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  1. I would be interested in one with the buttons on the left. Thanks!
  2. Now that I have a Concerto, I was able to give this a go. For me the score at the top is about half off the screen. Anyone else have this problem? If not, I will see if I can adjust my TV.
  3. I am happy to say mine arrived in the mail today. Thanks Fred!
  4. Fred-really appreciate your efforts and sticking with this. Looking forward to getting one of these as you continue to build more!
  5. Fred-this is awesome! Thanks for the update.
  6. It would be great to have the Concertino 'nowish' and be able to have a SD cart that could run many of the 7800 games!
  7. Just gave this a try with my Robotron controller that Mike (RetroGameBoyz) made for me. All I can say is awesome! Amazing work from John and the team from Champ Games!
  8. Curt...thanks for the videos and the update!
  9. Just received my Atarivox + and a copy of Wizard of War Arcade...this is an addicting game!
  10. Gave this a spin tonight...awesome!!!
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