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  1. Should hopefully be soon as some hardbacks have been delivered in the US already and they all went out together. I thought we would have seen Sean Robinson post in here by now as it's been a couple of weeks since he told me he was going to come clean and tell his side. He also has a video with him and Mike Kennedy which proves that he didn't make the SNESInaJAg. Can't wait to see it.
  2. A couple of things were legit, one detail I removed from the book but forgot to remove from the website. The rest of it is BS and going via my webhost rather than direct to me. I'm just giving people here the opportunity to protect their awesome memes if they want to.
  3. Me again. I have received a complaint about some of the content on the colecochameleon.org website and I have removed some personal information about, and some images of, a certain person. On the blog page I have used some of the memes that were created by members here and posted here. These are not defamatory as suggested but if any of you object to my using them for copyright reasons, let me know which ones you would like removed and I will remove them for you. It is debatable whether they are in the Public Domain when posted here but they are your work, not mine, and if you want them removed, I will remove them. You don't have to post your objections publicly here, you can PM me or email me at [email protected] if you prefer. Thank you
  4. Afternoon all, The digital book has now gone out to all backers so it is available for general sale on our store. https://www.colecochameleon.org/store Physical books will obviously take a little longer.
  5. Yeah, the Hoff song got a mention too, I'd already backed it.
  6. Hi, yes they will be available for sale once all of the backers have theirs.
  7. Don't forget to enter the competition to win a free upgrade to a hardback book.
  8. FYI I just added a stretch goal for a physical book. Thanks for your support so far.
  9. Watch some great coverage of the story by Pat and Ian on the CU Podcast: Thanks to both of you.
  10. Thanks again for doing this, Aaron. It was a fun interview to do. It's only the second time I've been interviewed, I'm used to being on the other side of the mic.
  11. I am definitely not a film maker so I won't be doing a film project myself. If somebody else wanted to do it I would happily assist of course. I just find it an interesting process creating the screenplay and visualising the scenes. I can't think of anything worse than having to edit it all together though.
  12. Well, within the last hour it got funded. Thank you to anyone here who backed it. Time to roll out some stretch goals and see if we can get some physical copies done.
  13. It will be on general sale some time around the end of the year.
  14. I think that's interesting. I had no idea about how much interest there was in the story, and the Kickstarter is showing there still is enough. It's almost funded as of this moment, but I don't think anybody would have invested the time, effort and finance into a good quality video project without that information. Now they have it. Incidentally, I am also working on a screenplay version. It's an interesting creative process and gives you so many more options in telling the story i.e. chronologically with multiple story lines as Mike Kennedy projects overlapped a lot. The book is largely split into chapters on each project, where a video/film/documentary can show them all in parallel by cutting from scene to scene and would be a more accurate portrayal of how crazy things were on the inside.
  15. You may well be right but by the same token, my known audience already know what the book is about so the title becomes somewhat irrelevant to them anyway.
  16. I shall add you to the growing list. I'm getting lots of interest in physical so it could always be added as a stretch goal if we are lucky enough to get there. There is a lot of previously unseen information and some surprising twists and turns. Thanks for the good wishes.
  17. Fair point and I played around with many titles but decided against examples like the ones above because that also may limit the appeal to the gaming community and I wanted a broader appeal. This isn't just a tome about a couple of vaporware consoles, there is so much more to it. There is a very human story behind it all and you will see from some of Mike's early ventures that patterns of behaviour started to emerge and the reader goes on Mike's journey with him. The Foreword may explain that a little better. http://colecochameleon.org/foreword/ My initial idea was for a physical release first, I naturally want my own physical copy of course, but I literally have no idea of how many to print, and short runs of a large book are very costly, hence only the top tier having one. The Kickstarter response will give me a much better idea of how much interest there still is in the story and I have had a lot of requests for physical books, so it will happen but I'd like it to be when I can take boxes of them to an expo to sign and sell. Amen. The book captures and lays out so much information that a post here really doesn't capture or do it justice.
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