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  1. Yes, stil available. I answer for your mail.
  2. @xrbrevin maybe because exist lotharek's splitter. My Super SIO Splitter also exist: PCBs are ready, unfortunately now is covid time and case are not ready yet. Sometimes is only extension needed (1:1). I don't know one: why @DavidMil PCB is that large? But I think, that he has enclosure for it.
  3. Ok, i end my vacations. All versions are still available from my webpage: www.sikorsoft.waw.pl/en Some info: if game don't start property - please switch off all SIO devices (in some cases - detaching is better way).
  4. Nice. I will wait for it then
  5. @T. Lenz - if you are on atariage, please send me PM. I cant response for your mail (user is over quota)
  6. Hi, DavidMil! Yes, price for retail will be lower - because you took more. How many? For now about 300-400pcs, but it is no problem to do more (i will do more anytime, because Super SIO Splitter will go: so I must made some more sockets to me). Write me PM or send mail to biuro at sikorsoft dot waw point pl
  7. Some peoples from US ask me about it last time. Yes, I heve it. Maybe someone from US want resale it in US - one package will be cheaper than few little.
  8. So, you have totally different game Old version, now freeware, if I remember
  9. From where you got atr version of "The Last Squadron"? I sell only cartridges for this while?
  10. Maybe this help: http://www.retronagazie.eu/recenzje-jetboy-return-to-earth-sky-blazer-atari-xl-xe/ ok, when you fly on low level you can put bomb (UP+Fire) to destroy enemies buildings. Your target is destroy all enemies bases (i dont remember how much, maybe 3?).
  11. Nice game, framerate too slow (my opinion), but i think, that it is same on BBS. I think it will be good game to my nearly 6,5 years old son - he like play on real Atari
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