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  1. Game is amazing - sound is great, graphics are beyond believe (on an Atari 2600) and most of it - it plays like a charm (fast and has a „good feeling“). It‘s not complete but yet has a great attention to detail - i can confirm that there are also hidden secrets on board like the little white flag earning an extra life (found it only once today and managed to collect it). Only wish for the future is a PAL 60 version, please!
  2. Received my Harmony cart some weeks ago and must say that this is my best buy in years! Now i can try Robotron, Zoo Keeper and the many other great games, hacks and demos. One question: maybe someone can make an official new/actual version of bios etc. for the PAL 60 users please?
  3. PM sent - great to see Vectrex stuff for a good price. Thanks for supporting us 😊
  4. Bomberman94


    Hi Thomas, please put me on the list - seems to be a must-have for me. Are the games included intended for a physical release (The Core, Robot Arena and Head-On)?
  5. I'm located in germany and can't attend. When are these games available at the "normal" store?
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