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    Pretty exciting to have quality ports of Popeye, Pengo, Keystone Kapers, and Defender in the works for the 7800!
  2. Lots of you, like me, are excited to get some of these new games. While it has taken Al much longer than planned, I want to give some perspective. I have helped Al a couple of times at the PRGE. One time, I helped him assemble boxes and insert the cartridges and manuals into the boxes. All I can tell you is that to do the kind of job that Al does with this is that it takes a lot of time and patience. Never mind the cleaning of the shells and programming/soldering of the circuit boards. I really appreciate all of Al's efforts as well as CPUWIZ and BATARI for their work to provide the circuit boards!
  3. Bratwurst has now made me two of these. This joystick will totally change your 7800 experience. I had him make me ones with the buttons on the left as that seems the most natural to me. Great service and an all around great experience!
  4. Yes, this is what you want to get: https://www.atarimax.com/5200sd/documentation/index.html
  5. Bob-played the RC for quite a while last night. Really nice work!!!
  6. Bob-just gave this a spin. I tried first on 'normal' and died pretty quickly. Next I tried 'easy' and survived a couple waves. Really nice work, can't wait to test the final version!
  7. Bob-watched the video...your TIA sounds are awesome!
  8. Mine arrived yesterday and I just gave it a try. Wow...is about all I can say! Bratwurst...thanks so much!!!
  9. I would be interested in one with the buttons on the left. Thanks!
  10. Now that I have a Concerto, I was able to give this a go. For me the score at the top is about half off the screen. Anyone else have this problem? If not, I will see if I can adjust my TV.
  11. I am happy to say mine arrived in the mail today. Thanks Fred!
  12. Fred-really appreciate your efforts and sticking with this. Looking forward to getting one of these as you continue to build more!
  13. Fred-this is awesome! Thanks for the update.
  14. It would be great to have the Concertino 'nowish' and be able to have a SD cart that could run many of the 7800 games!
  15. Just gave this a try with my Robotron controller that Mike (RetroGameBoyz) made for me. All I can say is awesome! Amazing work from John and the team from Champ Games!
  16. Curt...thanks for the videos and the update!
  17. Just received my Atarivox + and a copy of Wizard of War Arcade...this is an addicting game!
  18. Gave this a spin tonight...awesome!!!
  19. I spent some time playing this tonight. Really nice job! A couple of things stand out to me: 1. In game voice with no game stoppage, hesitation, or slowdown 2. Controls are well done for the 5200 w/analog joystick If you intend to do a 5200 cart release, you might want to consider implementing difficulty levels, added lives, or some type of game variations. Thanks so much for your work on this, it is a great addition to the 5200 library! r/mark
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