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  1. Nice! I have some Amazon credit... I may snag that..
  2. This one has been on my list for a while... NEEDS it.. Love Diablo..
  3. 2. Singularity - PS3 I had a lot of fun with this game!! Reminds me a lot of Bioshock crossed with Red Faction Armageddon. Perhaps not the greatest game, but still fun, and definitely worth the $8 I paid for it.
  4. Yea, I rarely remember to put in the codes, let alone use the coins. I don't feel like I wasted them. I don't want any of the collectible physical items. And I love Picross, it was kind of a no brainer for me. I have Picross 3D on the DS also, a bit of a different take.. Haven't play more than a couple boards just yet tho.
  5. Mario Picross was a Club Nintendo reward last month. So spent 100 of my hard earned coins for it.. Its just a port of the Gameboy game of course, but I love picross, and am addicted to this game of course.. I'm almost finished with it. I don't know how much it is on the E-shop normally, but it's a fun pick up and play game. Glad to have it on the 3ds, so i can boot it up any old time.
  6. Singularity - PS3 Mario Picross - 3DS New Super Mario Bros - DS
  7. Accelerator - Browser http://www.kongregate.com/games/tenebrousp/accelerator (SOO addicting..) The Last of Us - PS3 Paper Mario Sticker Star - 3DS
  8. Awesome! Love experimental music. It will definitely be a treat when its finished! Looking forward to it.
  9. I am up for a listen! Sounds every interesting....
  10. Paper Mario Sticker Star - 3DS Thomas was Alone - Steam Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Xbox 360
  11. I actually grabbed it from a bin at wal-mart. I am really enjoying it.. Even with its flaws. This is my first Paper Mario game, and I've heard the others are better. But I have no qualms with it so far.
  12. Just picked up Paper Mario Sticker Star, new for $20.. Not very far into just yet, but I think I am going to enjoy it.
  13. 1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Xbox 360 Man, this was a great game. My first anything Metal Gear related. I loved the gameplay! Final Boss can eff the hell off tho.. Platinum knows how to make an excellent Hack-n-slash. I'm somewhat interested in playing the MGS proper games, but I'm not sure I will be that into them, since I am so bad at stealth, and don't enjoy it. Interested in the story tho, so I may give them a whirl someday.
  14. http://bullofheaven.com/ These guys of recordings, that are years long... I don't think they play live.. lol
  15. Glad you enjoyed it! Recently beat it myself.. Personally I think 343 is doing a damn fine job! This has been my favorite entry yet. The first game always holds a place in my heart, but for me, this one was a better game.
  16. Blasted thru the end of Halo 4, then played Halo 3 ODST within the last few days. Brilliant couple of games! Last evening, I started Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and I am loving it! Never played a Metal Gear game, and I know this is a spin off, but I'm still fairly intrigued by the setting, story and of course Raiden's character. May look into the series a bit more..
  17. 64. Halo 3: ODST- Xbox 360 OK, I lied.. I finished one more for 2013.. Was not expecting this game to be this awesome! To me, its unfair to compare it to the other games in the series since it is so different. No Master Chief, no Spartans, no radar, no Cortana. Just you, and your rifle. The visor HUD made it a bit easier in lieu of the radar, but still required all combat to be line of sight. Loved the story, the setting, and the audio logs were a nice touch too. Only thing I felt was lacking, was sprint. But oh well.. That's just because I was coming off Halo 4. Brilliant game! I still stand by, Halo 4 as being my favorite, but this one just nabbed the #2 spot..
  18. Good to hear! I am still trying to procure a Lynx system anyhow. I could go on ebay, but the price seem a bit outrageous.. Really looking forward to seeing what progress you've made!
  19. 63. Halo 4 - Xbox 360 Finally beat it! Masterpiece! Love everything about this game. Played most of it Co-op, but solo'd the final hour and a half or so (XBL Gold expired). Most likely, the last game I will beat this year.
  20. doomwaves

    WTB: Atari Lynx

    Looking for a Lynx. Would prefer A Model 2. No box necessary. AC adapter would be really nifty tho. & games of course. I'm obviously not looking to spend an arm & a leg, but am more than willing to entertain fair offers. Games I am seeking to start out with: Gauntlet Third Encounter Klax Ms Pac Man Pac-Land Robotron 2084
  21. Haha, oh man.. I kind of forgot about this.. Recently on a Gauntlet kick, and was somehow reminded. Downloaded the PC demo, and I love this game!! Hope all is going well with the port, and look forward to playing it, if it ever comes to fruition! Thanks in advance for all the hard work you've put in!
  22. Chrono Trigger - DS Gauntlet II - Gameboy Gauntlet - Arcade (PS3)
  23. Whoa!! Didn't know this was coming so soon.. I did grab: "Series Sam: The Random Encounter" A turn based RPG spin on the series.. Had a little bit of credit, so I cashed in $1.24 for it. Hope its awesome.. LOL!
  24. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Xbox Mario Bros 3 - SNES Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - DS
  25. 62. Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows - Xbox Wow! I really enjoyed this game!! Very fast moving, Diablo style Dungeon Crawler. Although maybe Diablo does it Gauntlet style (not to be confused with Gangnam Style). At any rate, this game is excellent, story is pretty meh, but the combat is awesome! Only complaint I have is that it's too short.. But eh, I like playing short games.
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