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  1. I have been playing around with this Super Retrocade for a few months now, and thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I currently have a dedicated SD card for arcade games. Then I have a 2nd SD card that has SNES and Genesis. I dont know if this was previously mentioned, but if you want to separate how the games appear, you can: 1) do a quick format on your SD card. 2) on your PC, sort the games by type 3) now select all your Genesis games, & copy them to the SD card 4) now select all your SNES games, & copy them to the SD card 5) finally, select all the image (png) files, & copy them to the SD card 6) when the SD card is read by the Retrocade, it will show thumbnails of all the Genesis games first, followed by all the SNES games This is just a quick trick to have the games appear, sorted by system. Also, the new Genesis & Saturn controllers recently released by Retro-bit ( http://retro-bit.com/sega-collaboration), work awesome with the Super Retrocade!
  2. Seriously, is Crystal Quest going to be available again? Thanks.
  3. When I bought my 7800, I got it with the Atari gamepad. It works great. http://www.old-computers.com/MUSEUM/photos/atari_7800pal_controller_2.jpg
  4. Is there any ETA on the availability of the 7800 Crystal Quest game? I would like to get one with the box. Thanks.
  5. That is a huge amount of releases! The hard work is appreciated.
  6. I don't know if anyone here reads the magazine Retro Gamer, but the most recent issue (124) has a pretty lengthy article about Activision. It specifically covers their work on the 2600, and has an interesting interview with David Crane. They go thru each game Activision made for the 2600 (I think it was 40 or so), and have a small write-up on most of them. It is a pretty interesting 10-page feature, and I ended up picking up a few 2600 games because of it.
  7. No worries, I just wanted to make sure there are still plans for a release!
  8. I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question, but is there a source for cartridge shells (for 2600, Jaguar, ...ect)? Are all the homebrews sold on the Atari Store using used cartridge shells, or is someone making new ones? I'm just curious, because with the price of 3D printers really coming down, that could be a possible way of creating some new shells (in various colors, even).
  9. Definitely, I kept the Centipede cab as original as I could. The control panel was trashed though, so I replaced it with a standard joystick and a couple action buttons. Here is an older photo of it: http://www.gamingenterprisesinc.com/temp/Mame_Cab.jpg
  10. Sweet! I will be buying one as soon as its available on the Atari Store!
  11. As an outsider looking in on this, I think the main thing that caused trouble was all the media exposure for Princess Rescue. Nintendo probably felt they had no choice, after all the publicity for the game. It's still a shame, though...
  12. Nice man! I liked your original cab, too, but "Yars" was hard to read on the original marquee. The new one is awesome! I have a MAME cab that I made many years ago, but for that I was able to start with an empty Centipede cab.
  13. With some cartridges, I have had to do this: Push the cartridge all the way in, then pull it out "just a little". Maybe this will work for your ET.
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