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  1. Some more photos (from NORMAL version) made for me by Nowy80Retro.
  2. No, there isn't. I talked to Shanti77 about it and in the NTSC version there isn't enough time for two players to play at once, so they play one after the other.
  3. I think, next person fix number. I hope all will be ok. Problem will be at last numbers. We'll see it soon.
  4. Well, the time has come to create a list of people willing to get a collector's edition - let me remind you, the price is 85EU or $ 95 plus shipping costs, you can read about the contents here: http://sikorsoft.waw.pl/software/the-last-squadron/ ( sorry, so far only in Polish), the list for atariage users is limited to 30 items. Any excess items will be available at a later date on my website. Other versions can be ordered by e-mail or via message from the forum, shipping will start next week. Now yes, the rule of adding to the list: enter the next number and your nickname, copying the previous list. After receiving the 30th number, we are finished, after completing the list, I will provide information about contact with me. Shipment will take place within 10-15 days after payment to the Paypal account. The time for subscribing to the list is a maximum of 7 days from the start. Now, to level the chances - I now have 18:55 Polish time. Please start creating the list in 36 hours 5 minutes (7:00 Polish time zone, 25.06.2021), I think this will give everyone interested time to prepare for registration on list (time).
  5. During the world premiere of the game, I promised one version of NORMAL for auction for AtariAge forum users. Time to keep your word - we are bidding on the version where shanti77, larek, RetroBorsuk and my person signed their autographs on the shipping box. The rules are simple - enter your offer and the highest one wins. We can bid multiple times, and the auction ends on 29/06/2021 at 21:00 Polish time zone. The cost of the courier should be added to the bid amount. We start from US $1.
  6. I will sell it from next week, I think - I must make some packages. I'll try resend answers for all mails tommorow.
  7. List will be in this thread. Let me two days more, please. All will be clear for few days.
  8. Ok, some info about content and prices: http://sikorsoft.waw.pl/software/the-last-squadron/ Sorry, only Polish now, i think English version I'll prepare to the end of this week.
  9. Exact from 1:15 - info about boxex content...
  10. Tomorrow i put prices for all options and add info about list for collector's edition. Thanks atariage users for watching premiere online! (I know, it has chaotic...)
  11. Heh, very sad news 😕 RIP, Jason.
  12. Abut game will be about 1h after beginning, so - I propose short sleep... I must drive about 300KM to Retro Borsuk for premiere and go back after them. It's end about 11PM usually, so... It will be hard.
  13. Tomorrow noon... (Polish time zone - UTC+02), big day for "The Last Squadron"... World premiere.
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