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  1. Sorry nope, oh well......... Thats fine, Ill do some research & post a photo when i get home this evening..
  2. Please do ! Also, would you ship to Canada? If so, how much? I suppose I could..,. I dont really know how much that would bump up the shipping... any ideas?
  3. Thank you also for the advice. If anyone is interested, I can clean it up & post a new picture on this forum.
  4. I lowered the Bid price on this item..
  5. Which ones are you looking for?
  6. How much for the commodore stuff? I don't have much to trade...
  7. Right on. My hasty-ness in wanting to list it quickly is definitely to blame for this.. Thank you for the feedback.
  8. Totally cheesy. But it's a good cheese, like a nice Gouda or Havarti.
  9. Someone has uploaded the whole thing on youtube, in like 12 parts... If you can't find a copy, that may be a route you could take..
  10. Does anyone else remember this movie? Davey has an Atari 5200, and a top secret piece of information, stored inside "Cloak & Dagger" an Atari 5200 cart that has fallen into his lap. Now he must evade the bad guys trying to "get him" with help from Jack Flack, Cloak & Dagger's main character, a secret agent of sorts. http://en.wikipedia....ger_(1984_film) I love this movie. Makes me want to play Atari every time I watch it. And definitely makes me want to pick up a 5200.
  11. Amazing collection man... Off topic... Is that a white Nomad guitar?! Very cool. Cheers!
  12. DOOM for the Jag is in the mail. Finally! Greatest game ever.

    1. BillyHW


      Well, maybe not the greatest...

    2. doomwaves


      For me anyway... :) Perhaps I am too excited? Naw... I've been waiting a while. I am also stoked to the Doom 3 BFG Edition coming out this year..

  13. Indeed you are friend. Enjoy it!
  14. I too am new to the Jag.. Just got mine this week, Gonna start collecting for it.. Something about the Jag that just amazes me. I have hopes of someday finding/affording a jag CD as well, but this I know will be difficult..
  15. FINALLY! A reasonably priced Jag in my area.. Mine.

    1. sh3-rg


      The three you mention are the three I loved the most when I bought the Jaguar on release. You'll have fun with them ;-)

    2. greencoman


      How much did you pay and what all did you get?

    3. doomwaves


      Paid $80 & got the system with all the hookups, one controller & 3 games: Pinball Fantasies, Checkered Flag & Flashback the Quest for Idenitity. Best of all, didn't have to order it & pay shipping. It was a local purchase.

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  16. Very cool... I may have to scrape up the cash for a set of these.
  17. This game is too badass for words... Alas... The carts are too expensive for my pockets..
  18. I've got the urge to play DOOM on the Jag... Anxious to check it out...

    1. doomwaves


      Right on.. Doom is probably my favorite game period. Its awesome that there are so many ports of the game, never gets old..

    2. greencoman


      I recently fell in love with it also. It is a great port has all the weapons unlike the 32x version. But no music during the level. Regardless it is a great game.

    3. BillyHW


      Sound effects only sets the mood.

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  19. Thanks for the heads up.. Alas, I am a poor lad.. We'll have to wait to get my hands on one. Soon..
  20. I too am really new to the Lynx. So new in fact, that I don't even have one yet. Haven't been able to find a good deal in my price range just yet..
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