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  1. Nice score Caco. Little progress in mine.
  2. Some times ago XXL made webpage to make trainer version of gmes. I don't remember adress...
  3. It's too expensive to me for now... I'll must sell over 2000 pcs I think to get money invest in form. Of course I wrote about FujiNET cases, SIO is ok for all Atari SIO PCB's of course.
  4. It's too expensive to me for now... I'll must sell over 2000 pcs I think to get money invest in form. Ok, on photo is some SIO sockets waiting to mounting own pins I got it while ago
  5. Hmm, why medals no clear after restart game? My 5,5years old son record is 6 point... My is only 18.
  6. Sikor


    It's no big problem, I think. I allowed myself to make info-graphics: - red: position in accordance with the 1200XL and each XL / XE, at the top of the housing - green color - location on the front of the housing, compatible with Atari 400/800 and each XL / XE - yellow color - at the top or front of the housing, low microswitch is flush with the housing Another thing - a switch and a cable for the A400 / 800 flap - I recommend a small hole from the edge of the A400 / A800 flap that will be released (a small dremel or a small drill bit the width of the cable). Additionally - by adding two cores of the cable, the switch to the AVG-cart can be placed on the SIO plug. As for 100+ units - I will give you this price for 51 cases, provided that one AVG cart is for me (paid, at cost plus shipping). Sorry for google translate but my english is bad.
  7. Other colours? No problem - for 2000+ pieces It's no possible "xe grey" in manufacture when I do it (hmmm... It is possible, when I buy 2000+ kg of ABS... it's too expensive for me). Price? I don't calculate it yet... Soon all wiil be known... Hmm, maybe
  8. Soon. Trial batch, there will be corrections yet. Please do not look at the pins - I have to automate their insertion, so far I only checked the correctness of the socket and the injection mold.
  9. Heh, life is brutal ;/ RIP Curt.
  10. Ask Kuba Husak: http://husak.pl/pl/2010/12/atari-c64-amiga-joystick-usb-adapter/ Original language is Polish, so - use google translate. Kuba speak english too.
  11. I already have the pins and am waiting for the injection mold. Soon there will be more information about new sockets.
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