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  1. Wow the new overview screen and smooth scrolling changes everything and the better graphics like diamonds do the rest - very impressive!
  2. Maybe someone is able to make a PAL version of it - I think this is a great game and it deserves it 🤔😊
  3. A great addition to the Atari 2600 library and so well done - simply amazing! Must have the physical release 🤗. Are different release versions planned (besides NTSC and PAL I guess)?
  4. Bomberman94


    Less flickering - yes I can confirm. Maybe you might do a PAL60 version as colors are „a bit off“ on my TV? 🙈
  5. Bomberman94


    Always ready to test with my Harmony cart and PAL Atari 2600 (light 6switch) on my TV if you have a new version of your chess (really like to play it on my Atari - therefore I would love to test it). 😊
  6. Is there a chance for a PAL60 version? Really love to play it with „correct“ colors 🤗
  7. Great idea and if it would be possible - some other/new objects like teleporter, flying up to get further, mines or things like that?!
  8. Yes, same problem with Pitkat - first started (after power on) it works but after a reset or short power off it won’t run. Won‘t run means black screen or stripes and sometimes an annoying noise.
  9. The 3 demos often crashed with my light sixer Atari 2600 PAL using Harmony cart. Running fine with my PlusCart with the same console 🤷‍♂️
  10. ... still no news regarding new stock of 3D printed cases?
  11. ... but at the end you will include the „alternating color“ magic? I think the graphics looks far better this way 🤔
  12. Here’s a picture captured from my TV:
  13. ... and here without „interlace“ (= right difficulty is „b“).
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