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  1. the fighting games I had, KOF series had the option to not do 3 v 3, so I would do 1v1 which cut the load time significantly and was still fun to play, KOF 97 still remains as one of my fav KOF's on the Neo CD.
  2. Hello all. I stumbled upon this thing on Ebay not even really looking for it but I had never seen anything like it, and I cannot find any information regarding the thing either, like when it was released. If anybody can provide any information it would be appreciated, I'd be interested to know when the thing was released, how many, and how many games were sold, but I doubt that info would be available anywhere. I also ask the question as to what other collectors define video game players as true game systems. Thanks
  3. that's interesting then. i wonder what caused the problem, it was a store called Family Toy Warehouse in Lower Burrell PA. i tried I don't know how many games and kept taking them back because nothing from that place worked.
  4. i had this issue back when Dreamcasts were in stores. I actually narrowed it down to one store that was putting these magnetic anti theft things on the back of the game cases and I think they were wiping the discs. Every other game i had from other stores without this were fine. There's no way you can know for sure if that's the problem, just something I had personally happen to me.
  5. For Christmas I got myself a PC-Engine Duo R that happened to be at a local shop. So far I got a handful of games and it works fine, but I'm hoping someone can answer 1 question for me that I can't seem to find a clean answer to. I know you can play Japanese Games on a domestic TurboDuo, CD games, but can you play USA games on a PC Engine Duo? I know HuCards won't work, but the topic for CD games always seems to be Japan to US and not the other way around. Thanks.
  6. well here's a video of my pretty pathetic Lynx collection when compared to the others in this post, lol.
  7. i picked up an Atomic Arcade Pinball at a flea market for $12, it's awesome and I highly recommend it.
  8. Damn, i wish I had a cool coders nick name like those guys. Also, a technical question maybe. I noticed the screen is really off center, is this typical of this system or maybe the screen they had just is messed up a little?
  9. I thought this might be an interesting question for collectors based on something that I somehow just found out about a couple of weeks ago. Here's the story, then the question. I have been actively collected video games since I was around 16-17 years old, I'm 34 now, so for at least 15-17 years. At the local flea market I actually found some 2600 games. Now I am a lazy collector, so I have over 300 individual 2600 games with nothing but my memory to remind what I have and don't have. Well, it seems mixed in these games were a bunch of silver labeled games like Football and Baseball. I bought all these silver label games because in my years of collecting, I've NEVER seen silver labeled atari games like this variant. I was kind of surprised of all the games I have ever bought at all the different places, and all the games I've passed up on at different shops that I never came across these ever!! So I come home to check rarity only to find that they're pretty common. So the question is, Has there been anything that you've collected thinking maybe it was unique only to find it's common, or anything you discovered recently out of years of collecting that you then find is common or common knowledge? Thanks
  10. at this time, if i wanted to be realisitc with my money situation, I would say a Turboduo. non-realistic goal would be either the Adventurevision or a Laseractive.
  11. i got my Vectrex just posting on Craigslist, WTB Vectrex and put in $100, took a while but I got a good working one with an extra controller for $100. I got 3 boxed games, unfortunately without overlays for $15 a piece at a flea market too, so good stuff can be found in the wild, it's just a long hunt when it comes to Vectrex.
  12. i'm not going to worry about it, i got it and it works perfectly fine, worked with every game I had, i have 40 Famicom games. The screws are probably under the pads at the bottom and they are not easy to get out so i'm not going to screw with it. It works for what i needed it for, so clone or not, i don't care anymore, i just wondered about it.
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