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  1. SNES Super Street Fighter II - 30 minutes Genesis Truxton - 20 minutes
  2. Bump.. Selling more stuff.. PM for prices. Lets make deal dudes & dudettes!
  3. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend - Playstation 3 Skull Girls - Playstation 3 Persona Q - 3DS
  4. Gave up on Ocarina of Time 3D temporarily, in favor of Persona Q. Definitely scratching the Etrian Odyssey Itch for now.. Can't wait for Etrian Mystery Dungeon game coming out soon!
  5. 7. Doom 2: Hell on Earth - PC Really awesome game! This was in fact my first time beating Doom 2.. Thus, I have beaten all the official Doom games, except for the Doom 2 Master Levels. (Doom; Doom 2; Final Doom; Doom 2: No rest for the living; Doom 64; Doom 3; Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil; & Doom 3: The Lost Mission.) If I've missed any, please let me know, so I may tackle it too!
  6. Not a whole lot on the front this week.. Didn't really play a lot of anything else. PC Doom 2 - 180 minutes
  7. 6. Doom 2: No Rest for the Living - Xbox 360 (Doom 3: BFG Edition) An 8 level map set made for Doom 2. Pretty great! Hard as balls, but lots of ammo and health around. Good stuff! Got that snazzy Doom Marine Avatar outfit..
  8. 4. Destiny - Xbox One Despite the hate, I freakin loved this game. Admittedly pretty short, but I didn't mind. With all the MMO RPG trappings (albeit very few) I felt the game was pretty fleshed out. 5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox One Super short, but a blast to play! Dat Kevin Spacey. Love the Exo Suit abilities! & The mech suit you get towards the end of the game.
  9. 2. Cate West: Vanishing Files - Nintendo DS Another I-Spy type hidden object game with a murder mystery story. Fun time waster. 3. Ducktales: Remastered - PSN This was AWESOME! A freebie on PS+ this month.. Really short, full of charm & nostalgia.
  10. SNES Killer Instinct - 60 minutes Playstation Final Doom - 30 minutes Dreamcast Project Justice - 30 minutes
  11. Cate West: Vanishing Files - DS Killer Instinct - Xbox One Minecraft - Xbox One
  12. 1. Doom - Gameboy Advance For my first entry of 2015, I can think of no better game, than a port of my favorite game of all time! Great port! Love the green blood.. Something so charming about Nintendo censorship sometimes. Game is relatively short, and easy.. Same map set as Jag Doom.
  13. Excellent! By end game, both of the Pegasus Riders I used were indeed Death from above in Awakening.
  14. Picked up Legend Zelda OOT 3D in anticipation of MM coming this year! Still $40 used at Gamestop, but they had their buy 2 get 1 free sale this past weekend, so I bit the bullet.. Also Grabbed Persona Q & Animal Crossing New Leaf.. I have no idea which one I will be jumping into..
  15. 50. Resistance: Burning Skies - PS Vita What is probably the last game I will beat this year, most likely.. Fun game! Albeit, a bit on the easy side. Controls take a bit to get used to because of the touch screen controls, but overall they are pretty good. Story was pretty forgettable but not horrible.. Game like this doesn't need much of a story as long as the shooting is fun.. And it was fun enough. Glad I played this! But even more glad that it only cost me 8 bucks..
  16. I didn't know about it, but that's freakin' awesome!!
  17. Mmmm.. Steam sale..

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  18. I would pump what you have left into Mind & Piety, Mind first. That's your magical Defense & Offense stat.. Final bits of the game (Final Boss) uses a lot of magic, so it would be a good idea to boost you Magic defense.. Solange's Magic attack is no slouch either.. That's just what I would do tho.. Vitality would be good also, to beef up your HP.
  19. Finished Pokemon X a couple days ago.. Great game, although a bit too easy. Looking forward to Omega Ruby.. In the meantime, I started Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Still very early in the game, but its great! Not what I was expecting at all..
  20. 49. Pokemon X - 3DS Great game! A tad on the easy side.. And admittedly, a lot of things in the game are very forgettable.. But all in all the story was decent for a Pokemon game, and was overall a good experience.
  21. I spent a TON of time grinding XP, how necessary it was, I don't know. I was pretty close to max level by the end of the game. It really depends on how well you distribute the xp points.. You can get away with being low level if you're smart with them.. (I was not).
  22. Excellent news! Sticking with FE and finding CoP! I loved that game as well!
  23. I hope you see it through! I had a similar experience when I first started the game, played about 6 chapters and wasn't convinced, but it really opened up for me.. The game mechanics really focus on teamwork, instead of individual units..
  24. 47. Metroid II: Return of Samus - Gameboy So many memories here! This was my 2nd Gameboy game ever.. Finally Beat it 20 years later.. Such a great game, and very under-appreciated as far as Metroid games go.. Personally, I prefer this to Super Metroid. 48. Metroid Zero Mission - Gameboy Advance This is a remake done RIGHT!! So much better than the original IMO.. Controls felt sooo good.... Perhaps my new favorite Metroid game.. Onward to try and finish Super Metroid, and perhaps follow it up with Fusion before the year is up.
  25. Super Metroid - SNES Metroid Zero Mission - GBA Dynasty Warriors 7 - PS3
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