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  1. 44. Doom 3: The Lost Mission - Xbox 360 This should really be, 43.5. About 2 hours to finish this expansion. BUT, it is a fantastic 2 hours!! Really enjoyed this.
  2. 43. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil - Xbox 360 This was a pretty awesome expansion for Doom 3! A couple new enemy types, and a new campaign. I finished it in just under 4 hours. Totally worth playing!
  3. Did a trade with a good friend. I traded for Diablo for PS1, and he threw in the other 2 for free!
  4. Rune Factory - Nintendo DS Etrian Odyssey III - Nintendo DS Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil - Xbox 360
  5. I suppose, yea I might shell out for a VC release, or even a remake. A proper sequel would be even nicer! I may go back and play a rom Gargoyle's Quest II also, just for grins.. I own GQ1 for gameboy, (its the only affordable one in the series..)
  6. 42. Demon's Crest - SNES (rom) Blasted thru this in similar fashion to my last game, this time I succumbed to a rom, because the cart is so expensive. That said, while this is pretty fun & challenging game, I'm not totally convinced that I need to own it. I had a good time, but I am reasonably sure I can live without a physical copy of this game.
  7. 41. Ys III: Wanderers From Ys - SNES (rom) Ok, so I cheated and played a rom of this game. Something I've wanted to play for a while, & recently, I picked up the overhauled PSP remake of the game (Ys: Oath in Felghana), but wanted to experience the original first. Fantastic side-scrolling action/platformer! Pretty short,, I think all said I beat it in about 5 to 6 hours. I'd still like to pick up a cart at some point, & would also like to play the Genesis version, just to compare.
  8. PSX Diablo coming in the mail!!! My level of excitement is a bit stupid..

    1. wccw mark

      wccw mark

      really cool to get for the playstation.is it complete?i just got it disc only bought it from a blockbuster years ago for $2.99

    2. doomwaves


      I'm getting it from a good, friend, he tells me, the manual is not complete, just the cover, but he found it used for just $10, and we're trading so I won't complain. I will still be on the lookout for a manual.

    3. wccw mark

      wccw mark

      i wouldnt complain either.that game is hard to find for cheap.

  9. Diablo II - PC Etrian Odyssey III - DS Ys Seven - PSP
  10. I never played the PC version, but I am overly excited about this actually.. Especially upon actually seeing it played.
  11. 40. Guerrilla War - NES A lot of fun! Top down Metal Slug style game.. Best part? Infinite continues. FAR better than the first Ikari Warriors IMO.
  12. Awesome find today! $30 Toploader + 1 Dogbone Boxed MT Punchout Indiana Jones Little Nemo Darkwing Duck (Not Pictured) Guerrilla War Rad Racer Super Mario/Duck Hunt Dr Mario RBI Baseball Double Dribble
  13. DIablo II - PC Sword of Vermilion - Genny (Rom) Dragon Warrior II - NES
  14. Still to this day, I have trouble with vertical aiming on PC, because Doom & Wolfenstein 3D spoiled me so bad.. Slowly I am learning tho... Im going to look into Rise of the Triad, that name keeps popping up..
  15. Excellent question.. I don't know.. LOL! Guess I just haven't found one, at the price I want to pay.. So I wait. I may take the plunge sooner than later, im kind of itching for a new console..
  16. This looks amazing! Makes me want to get a Lynx so much more!!
  17. A little piece of me dies every time I see him post...
  18. Awesome! I did this too, and ended up with like $1.20! Grabbed the "Breath of Death VII" & "Cthulhu Saved the World" combo, for 98 cents. Free games, yes please.
  19. Awesome. Was thinking about grabbing this on Steam!
  20. Grabbed Ys Origin for $12, so pissed I missed the flash sale when it was like $6... May grab Torchlight, not sure yet.. Got a couple more hours to decide..
  21. Dragon Warrior II - Gameboy Color Gauntlet II - Gameboy Doom - Atari Jaguar
  22. Lost my Dragon Warrior 2 save... 15+ hours.. at least 4 of which were last night.. This game is kind of a slog... Not sure I am ready to start over... Will most likely move on to 3, and worry about this one down the road.
  23. Paid a quarter for Contra at a garage sale last summer.. But as far as buying in a store? I picked up Mad World on the Wii for something like $2.50 at gamestop.. Such a great game for so cheap.
  24. I wondered this myself, my Raiden is a black cart, but not my Trev, or Dino... Hmm.. Interesting indeed.
  25. Started Sword of Vermilion today.. So far, excellent game.. Good combo of Action RPG/Dungeon crawler.. Also, downloaded Evoland from the Steam Summer Sale.. Haven't started it yet, but the game is supposed to be a graphical homage to the evolution of classic RPGs & adventure games.. Very excited to play this!
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