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  1. Super thanks! So it's a little rare, then. You're welcome. The owner of the site separates them into common, uncommon, and rare. It isn't like the AtariAge rarity guide with 1-10. It is just a basic rarity relative to the other variations of the game. So, yes it is a little rare relative to the others. Do you understand how to read the descriptions and figured out exactly which one it is? Yes. On the page, it's referred to as version "m". I kinda wish I had a 1-10 style rarity rating on it other than the C/U/R/? thing, but it's alright. Probably nothing more than a 2, but I just though it was a little peculiar. Thanks again.
  2. Super thanks! So it's a little rare, then.
  3. A few years ago, I bought a copy of space invaders for the 2600. It works great, the best of any of my games. Now, I have seen this before, but not too often: The front of the cart uses the silver label, however, the end label looks like a picture label, blue text on black background. Is this just a weird little mixup, or were there tons made like this? Anybody else have one like this? How rare is it?
  4. Yeah, it's a list of the games. It messes up at #60, combining Pac-Man and Battle City into "PACMANBATTLE CITY". Somehow the numbers end up correct though. Okay, thanks everybody! Exactly what I wanted to know!
  5. I've been collecting Atari games for a while, just started recently with the NES. Among the games I own is one of those Pirate multicarts from the early 90s. This one in particular shows up a good bit online, but not this version. It is called 110-in-1, and is a light grey cartridge with a horizontal rectangle label, which features the box art for SMB and Adventure Island, with Pac-Man in all his 80s glory. The one I see most often is made by "SuperVision" and features a pink label and a standard-looking cartridge. Anyway, mine is barely functioning. If anyone knew where I could get a replacement, or knows if it's really rare or worth anything, that'd be great.
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