/Mame. And vintage PC-15 flight yokes are another possibility. Real arcade controllers using 90 degree pots do exist. As well I have seen thumbsticks with what amounts to stiffer springs and extension rods on them. There certainly is a disconnect between a $2.50 thumbstick and a commercial $200 pot joystick. Surely someone could market a cheaper alternative. The pots alone are $35 compared to a $1 pot, simply because they are custom built to have a 60-90 degree travel range instead of 270-300. There is absolutely no reason for a pot with 90 degree of travel to be 30x expensive compared to a stock one with 300 degree movement. I would ultimately abandon the N64 joystick idea.The build would have entailed a ton of work and expense with no guarantee of success for the end result. Ditto for a hypothetical 5200 joystick. Only the 90 degree travel 5K pots would need to be subbed for a nonexistent 1M. As well I am pursuing other interests.
  3. Please tell me where I can find 3d TVs for $99. I figured technology will improve and I would eventually be able to buy them with gorgeous screens and use cheap, passive glasses. But no. Everything is 4k and 2d now. They are unobtainable. Sad because with current technology, a 4k OLED screen could in theory be constructed which used alternate pixel rows with polarized lenses and work with cheap movie theater glasses, and you would get effectively 1080p resolution without active glasses. The polarized screen overlay would only add marginal cost to existing sets with the right firmware to utilize it.
  4. There are different, incompatible 3d systems though. Some TVs were plasma or oled with alternate lines of polarized data cutting the effective brightness in half and temporal resolution to 540p when viewing 3d, but they worked with cheap passive glasses. Other sets doubled the refresh rate with active shutter glasses. It should be possible to sync vintage shutter glasses to a modern flat screen (using either stock hardware or the fpga system) provided the display refresh is synced to the video signal. You would need to calibrate the shutter glasses to match the lag on the tv. Also polarized filters on the shuttered glasses would cause problems on lcd sets.
  5. Yes. I still want Galagon and a handful of others, since Bob was sweet enough to ship my glow Baby Pac cart. Waka waka. The arcade game is relentless even with the "classic" style behavior, but classic ghost behavior does make it accessible. I try to keep pacman in the pinball area as much as possible since you can earn energizers there, and only lose your lives in the maze, not when you drain the ball.
  6. Atariage sells third party joysticks and coleo expansion modules. Harmony on a separate page. And a few other vendor merch. So no reason they couldn't.
  7. What about subscriber discount? 😁👍🕹
  8. I'll admit I've been out of the loop. Life happens and my gaming hobbies took a back seat. I am still waiting for the second book to drop. And the first editiin, afaik, was never updated with new dig info. Anyone remember when Microsoft funded the dig documentary? That was pretty epic.
  9. So the new 8-bit / Zimba 3000 / whatever will be able to utilize open source cores for whatever grassroots developers want to port to it!?!? I would personally love to see arcade cores get ported over. If we could throw the MAME ROMs for popular arcade games (like Pacman or Donkey Kong) onto the SD card and have a few dedicated cores for them, that would be incredible. Many early arcade games used similar chips, so I guess cores could be written for individual chips, then assembled together into a core using logic diagrams based off the arcade PCB layout. That would cut a lot of work out of writing from scratch cores for every game console, if we could recombine the components of arcade pcbs in fpga logic.
  10. They selling Rikki and Vikki at gas stations now? 😱 Yeah, it's on the back isle between the baseball cards and big league chew! 😂⚾️🏆🕹🍬
  11. Yeah, if it's $40 to ship a $10 adapter domestically, I am crying foul! 🤔
  12. She's too busy coding to post about it!🤣
  13. Awesome. I am personally looking forward to Galagon (since I already got Baby Pac) and I forget the others coming out.
  14. The one on my left is my favorite! 🤩
  15. You should put my "SNEZ POLICE" LED theme on there. It's an attention getter for sure! 🚓
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