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  1. If I remember - TDC and KAZ don't finish Bocianoric, so game is all time bugged 😕
  2. http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Akcesoria_i_rozszerzenia#Stacje_dysk.C3.B3w_i_rozszerzenia_do_nich Polish, use google translate
  3. @toddmw - no, so it is good point for next stage in testing. Thx for idea.
  4. Kemal Ezcan (aka Yoda Zank) programs - copy it to screen. All is available in xexs. Oryginally was written (probably) in Turbo Basic XL and protected to list it.
  5. The current design looks like the attachments and it will be a rather final version (of course there will be space for stickers). As you can see - there is room for a screw, because the pins are not completely stable. Now a bit about this project: - latches for the disc as in the original cartridge - the whole is closed with bolts, but due to the fact that they must be thin (unfortunately the form as for blocks out of reach - different injection method, different pressures) it is possible that they will not hold until the end (rather at first closing - from 3D print rather they burst, but this is the specifics of the print and the strength of it) - for those who like to rummage - extra space for a screw (1 piece) on the bottom side (we do not damage the sticker as if) Closing with a screw is optional, the housing can be glued or not opened, but for some reason I added it in the production version (I mean the designer from the company where the injection molds will be made). And why so? Because drilling is different. The place is slightly depressed (countersunk head), so publishers can confidently give a warranty seal there. Now notes for testers: - the test version (3d) has quite delicate tabs on the PCB, which is due to the specifics of 3D printing (layer per layer), yet they allow you to dimension the project (carefully with tabs) - no internal dimension will change
  6. With or without secret level(s)? (spoiler here: http://www.retronagazie.eu/gramy-na-gazie-crownland-video-recenzja-przejscie-gry-ciekawostki/ I propose to play for crownland prevision - for me this is better version, but... Shorter.
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