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  1. Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics free over at gog.com.. Just FYI

  2. Excellent! I've already beaten the game.. But, I don't want to be done with it.. So I thought if some of the dlc was good, then it would extend the life of the game for me... Also thought about replaying the game on a harder difficulty, so perhaps, by downloading this exp/gold pack, it will provide decent grinding opportunity (since I felt one was lacking in the game). Thanks for the info Sir Gabriel.
  3. Yea, that looks amazing.. Crazy expensive tho..
  4. Has anyone bought/played the DLC maps in Fire Emblem Awakening? I'm curious if they're worth the money..
  5. Front Mission - DS Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon - DS Killzone - PS2
  6. YES!! It is an amazing system, with a fantastic catalog already.. DS compatibility doubles the awesome too..
  7. Sweet.. I may have to pick it up after the holidays.. That is if I don't receive it of course.. On a side note.. Just finished Fire Emblem Awakening.. Freakin spectacular game. Moving on to Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon for DS.. & possibly some Soul Hackers.... Haven't totally decided yet..
  8. 60. Virtua Fighter 2 - Saturn Awesome 3d fighter.. Don't need to go into much detail on this one. 61. Fire Emblem: Awakening - 3DS This game.. Is fantastic.. I'm not the worlds biggest fan of SRPG's.. But I gotta say, this one makes me want to play more.. Great story.. Excellent combat.. Very fast pace.. and Effin Gorgeous. Must have for 3DS owners.
  9. Nice grabs!! I really need to pick up Zelda. Also, lately been really enjoying srpgs, so I may try to get X Zone, liked the demo quite a bit, but heard mixed reviews on it.. Is it pretty cheap nowadays?
  10. I missed out on a lot of stuff.. Cash shortage... But a buddy did gift me Super Meat Boy. Pretty stoked about that one!
  11. Fire Emblem Awakening - 3DS Super Meatboy - Steam Call of Duty Ghosts (Squads on XBL) - Xbox 360
  12. Ah sh*t... Steam - Destroyer of wallets. Something like 20 games in my wishlist... FML.
  13. Buddy hooked me up with a Saturn and a few essentials.. Pretty stoked to finally get in on the Saturn goodness!
  14. Most have already been mentioned, but here are my votes! Ms. Pac-Man Maze Craze Mr. Driller Zombie's Revenge Red Dog
  15. Fire Emblem Awakening I really suck at SRPGs so this is proving to be quite a challenge.. Stuck on Chapter 6.. Right when I think I've got the upper hand, one of the main characters gets slaughtered and I lose the battle.... Grr... This was my first dip into the FE series. And I can see what everyone likes in the series, I am just not sure its my kind of game. I do hope to finish this one tho.. I also have Shadow Dragon for the DS, and I plan on giving it a fair shake as well.
  16. Depressing.. I know he hasn't had a hand in development in a bit, but its still sad to think that it's really over.. I have high hopes for Doom 4, and wish for a Quake 5 also.. But if either one come out, it won't be the same.
  17. 59. Call of Duty 3 - Xbox Back in the day when CoD was just another WWII FPS... This was pretty good, although I must admit that for me, it's hard to go backwards with this series. Control wise, I felt the character was really sluggish, but all the aiming/shooting controls were excellent. Enjoyable enough for me.. I started this one a while back, but just finished it after completing Ghosts. QUADRUPLE POST!!
  18. Muramasa The Demon Blade - Wii Fire Emblem: Awakening - 3DS Stargate - 2600
  19. 58. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox 360 A lot better than it will ever get credit for. Campaign was a over the top & fun. WAY too short tho.. Extinction is pretty fun, and the multi is nothing new. All in all, I am happy with my purchase.
  20. 57. Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits - Nintendo DS I freakin love Mr Driller. This was an excellent version too! I just beat the Mission mode. Haven't played the Pressure mode yet, but I feel that 12 hours of drilling & seeing the credits roll is good enough for now.
  21. Mr Driller: Drill Spirits - DS Call of Duty 3 - Xbox 3D Dot Game Heroes - PS3
  22. 56. Serious Sam - Xbox Effin love this game. Mindless, over the top action, hilarious writing.. Highly recommended for fans of Classic FPS like Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem.
  23. 55. Raiden IV - Xbox 360 Awesome series. Awesome game! This one felt a bit harder than 3 & the Fighter trilogy, which is fine. Short, sweet, infinitely replayable.
  24. N+ - Nintendo DS Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits - NDS Plants vs Zombies 2 - iOS
  25. 54. Ys Chronicles+ Book 1: Vanished Omens - Steam Excellent game! I enjoyed the simplicity of the controls, but missed the slight variety of combat. The Run & Bump combat is good enough for a game this short, but I would have liked a bit of magic or something to break it up a bit (I think this is present in Book 2). I finished this in about 9 hours, which I think is kind of long, but I did spend a lot of time exploring, and looking for items.. Had to backtrack a few times when I missed some armor/weapon upgrades. the game is very quick, character moves very fast, and the dungeons are small. The Dharm Tower takes some time, especially if you have to back track. Last boss is a bitch.. LOL All in all, I really enjoyed it! Onward to Book 2.
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