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  1. Diablo 3 - Xbox 360 Pokemon X - 3DS Metroid 2 - Gameboy
  2. 46. Zelda 2: Adventure of Link - NES Quite the slog.. Long time coming to finish this beast..
  3. 45. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Xbox 360 Although, Reaper of Souls is just an expansion, I did replay the entire game leading up to the expansion.. Used the Crusader class this time.. D3 is a must play!! That said, I wouldn't necessarily pay full price, just for the expansion if you already own a vanilla copy of D3.. I didn't mind double dipping, because I am dumb.
  4. Finally picked up Pokemon X! Started it this weekend in anticipation of Omega Ruby, which should be on my doorstep this Friday (November 21)! So far I am enjoying the game. Seems to be moving rather quickly.. Lots of Poke's caught, one badge received, and just over 2 hours in.. I did play thru the Demo version of ORAS, and I think it is going to a phenomenal game! Never played the original R/S versions, so I am pretty excited!
  5. 44. Pokemon: HeartGold - Nintendo DS A reboot of my Favorite game in Poke series.. What a jam-packed game! So many things to do, so much nostalgia.. Hit me right in the childhood! Blasted thru the game, in just under 46 hours. That may seem like a long time, but I skipped a lot of content, and focused on the main quest of collecting all 16 badges, beating the Elite 4 twice, and defeating Red.
  6. Spent most of my time on the DS this week, but managed to play a bit of gameboy too. Gameboy Alleyway - 10 Minutes Tetris - 20 minutes
  7. Sorry for the late post again.. Omit if you've already added up the times.. Gameboy Pokemon Red - 902 minutes (Sad I know.. Yes I finished it)
  8. 43. (Replay) Pokemon Red Version - Gameboy So many fantastic memories with this game. Was very nice to revisit the old, Kanto stomping grounds. Been several years since I played this, but I didn't forget anything.. Glad to have this back!
  9. 4 bucks.. Not bad.. Just wish I had a ps2 fightstick, or a BC Playstation 3..
  10. 42. Binary Domain What a fan-freakin-tastic game. Gameplay itself, was good, but not anything revolutionary. The story is where this game shines!! Loved it.
  11. Went to town on this bad boy.. Didn't even start playing till Thursday.. Obsessed much? Gameboy Pokemon Red - 453 minutes
  12. So glad to have these back in my collection.. They are my original copies, I sold to a friend a while back, who graciously returned them to me.. What an awesome friend..
  13. Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures - Wii U Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon, because I don't know!! - 3DS Pokemon HeartGold - DS
  14. Some thrift goodies.. And a couple Gamestop grabs.. First time in a while I've made it to the the thrift on Saturday morning.. Nothing spectacular, but I am pleased. VHS Manhunter The Abyss To Kill a Mocking Bird (sealed) Dragon Heart Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow War - 3DS Excite Bots: Trick Racing - Wii Half-Life: Opposing Force - PC Talking Heads - Little Creatures Cassette Pac-Man Activity Book
  15. Grabbed: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon, because I don't know!! & Shin Megami Tensei IV.. Ready to pump some major time into both of them.. Been pretty hungry for a new 3ds game for a while..
  16. Pac-Man: Championship Edition - Xbox 360 (Namco Museum Virtual Arcade) Mr. Driller Online - Xbox 360 (Namco Museum Virtual Arcade) Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon, because I don't know!! - 3DS
  17. Ultra Street Fighter IV - PS3 Fighting Vipers - Saturn Mahjong Cub3d - 3DS
  18. Spent most of my time this week playing Street Fighter 4, but managed to slip in a little Saturn time.. Saturn Fighting Vipers - 30 minutes
  19. 40. (Replay) Mr Driller: Drill Spirits - DS Sometimes, you just have to drill... So I felt like re-playing this gem! If you're a fan of Mr Driller, you can't go wrong with this one!! 41. Fighting Vipers - Saturn This one is interesting.. I'm not so used to 3D fighters, my experience with them is pretty low... Arcade mode, very short & REALLY easy.. Even i could beat it in about 10 minutes.. I couldn't find a difficulty setting anywhere.. The game does have a pretty decent training mode, where you can set the CPU opponent to do different actions, so you can practice pulling off combos &/or juggles.. I ended up enjoying FV, but i can't say I recommend it.. Virtua Fighter 2 is better..
  20. Gotcha.. I was going to suggest that we should play, but alas..
  21. Street Fighter X Tekken - Playstation 3 The longer I play this, the more I realize how much more I like it, over Street Fighter 4... Such an underrated fighter IMO... Main-ing Ken & Akuma, with a little bit of Abel thrown in from time to time.. I really should attempt to learn some of the Tekken Characters.. Team Fortress 2 (The Orange Box) - Xbox 360 Really enjoy a good long round of 2Fort.. Haven't played much of the other maps.. Pretty much always stuck with 2Fort.. Donkey Kong Country Returns - Wii Started this one with my wife.. Doing some Couch co-op. Although for now we only have one Wii mote, so we're just trading back and forth, which is fine for now..
  22. Grabbed The Orange Box on sale, on XBLA for just $5.. Pretty stoked about the purchase, because the disc holds its value, and I didn't want to re-buy it.. Played thru Portal again, brilliant game.. Can't wait to grab a copy of the sequel at some point.. Messing around with Team Fortress 2 is always a pleasure.. Brilliant FPS game..
  23. Didn't get to fight Akuma.. Twelve tho.. That guy is a troll.. lol! Do you have TS on PS3?
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