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  1. Turbo was amazing. Punched so far above it's weight. I love my Turbo Duo and with the Arcade card that thing ruled.
  2. Thank you yes it has been hectic but my collection has been protected and works great. Family is great I work from home and always on the hunt for neo. I love this stuff.
  3. Get the latest BIOS I have 4.0 I believe. It does eveything. Well as far as I can tell and even helps run Slug 5 and SSV without errors. I even sent out my MVS copy of Slug 2 to have the bios updated to reduce slowdown. I am such a nerd!
  4. It's killer. The detail and even the verbiage is fantastic. I love everything they did. Even advertisements for 32X games. The game recognizes your hardware. If you use a Gen 1-2-3 Sega Cd 1-2 or a 32X it knows!!! Killer.
  5. Got this over Christmas. It rules!! As advertised. Glad I ordered it in 2017!!! PAPRiUM† Sega Genesis Game Play
  6. I love that this thread keeps going. Such a wealth of information. Here is my collection as of yet...
  7. Hopefully this counts. Just imported from Japan. The latest Samurai Shodown for PS4 but it comes in an authentic Snap-lock case. Can't wait to open it one day, my god I may even play it. Identical in size to a real cart but much lighter.
  8. XENOCRISIS. You must get this game for the music alone. It rules.
  9. Not yet, is there a way to order the special edition?
  10. It’s OK. Streets of Rage was better. Mutation Nation was better. Sengoku 3 was absolutely better.
  11. Just picked up a copy of a Japanese only game Ragnagard off the streets believe it or not, known in Japan as Shin-Oh-Ken (神凰拳 lit. "God Phoenix Fist"), is 2D arcade fighting game developed by System Vision and published by Saurus for the Neo Geo arcade, Neo Geo CD and Sega Saturn. The game's characters are all based on Shinto deities. It tries really hard to be Killer instinct although it isn’t. I kind of like what they tried here but this is not a very good game. The only reason I got it because it was super cheap as it goes for $600-$1,200 on eBay and price charts have it around there as well. I was spooked as the PCB’s had two different color pin outs and after inspecting the cart it had some marks indicating it had been opened. Turns out the board is legit and so are the chips so there was a good chance this was sent back to SNK at some point for repair and they used a different board. I can’t say I recommend the game but it isn’t terrible, just not as good as it should be. It’s extremely hard and your opponents perform super desperation movies at will and their defense is so good that killing them fast is only reserved for expert players. Like all SNK games the depth is incredible and these types of games can be appreciated only after some serious practice as each character has specific moves and defenses that make not one more powerful than the other so it’s quite involved and a different style is needed to beat each character, spamming will get you killed right quick.
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