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  1. And here is the cross section of Atari we have. Although it has probably changed a bit over the last few years ... In this ankets i voted on atariarea, so, i can't vote twice for double results...
  2. 73US with sending from USA to Poland. I have NTSC TV, but I'll plane ad AV MOD (probably normal composite plus SVIDEO).
  3. Ok, I bought on ebay. I hope, that it will be ok. I'll try it on the end of march...
  4. So, Question is: is it possible write new runtime, maybe relocated? I dream about compiler integrated with runtime, wchich can be add to compiled programs only used instruction set... Yes, I know, is only dream... Nobody makes it 😕
  5. Ok, I tried it - I attach disk with simple test programs. I compile it under TBC.COM and link with linker. And yes, i can'y run it in altirra 400 os (compiled and compiled and linked), but I think - good compiler and linker, wchich can attach ony used commands woul'd be solution for Atari 800 (48Kb). Anyway - can anyone try it on real hardware (800)? - from this disk (run test.tb source, try brun test.ctb compiled and run test.com - compiled and linked - load from other dos and run it (test.com) standalone? - load from other dos TB XL 1.4 and brun compiled test.ctb? Turbo-BASIC 1.4.atr
  6. Can you try anyway use LINKER? My programs was made usually with Turbo Basic XL and usually I made one file (xex) running standalone without any extended runtime. And yes, runtime is in it and it took about 16Kb RAM 😕 I red about version of TB XL for Atari 800 (48K), but I never try it in real machines and I don't know if runtime works for 800. In attachment is my old text game written in Turbo Basic XL. Tajemniczy Zamek 2 (2011)(Sikor Soft)(PL)[en].xex
  7. Ok, I search for one (or better two) 2600jr NTSC, working, with sending to Poland. Anyone has it?
  8. @MrFish: Thanks. It will be useful for me, I think. @wmt029: I look at screens. I think, that it is possible to write it in Turbo Basic XL.
  9. Where I find it with compiler? All statement of TB XL are implemens? Can you show us your shooter? All is depend of complexity of your game. And Yes, Turbo Basic XL is simply language to learn to peoples, who know BASIC dialects.
  10. Ok, thanks. That is logic and clear for now.
  11. Thanks, @phaeron for reply. I want recording some video and cut it - probably in Yours (too - thanks again) VirtualDub and next publish it probably in youtube. One more question - I an't get RLE compression, it is normally or/and I must install some external codec for it? (Windows 10).
  12. GTIA in socket or soldered? If socketed - remove it, clear and try againn. Don't use Power Suply with 9V! 5V is proper value, i hope you don't destroy any Atari custom chips... 😕
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