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  1. With package tracing I have not problem. Problem is with tracking letter send to US 😕 Last info is that letter go out of Poland...
  2. Hmm, @Albert, let me know in monday. I see on tracking, that my package to ZuluGula send few days after letter to You as priority packet is in US now. So, letter was send earlier also as priority, but Polish Post Office cant add tracking for letter to US, I only see, that letter is out of Poland 😕
  3. Hmm, 70300, while I die - game crashed and go to tittle screen, but after restart some bugs occured. Look at right down corner with score 😕 And finally for now:
  4. I send as letter - up to 6 days. Standard package go up to 8 weeks to US, so - we wait to monday, if still you dont receive it - i'll go to my post office. I think, that is it ok?
  5. O.K. Albert, I ask at my post office today or tommorow. Bad news - i adress it for atariage, as you wrote me. Thanks for info.
  6. Theoretically 15 days. I have no info from Albert - i send him letter, letter can be at him last wenesday, so - i don't know what is happen?
  7. From today, from 19CET, you will be able to watch a review of the Nowy80Retro regarding enclosures from me - in Polish and English: https://youtu.be/yFvZgNvdE44 https://youtu.be/4e7x9MbTpqE On the retronagazie.eu portal you will be able to read their review.
  8. http://mono.i-demo.pl/ For sparta DOS x - VBXE palette manipulator. VBXE use standard .act palette, using by many emylators, so - you can use act palettes.
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