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  1. I have an Inty 1 and 2, grey ECS, grey keyboard, grey piano keyboard (I hesitate to call it a synthesizer even if that is the name, isn't the extra sound chip in the ECS after all?), system changer, intellivoice. I would play games made for the ECS on it and I am working on building a museum where it would be on display and playable. related to the museum bit, PM me if you'd be interested in donating or cheaply selling any brown ECS accessories.
  2. I'm interested in a few of these, any progress lately?
  3. Hey Stephen, congrats on the release! Looking forward to playing some paddle games to test it out. By the way, a potentially strange request: can you post the changelog more prominently on your website? Even just a sidebar link on the stella site to the current text version of the changelog/whatsnew would be useful.
  4. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for linking me, and a few quick comments: @Triads, thanks for your kind words, and if you're impressed, there's a whole album where that came from: https://inversephase.bandcamp.com/album/pretty-eight-machine @Rybags, I appreciate your resharing on atomic, though please don't misrepresent my work. You say "most of the rest seem to be SID" here when only three out of the thirteen tracks on the album utilize it (all of the configurations are listed below the track list, I used 8+). Over on atomic you mention me using sampled chipsounds, whereas I painstakingly recreate these on-system or inside of an emulator, with playback through faithful emulation at worst. If you all would like some other POKEY tracks, there are a smattering on: https://inversephase.bandcamp.com/album/chiplust(tracks 3, 5, 8, 10) https://inversephase.bandcamp.com/album/save-chiptune(track 1, also the artwork is done on an A8) ....and don't forget that track 8 on Pretty Eight Machine (That's What I Chipped) is also POKEY. Lastly, a quick look at my USB-POKEY sound device, for anyone interested: https://www.facebook.com/inversephase/photos/a.10150190108402360.331274.106615032359/10152818179967360/
  5. InversePhase


    Just be patient, this is not something that people can just think of and it magically appears in front of them.
  6. Indubitably on the name, not sure his posting here, though. As a NIN fanatic, this is an amazing disc, and people should pick it up from his bandcamp: http://inversephase....y-eight-machine He posts here. But seriously, thanks for all the kind words, everyone. There will be more Atari (and other) music coming soon, I'm currently contracted to write some game soundtracks (also chiptunes) so that's my current priority. =]
  7. InversePhase


    Just bought an H1 to support. I'll be waiting (patiently, I hope) for when the H2 comes out.
  8. Just purchased a Harmony 2600 and as a 7800 kid I wanted to voice my support for a 7800 version. No rush, take your time and get it right. Also, I won't be selling my Harmony 2600 when the 7800 version ships =]
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