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  1. Sorry for google translation this time, but my english is poor so... This is how the casing of my product will look (attachments, 3D printout). Now the specifics: - fixing tiles identical to the one indicated earlier in the XE GS cardridge - closing cards with four pins instead of tabs (on the ToDo list to change - thin elements can be strengthened) - the basket inside is 5mm wide, which makes it possible to design longer tiles (cutting base - until cutting out) - the middle mounting on the plate will be (supported) adapted to add an additional screw, if someone breaks the catches or wants to use, for example, a suspension, a warranty seal (a hole for the screw to be made, which covers the scope, but it is possible) - on the upper part of the housing, on the inside will be marked (to-do list) where to drill for any screw The best news - even after breaking the pins, available in the test version - the insert closes well and holds (ABS - such a filament I had for testing). Now yes: if someone wants to mention a project or have a test casing for their projects - I can prepare a 3D printout (PLA - gray or white to choose from), but with remarks on printing time and overheads - I decided to divide it into three possibilities (plus shiping cost): - 0.3mm layer thickness, 10% filling - 6usd/5EUR / item - 0.2mm layer thickness, 10% filling - 7USD/6EUR / item - 0.1mm layer thickness, 10% filling - 8USD/6,75EUR / item If someone uses the purchase (I remind you - 3D print for now) - I would like information or an e-mail. Any printouts according to the report. Enclosures must be printed with corrections appearing, but the surface for PCB does not change, so you can laugh at using prototyping or fixing bare PCBs. Next weeks I try add PLA photo with inside details
  2. @trbb: unfortunately 😕 O.K. Small progress in hocus-pocus ;D
  3. I try, I think... Today I'm return from very short vacation...
  4. It will be compatible with Atari PCB's and with this project: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4245&page=1 - probably I'll made cartridge shells longest about 5-10mm (0,20-0,40"), but now I calculate this.
  5. Shells will be availaible probably in december. Stay tuned.
  6. Nice. I will be happy if Robert Drąg finish his version... Another World (1992)(Drag, Robert)(PL)(en)(preview).atr
  7. With Z7 shells are some problems in old 65XE - it is too wide. Better is KM-20 (but also too wide for old 65XE): https://www.tme.eu/en/details/abs-20_bk/multipurpose-enclosures/maszczyk/km-20-bk/
  8. Thx. My result in RR is 57450 points, but in this round it is no matter - this sime position Nice round anyway
  9. there is some differences between than. NOT - use it in precalculated thing (if NOT A - use when program know A value, result is "0" or "1", real boolean operetar) A<>something - when program calculate A value near before this Sentense "<>" calculate value of the expression NOT - only compare it So, in sentense: NOT A=SOMETHING - first program compare it (NOT) and second try, then value is exactly with quantity, so - here is two operation apart one on "<>". After compilation probably will be same result.
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