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  1. Just nabbed: System Shock 2 - $2.50 Evoland - $5 Thomas Was Alone - $2.50
  2. Great article I need to try this myself. I also find that sites like Backloggery.com help me keep track of my progress thru individual games and or my backlog. I try not to go back to games I've already beaten or completed & just play the unfinished ones. However, this method doesn't curve my game purchases. So I may try the 2 game rental challenge. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Vay, a port of the Sega CD rpg.. Its not portrait, but is a turn based rpg that is pretty awesome.
  4. Hoping for the Ys games to get cheaper again... Missed the flash sale Saturday...
  5. This mod definitely makes the game control a bit more like a modern FPS with weapon reloading and The boot (melee) attack. While this mod is very awesome, and I play it quite frequently, it doesn't take away from the original.. Perhaps for a more hardcore player, or someone new to the game entirely, this would be preferred.
  6. Nintendo Super Mario/Duck Hunt Wizards & Warriors Zelda GB/GBC Zelda: Link’s Awakening SUPER NINTENDO Doom N64 Zelda OOT GAMEBOY ADVANCE Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku GAMECUBE Zelda: Collector’s Edition DS Pokemon Platinum 3DS Code of Princess Wii Wii Sports XBOX Halo XBOX 360 Halo 3 PS1 Final Fantasy VII PS2 Final Fantasy X PS3 Heavenly Sword PSP Final Fantasy II ATARI 2600 Frogs & Flies ATARI 7800 Galaga ATARI JAGUAR DOOM SEGA GENESIS Raiden Trad SEGA DREAMCAST Quake III: Arena Steam To the Moon PC Wolfenstein 3D
  7. New room tour video linked in original post. Thanks for the visit!
  8. KISS Psycho Circus.. Such an underrated album... Now, to find the Dreamcast game to go with it..

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  9. A few cool Dragon Ball/DBZ items.. Manga style comics, and some playing cards. Couple issues of Cable & a sealed X-Force #1
  10. Fire Emblem Awakening - 3DS (Just started, amazing so far) Dragon Warrior II - Gameboy Color Exit DS - DS (Awesome puzzle-platformer)
  11. Something about making it to level 2 the first time I play Q*bert that is shocking to me..

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      1-2 or 2-1? What platform?

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  12. A few thrifts here... Spent about $8 VHS: Back the the Future 2 & 3 Old Yeller Dragon Ball GT Cassette Steve Miller Band - Book of Dreams Third Eye Blind - How's it gonna Be Lemmings - PC Then there is this strange device, clearly for Original Xbox memory cards... But I don't know its application..
  13. 39. Vay - Sega CD (played on iOS) Loved this game! Excellent music, decent graphics & cut scenes. Voice acting was very sub par, but it didn't take away from anything. Playing with touch controls was less than awesome, but its pretty easy to get used to. This is a very good way to play a Working Designs classic without owning a Sega CD & without breaking the bank on copy of the game.
  14. Some cool stuff at the thrift yesterday. Paid about $6 for all. Crash Bandicoot Warped - PS1 The Stand - VHS A Year & a Half in the Life of Metallica parts 1 & 2 - VHS Back to the Future Part 1 - VHS Dungeons & Dragons - VHS
  15. Grabbed: Phantasy Star Online - Xbox $3 Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Xbox $3 Kesson II - PS2 $3 Borderlands - PS3 $10
  16. Red Faction Armageddon - Xbox 360 (New Game+ This game is pretty addicting) Ys Seven - PSP Contra 4 - DS
  17. 38. Hexen - PC Brutal, but awesome! Took me a while to navigate the last couple hubs, but they were worth it. Got a bit stir crazy and took a break during the fifth, but i managed to remember where i had been somehow. When all is said and done, I think Heretic is a better game, but this is still totally worth a play if you have the patience. I intend to play the sequel, but not anytime soon. It seems to be a bit harder even.
  18. 37. Red Faction: Armageddon - Xbox 360 This is a quality game! Lots of fun destruction. Story is awesome too, but could have been a bit more detailed. Pretty short game too, I didn't time it, but I'd say between 10 & 15 hours.
  19. 36. Quake III Revolution - PS2 This game is a lot of fun, the campaign consists of several tiers of multiplayer maps, and different game types, ending eventually with a boss battle! Mindless, run & gun multiplayer action. Loading times SUCK, but hey, I'll live with it for the dualshock controller. The alternatives are the Dreamcast controller & PC, both of which I suck at FPS games on.
  20. 35. Super Mario Brothers 2 - SNES (Allstars) Least favorite Mario.. Still a good game tho.. I found this one to be a lot harder..
  21. Kinect for Xbox 360 Comes with box, all necessary hookups including AC adapter. Only game still available is: Kinect Adventures(CIB) Asking $50 OBO
  22. 33. Super Mario Brothers 3 - SNES (Allstars) I am really torn. Can't decide the victor between this one, and SMW... Both are really brilliant. Onto SMB2.. 34. Legend of Zelda - NES (Played on 3DS) Beaten this one several times before, although is is probably the most complete run to date. 6 hours, all items, hearts & swords. Now, onto the second quest!
  23. Some games added.. Looking to trade mostly..
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