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  1. HEh, games crashed after 3rd race in pro I try it later, if I find some time yet...
  2. http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/XL_OS Other: http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/OS It had Freddy Offenga website about Atari systems, but probably now is not available... Hmm...
  3. ok, let's start them... Rookie, single, Monaco Rookie, single, Le Mans
  4. How build your own carttridges: http://www.retronagazie.eu/sprzet-jak-zbudowac-wlasny-kartridz-dla-8bitowego-atari-xl-xe/ (text in Polish only, films in Polish and English).
  5. Cardboard box for Sikor Soft cartridge cases, dimensions: Box (length x width x height, dimensions in mm): 232x158x32 Insert for housing (length x width x height, dimensions in mm): 225x148x20 All external dimensions, construction of the box allows you to close the inside of the cartridge housing together with a possible instruction with a maximum thickness of about one centimeter. Boxes made with a professional die on white-gray cardboard (see photos). Dimensional tolerance about 1.5mm. Price? I will count soon, around 3 PLN / pcs. In packs of 5.
  6. I have prototype (without pins yet) and soon... This winter or earlier... They will be
  7. Powersoft are on this phorum - why You don't ask him? https://proc-atari.de/en/contact - it is e-mail for him
  8. @santosp: thx for info. It'll take some time.
  9. Mozzwald do great job! Atarimax SIO connectors look great too, i have seen it in foft threat, i don;t know that anyone make it. Now i search for PIN producer for sio connectors and yes, I plane to do it in november/december this year, injuction molding. First render (again I attach it) is here. And one more question: any chance for new mini eclaire XL production? How is cost (I ask foft, but i see - wrong person probably, foft make software for it?)?
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