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  1. Welcome back ol' buddy! Where have you been hiding? Hi tremoloman, sorry for being a "rare" one. There is so much to do in the moment. The love for games is still there, but it is covered up with playing, collecting and doing our trade fair. I remembered the records when I gathered stuff for the Bavarian retrogame-trade-fair next weekend and found a very last copy of the Kid-Stuff-DVD to sell. (I you like to see Europeans crowd in large rooms for retrogames check pictures of the Retro-Boerse on http://www.retroboerse.de/fotos.htm Rosenheim-pictures will follow next days after the event) Many more greets from Jens
  2. Hi everyone! and a special Hi to tremoloman! How nice to see that you people are yet interested in this special theme of videogame-preserving. If anyone starts up a further project, please let me know. Many greetings from rainy :-( Germany Jens
  3. Hey bro! Where the hell are ya?

  4. a first version of the new website @ www.eurocon.info Jens
  5. We are the proud owners of the complete original(!) drawings of Atariforce 1 and 2 (the small pack-in-ones) Jens
  6. hi everybody indeed 5 are left. The lucky 5 who asked first are: arojas4570 driph cvga Midnight Synergy Jeffgamer I am sorry for everyone else - they are all gone now. (But perhaps the community can "help out". I will not complain. It should be for everyone) I never thought, there would be more than 50 people interested in.... I send a PM to you now. Jens
  7. hi all! lets check out how many are left (5 or so, I think) sorry I am late, I have not seen, that this topic popped up again.... (I was on Eurocon in Vienna til yesterday (www.eurocon.info) - great collectors meeting btw. Next is in Manchester in September 2010.) Please let me check, what is still there and I let you all know. (Who comes first, gets first). Greets Jens
  8. no - it was about 1000 lira for one Deutschmark
  9. hi guys, I just got a boxed Subterranea (PAL) from Imagic (what is a wonderful addition to my collection) and it has an old price tag which says: 398.00 I wondered, which country/currency this could be from? Which country had a currency, where 398.00 could be a reasonable price that days? Greetings Jens
  10. Hi Marc - too bad you will not come :-(( All! the best for you! Hope to see you soon healthy and a bit more lucky! many many many greetings Jens
  11. Jek


    I saw that game from Thomas - it really works! A pong-game in the 128 bytes of Atari memory without any cartridge Cart in Atari - Atari on - remove cart - working.... @Thomas: I WANT one of those! Make some carts!! Jens
  12. Jek

    Largest collection

    http://www.eurocon.info what would I do without you ...my Master...
  13. Jek

    Largest collection

    Come visit Marco (and many other collectors) on this year´s Eurocon in Vienna - 23rd-25th of October. Some of the Atari-Age-guys will be there. It will be a fantastic event - like always www.eurocon.info Jens
  14. 10 years of Eurocon ... Great pictures! Wonderful events every time and the first is now 10 years ago. I get old.... This thread reminds me that we urgently have to set up a web-source, that preserves Eurocon history. I started a webproject but never finished it. Perhaps I have a new setup til Eurocon in Vienna (October 23rd to 25th, 2009) I am sure I see you all there. And I promise to wear nicer clothes than on the pictures from EuroCon 1999 :-) Jens
  15. Gegen den pauschalisierenden Ausdruck "verrückte sammler" möchte ich mich hiermit ausdrücklich verwahren. Ich bin ein verrückter PROGRAMMIERER! Vergiss es. Mitgefangen, mitgehangen;) Ist das nicht "Mitgehangen, mitgefangen!" ? Mitgegangen, mitgefangen, mitgehangen!!!! Ich muss ja nicht hingehen. Wat????? Na, bevor ich mich Sammler schimpfen lasse... doch, Du verrückter Programmierer! Du musst hingehen. denn Du stehst seit gerade als "Programmpunkt" auf der Webseite. Ich will das Ding laufen sehen! Der verrückte Veranstalter
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