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  1. Heck, why not. It's only $126 shipped, approx. EDIT: That translates to, I just bought one of the two remaining lots, so if you'd like to buy one from me, let me know. $2.50 + shipping. :-) I might pick one up from you.
  2. Thanks jay! Well i did try cleaning the inside of the port with a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on it and that didn't seem to do anything. The port does look quite dirty and aged... I'll pick up a new cable tomorrow and see how it goes. If that doesn't solve the problem are the modulators replacable?
  3. Hi everyone I had a question on troubleshooting my Intellivision. I recently picked up an intellivision from a swapmeet and the picture doesnt display when the system is powered on. After messing around with it I figured out by pulling down on the RF cord I can make the picture appear. As soon as i release pressure on the cord the picture goes blank. Does anyone with any experience on the subject think this is an easy fix or is my Intellivision toast? It seems like the port might be loose and have no experience tinkering with electronics.
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