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  1. What would be better than overlays is having the molds to these old controllers and adding the artwork directly to the controller front cover. Putting the corresponding button press description on the sides or to the bottom. Probably would cost too much for each but never need an overlay again.
  2. Seems the one thread that causes all collecting to bottom out is fakes. In this case carts. I have a original copy of Panic Restaurant for the NES. If selling was a factor who would buy it when new copies are showing up from overseas? Sure the label and the inside is different but one would assume it was still the same game. Why pay lots more when you could have a knockoff. Too many variables for these old games unless you buy from someone trustworthy. Makes senses why so many aftermarket developers are making and selling games.
  3. Pirates, Buck Rodgers Countdown to Doomsday, Three Stooges, Crusade in Europe and Test Drive.
  4. I remember the year. Finally got a 2600 the year before. We had an Odyssey 2 first. Thought K.C. Munchkin was better than 2600 Pac-Man at the time.
  5. Hey! Hope your doing well? Went through the divorce thing last year. Almost 20 years of marriage. We were not happy and it was for the best. She took the Wii and my heart but I got over the loss of the Wii. You do not mention any other concerns like kids or if things are final by the courts of the land. No business of mine either. Divorce can cause a lot of after feelings. Just like the loss of a loved one. Which it is. Eventually acceptance arrives. Seems like you have a good head on your shoulders. Only advice I can offer and it is free. Do not rush any decisions without thinking it over.
  6. Great. Thank you. Prefer the grey to the later black.
  7. Had good luck with my commodores but no so much with 1541 II disk drives.
  8. I new Nintendo released the arcade and what has been printed about the big N, they may have decided the NES should have the best version. It would have been a great addition to the 7800 library.
  9. Great find by way. Hope it is okay to add a question? My heavy sixer came with a grey power supply. Was this a replacement? Thanks!
  10. Growing up this cart was a lot of fun to play. Have not tried it in years so can't recall my favorite sport. Agree. It is harder to find others who would play now. Can't complain that was a selling point for the Atari 2600. Family gaming. Glad the 5200 and 7800 changed that.
  11. This is great. Are lawn Jarts in there? The eighties. Throw oversized darts at a round ring on the ground and try not to get hit. LOL!
  12. Handhelds are great! I still have my original Mattel baseball. It is crappy that I have to stock 9-volt batteries. But it is fun. The Coleco tabletops are great. I wore out my Coleco rechargeable battery pack. It had a 9-volt adaptor that plugged into C size batteries. Now, I spend more time with the PSP. Pirates and EA Replay. EA Replay has some really good 16-bit classics, of those, Road Rash 3 and Desert Strike get the most game time. On the DS, my family likes any racing games. The ability to play against four people in one room, since we only have four DS systems. That is time well spent.
  13. Nice Job, Mark T! The Odyssey 2 seems to get so little attention, that it is nice to read anything positive about the system. Thanks for sharing your story
  14. I really like the third party game makers. Parker Brothers(PB) is my favorite and Activision would be second. For Atari computers it has to be CBS Electronics. The design is simple and nice.
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