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  1. Haha, yea I will most likely upgrade to Ultra when it comes out later this year. But will probably just settle for the DLC as opposed to buying a new disc. I Have the Vanilla version for the 360, and I hate it (360 controller + fighter + me = No good).. This one is SOOO much better..
  2. 8. Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers - SNES Finally beat this one!! Borrowed it from a friend.. One of my all time favorite fighting games! Cleared Super Battle, with Balrog. 9. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Playstation 3 We'll call it beaten. Cleared Arcade mode with Akuma, Oni & Evil Ryu. Such an awesome game! Got a great classic feel to it, but is so beautiful to look at, and so much fun. Played about 9 Hours so far, and not going to stop any time soon.. Playing online, and training up with some other characters.
  3. First post!! Mostly newer gen stuff, but here are the eligible numbers. SNES: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers - 45 minutes Playstation: Ehrgeiz - 60 minutes Street Fighter Alpha 2 - 30 minutes Super Gem Fighter - 15 minutes
  4. I am actually really enjoying it.. A bit slow, but I don't mind taking my time.. Im in the 4th world now. Feels a lot more like a cheap Zelda knockoff than a full fledged RPG, but I like it for what it is.. Its not for everyone Im sure.. This is actually the first in the Paper Mario series that I have played, so I didn't have super high standards coming into it..
  5. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Playstation 3 Dissidia Final Fantasy - PSP Dead Space - Playstation 3
  6. Very cool! Quite the milestone Atarian7!
  7. Dissidia: Final Fantasy - PSP Dead Space - Playstation 3 Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dream - Playstation
  8. 7. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dream - Playstation Cleared Arcade mode with Guy & Sodom.. Both character were results of my indecision, allowing the timer to expire.. I probably wouldn't have chose either of them, but was pleasantly surprised with both. Arcade mode was short, and I had it on relatively low difficulty. Looking forward to trying SF Alpha 2 & 3 on the ps2 anthology. Not a huge fighting game fan, but am finding more love for the genre as of late..
  9. Haha, admittedly I wasn't paying any attention to the little text/cut scenes between chapters.. Just hoping I dont forget the all the strategies and such.. Im sure it will come flying back to me when I decided to boot it back up.. I havent played the cube/wii games.. But the story bits and cut scenes in FEA are amazing!
  10. Shadow Dragon is great!! I got stuck around Chapter 10 a couple months ago, and haven't gone back to it.. I immediately started it after I finished Awakening.. So by chapter 10, I was ready for a break anyway. Now, my only hope is that when I get back to it, I wont be totally lost and have to start over..
  11. Ys Seven - PSP Dead Space - Playstation 3 Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds - 3DS
  12. Finished LoZ: LBW this evening, at it was fantastic!! Now, the question is: Do I go back to Paper Mario Sticker Star (which feels kind of like a cheap Zelda game)? Or move on to something else entirely? Kind of itching to put in the Dark Spire, but its hard as nails.. And I dunno if I am ready for that at the moment..
  13. 6. Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds - 3DS Really great game! A must for 3DS owners.. Very glad I picked this one up! I will be the first to admit, that I thought this game was a bit overrated at first, but it finishes very strong.. Gameplay is very simple, and very addicting! The world(s) are very fun to explore! A bit on the easy side, but once you finish, it once thru, you unlock "Hero Mode" which promises to be a bit more of a challenge.
  14. 5. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine - Xbox 360 Wow... This was interesting.. On one hand, I really enjoyed the combat (for the most part), the story & setting.. But DANG!! The character moved so slow, it was at times I almost rage quit because I couldn't get between cover fast enough.. If you're a 'gears' type game fan, I think this is worth the price of admission. Pretty cheap game.. And enjoyable enough.
  15. Plants Vs Zombies 2 - Android Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds - 3DS Plants Vs Zombies - Playstation 3
  16. Liberation Maiden is the only one I've played, and it is very good! Albeit a bit short.. Still worth it I think.. As for the others, I've heard Crimson shroud was excellent as well.. I need to grab that one myself.
  17. I have to recommend Code of Princess & Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl too! Both a really fantastic!!
  18. 4. Plants Vs Zombies - Playtation 3 What a great game. Funny, colorful, quirky Tower Defense style game.. I can't recommend the ps3 version, as much as the PC version, as it is a bit weird to play with a controller. But like anything, once you get used to it.
  19. Woo!! Glad you're on board! On a side note, I started Link Between Worlds this past weekend.. Really Enjoying it! Just got the Master Sword.
  20. Bionicle Heroes - Gamecube Rune Factory - DS Thomas was Alone - Steam
  21. 3. Bioshock - Playstation 3 So good.. Oh, so good. Admittedly I didn't like this game the first time I played it.. I restarted a few days ago, and couldn't put it down.. First Person shooter with A LOT more on its mind. Brilliant story, and really great combat.
  22. Anyone in here play Rune Factory 4? Really want to grab a copy at some point.. I adore the first game, and haven't tried the 2nd, and 3rd (heard they were just more of the same). But the 4th is supposed to have made some awesome improvements..
  23. Rune Factory - DS Bioshock - PS3 Plants vs Zombies - PS3
  25. The Last of Us - ps3 Professor Layton: Diabolical Box - DS Etrian Odyssey 3 - DS
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