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  1. I really don't understand the world's obsession with Zombies.. But I LIKE IT. I've heard that Land of the Dead for Xbox is pretty bad.. But I REALLY want it...

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    2. ilovethevectrex


      i dont really get why soooo many games have to be fps games with zombies... it got old a long time ago, and i got so sick of it that i almost automatically hate games like that nowdays

    3. doomwaves


      @jtoubeaux Not at all man.. @ilovethevectrex Its by no means an obsession for me.. I love FPS & Zombies are are very "in" right now, so I get it... I find it fun. I am sure it will get old to me too.. Just hasnt yet.. LOL.. Left 4 Dead is great, need to pick it back up too..

    4. pangasinan


      Zombies are sexy.

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