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  1. I too remember some programmers over the years (Retroillucid was one) showing some mockups of what Coleco’s promotional material regarding Dracula would look like but I haven’t heard anything in a while. Maybe someone reading this can chime in if someone is actively working on this title. I’m not sure if ColecoVision was going to base it on the Intellivision Dracula. I kind of doubt it. If you want to see what ColecoVision had in mind for the game, they teased a proposed image and description back in the day. You can check it out by Googling ColecoVision + vapor ware + Dracula.
  2. Hey Victor. How about for next Halloween you create/release the ColecoVision vapor ware title Dracula? The player could use the joystick to control Drac and then switch to the Roller Controller to move when Dracula turns into a vampire bat? C’mon, you can do it. 🤔
  3. Timdu - I would definitely be interested in this! As someone who also feels most comfortable using a joystick with my right hand, your solution is the best I’ve come across. Finally a right-hand joystick, keypad and SAC button controller all in one. Now please offer one with the correct color layout that is on the original Coleco SAC and you have a customer in me...Thank You 😃
  4. Here’s my Turbo shifter if this helps to see the wood grain (minus the silver/white cap):
  5. Awesome news on the new joystick controller coming from Retroillucid and Eddladin! I cant wait for you to take my money!
  6. Unfortunately, from what I've read in these forums, he doesn't offer his joystick controller with the joystick on the right and the buttons on the left
  7. Thanks for dumping on my request, Robb. I addressed this to CollectorVision and not you. You'll get your SNES controller port so you can use any gamepad you want so why are you dumping on my suggestion? I have five arcade cabinets in my game room (Lady Bug, Turbo, Cosmic Avenger, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.) and the last time I looked none of them had a gamepad. The original ColecoVision games were meant to be controlled using a joystick. Bmack36...can I be hopeful for the future or will I have to continue with my 36 year old Super Action Controllers on The Phoenix?
  8. Collectorvision - Please, please, please tell me that the new controllers you are working on for The Phoenix will have joysticks and not gamepads. I've never felt comfortable using a gamepad on any game system I've ever owned and I never will. Also, I would hope that the new controllers can be used where it can be operated with my right hand on the joystick and my left hand to control the fire/keypad buttons (I really like the operational feel of the old Super Action Controllers which could be used with either hand and had easy access to four buttons for Super Action games plus a keypad). Besides, from what I see, you already will provide a SNES controller port on your console for those that want to use a gamepad...
  9. I just saw Ready Player One at my local theater and noticed that a character in the movie was spotted playing GORF on his ColecoVision when the character was a kid in the '80s. In case you are unaware of the movie (or the book it's based on), it has many 1980s video game references in it. The movie is a lot of fun and is directed by Steven Spielberg. Anyway, I stayed through the credits to see if they give a credit or "special thanks" to Coleco Holdings, Inc., but I didn't see anything. Uh oh! I guess Spielberg can expect to get sued by Chris Cardillo...It's too bad that Spielberg's career is going to come to end. He was such a good director.
  10. Eduardo: For the launch games, I would like to see Super Zoo Keeper, Super Phoenix and the Super Donkey Kong Collection (Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3 and that Donkey Kong variation with different levels - I think it was called Donkey Kong II). I would also like to see a 1-player baseball game (as everybody knows, Super Action Baseball is 2-player only ). As far as the Prometheus goes, HDMI out of the console (without any special adapters/cables needed) is an absolute must for me to even think about buying.Right now, I have a CV that outputs VGA, which I then have to connect a converter box and then connect a HDMI cable to that. It works o.k. most of the time, but is also glitchy if I don't position the cables just right. Also, I would love for it to have your latest version of the SGM and the f18a already installed in the console. And a generic, readily available power supply that could easily be changed out if there is a problem (no more specialty power bricks!) Also, compatibility with legacy CV controllers and the normal CV cartridge slot.
  11. Uh, Bill...Zoo Keeper did come out for a home system - the PlayStation 2 under the title Taito Legends. This compilation disc also included a nice version of Phoenix. But yeah, I'd love to see Zoo Keeper for the ColecoVision...Along with Eyes and Donkey Kong 2. And Wreck-It Ralph. And Razzmatazz.
  12. How about a photo of that ColecoVision kiosk? How much do you want for it??!! Seriously, how much?
  13. Whoops. I forgot that Rey said that this was probably the final run for these power supplies. I hope that those not on the list can find one somewhere...
  14. I received my new power supply from Rey today. I was just going to test it out for an hour with some cartridges and disks. After a while, I looked up at my clock and I've been playing for FOUR hours! It was so great not having to pull out that 50 pound printer and listening to it reset every time I pulled the reset button. I put my hand over the vent holes and it was barely warm. The new power supply works like a charm. If there is anybody out there who is still holding out buying one of these power supplies from Rey, I would STRONGLY suggest you get on his list. You never know how long that original power supply in your Adam printer is going to last. His power supply is what Coleco should have included with the Adam in the first place. Three cheers for Rey!
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