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  1. Idk... I didn't try very hard. I tried to look up the code wheel, but every result I pulled up was gone..
  2. Anyone know where I can find an online, or physical copy of the code wheel used in Pool of Radiance? I downloaded the PC version..
  3. 22. Halo 3 - Xbox 360 Fantastic! Picked up right were 2 left off. Not a whole lot else can be said about a series like Halo. Most gamers are pretty familiar with it, love it or hate it I suppose. I loved it. Can't to try out Halo 4 campaign!
  4. 21. Quake - PC Long time coming on this one.. Never beat it before today. As big of an ID fan as I am, I hadn't owned this one till recently, and while I really enjoyed, I don't think I was missing too much.. I find the Sprite based games to be more fun, although I like that you can jump. Quake 2 improved upon most EVERYTHING in the series up to that point.. I like the weapon variety, and the gameplay tho.. Like I said a lot of fun, and worth playing, but I gotta say, Wolfenstein & Doom are far better games. I think I enjoyed Heretic more than this one also..
  5. 20. Heretic - PC Pretty fun little ID game! Medieval version of Doom basically. Same engine, same first person aspect, but I must say, this one is WAY creepier.. Definitely a must play for and ID fan.
  6. I was recently gifted a copy of Towers II for PC by the games music composer. Very cool game, and awesome music! Never played the Jag version, but after playing this version for a bit, can already tell its probably a bit too clunky on the Jag, but I would like to play it someday... I saw a photo for the game on the GBA, is that legit or a hack of some kind?
  7. Halo 3 - Xbox 360 Pokemon SoulSilver - Nintendo DS Heretic - PC
  8. We did a fantastic trade.. Fast shipping & excellent communication! Thank a lot!
  9. Purchased a game from me.. Fast payment! Top notch buyer! Thanks again!
  10. I agree.. Nintendoland is not a system seller for me... But The possibility of Greatness, and the fact that it still plays Wii games, may be enough.. I have only had a Wii for about 6 months, and only recently fell in love.. But I'm not sure about the other next-gen consoles coming out just yet, so I think the Wii U might be my future console... I need to get a 3DS & a Vita too... I may avoid ps4 & the new xbox for a few years, let them cool down..
  11. With each passing moment, I come close to thinking I need to pick up a wii u.. Nice review man! Thanks!
  12. Mad World - Wii Dissidia: Final Fantasy - PSP Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Xbox 360
  13. Sellin a bunch of games & systems to fund a 3ds...

    1. doomwaves


      It is up to date.. Just added prices today! I seriously need to get with the program on the 3ds.. And yes, it will be an XL

    2. wood_jl


      But do old DS games really look bad because of the non-integer-multiple of the DS's resolution?

    3. NE146
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  14. Welcome. Listed here are things I would like to Sell!! PM ME FOR PRICES!! If an Item is pictured, but not listed, it is unavailable. Thanks!! Please inquire for more photos of individual items. ATARI 2600 Vader w/Modded Cable. w/ Working Paddles & 2 joysticks. No Power supply. NES Guerrilla War Gyuss Section Z Solstice Xevious N64 Automobili Lamborghini Jet Force Gemini Rush 2 :Extreme Racing USA Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Star Wars Episode 1 Battle for Naboo GameCube Animal Crossing (Players Choice - No memory card) Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition [/url] Wii Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Muramasa: The Demon Blade No More Heroes GAMEBOY ADVANCE (cart only) Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force DS (cart only) Puzzle De Harvest Moon Sonic Rush (reprint cover) Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Autobots XBOX (CIB) Blood Wake Shenmue 2 (some Cover art Damage) Playstation 3 De Blob 2 (Sealed) Heavy Rain Ica/Shadow of the Colossus Collection PSP Popolocrois Sega Genesis Collection ATARI 2600 Adventure Commando Frogs & Flies Solar Fox Venture Video Pinball Zaxxon ATARI 7800 (cart only) Joust Pole Position 2 Robotron 2084 Xevious PC MechWarrior 2 Risk 2 Robert E. Lee Civil War General
  15. I looked into both of these.. Pretty awesome! I think I am going to enjoy playing the DW & The FF one... Thanks for the post!
  16. 19. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Xbox 360 Beat the arcade mode, on easy a couple times over, with different characters. Lots of fun! Excellent 2D Fighting game with great over the top attacks! Primarily used Dante, Wolverine, Akuma & Iron Man. Akuma is an unlockable. Definitely a great game!
  17. 18. Deathsmiles - Xbox 360 Another awesome Cave shmup on 360... I love the Halloween/Horror theme to the game. Great soundtrack as well.. I haven't completed all of the different play modes or characters yet, but I have got the gist of it.. Excellent game!
  18. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - VHS $1 Star Trek 5 - VHS $1 Alien Resurrection - VHS $1 Robert E. Lee Civil War General - Sierra PC game $1 Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution - PS2 $7 Guitar Hero 2 - Xbox 360 $5 Gettysburg - Movie Soundtrack CD $1 Also picked up The Hobbit DVD/Blu Ray pack w/the Art Book, but that was retail...
  19. 15. Raiden Fighters 16. Raiden Fighters 2 17. Raiden Fighters Jet I suppose technically all three of these games are on the same disc, so I should just chalk it up as one game.. But they are different enough to separate. All three games appear on "Raiden Fighters Aces" for Xbox 360. Raiden needs no introduction. Excellent arcade ports of the "Fighters" games, tons of achievements. Infinite replay value, for around $20. I think I enjoyed 2 the most... Maybe Jet. With that said, I played thru them on easy, just to get a feel for them. Free play option is helpful.. LOL!
  20. 14. King of Fighters EX: Neoblood - GBA (rom) Interested in trying out some the King of Fighters games, so I downloaded a rom of this one.. Its pretty fun, INCREDIBLY short... Played the Basic Team Battle... Something like 6 "Best of 4" matches, followed by 2 boss "Best of 4" matches. Good stuff! Seems like I am going to enjoy more of the KOF games! & I still would like to pick this one up for my collection!
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